Germany’s Ruhr Valley rolling with Metroradruhr

Metroraduhrmap.JPGThe nine cities served by a single bike-sharing system in Germany's Ruhr Valley. Image: Bike-Sharing Blog.
This summer brings a new regional bike-sharing system, Metroraruhr to ten industrial Ruhr valley cities. Starting on June 18th in Dortmund, Germany the system has now reached five of the cities. Bikes are now or soon will be available in Bochum , Bottrop , Dortmund, Duisburg (site of this week's horrific music festival stampede, but the cities and stations of Metroradruhr are close enough together to allow bikes to move between cities.

Metroradruhr operates using the telephone rental system. As with neXt bike, Metroradruhr has the convenience of reserving bikes for large groups in advance. Registration is required to use the system, but there are no subscriptions. The price is €1 per hour ($1.30 US) for any bike or according to which bike is chosen, starting from €5 per 24 hours ($6.50 US).

Linking an area together with a single bike-sharing system has incredible convenience for the users and strengthens a region's public transit options.

As we all know, Bike-sharing in Germany is really Rad-verleihsystem!