Pedestrians Clearly Out of Control

ohioped.jpgPhoto: Columbus Dispatch

At least that’s the impression you’ll get from the below article. Apparently “much of the time” crashes are the fault of the pedestrian, and they’re mostly drunk anyway. Oh, and how dare they try to cross a street without crosswalks or walk on a road without sidewalks. Silly pedestrians. Get a car already.

Franklin County streets might be getting deadlier for pedestrians.

While the number of pedestrians hit by cars has fluctuated the past five years, fatalities hit a five-year high last year, when 21 people died. In 2007, 14 were killed, and 10 died the year before.

So far this year, 175 pedestrians have been hit and at least nine have died in Franklin County, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Much of the time, the collisions are the pedestrian’s fault, said police Sgt. Shelia Wilson, who oversees Columbus’ accident-investigation unit.

“Usually, it’s a pedestrian jaywalking,” she said. “Or they’re just walking in the road.”