WisDOT Delivers The Marquette Interchange On Time, Under Budget, And Below Par

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

The fancy-shamncy Marquette Interchange, touted by the state as being finished on time and under budget, has cracks and a fundamental design flaw on one ramp so severe that it’s closed for emergency repairs. What was the project built to – - a 30-year design standard? Fifty years? I really do forget, but the hype was endless.

The Wisconsin DOT in SE Wisconsin has had a lot of these problems:
A big section of the Hoan Bridge slipped and buckled a few years ago; smaller pieces are still falling – - into nets.

And there were those emergency repairs to three bridges in the Zoo Interchange earlier this year – - so should we think that when WisDOT gets around to spending $2.3 billion on that project, and the $1.9 billion in the I-94 North-South leg from Milwaukee to the Illinois state line that the government-road-builder complex will deliver us anything close to the new and rebuilt lands, bridges and ramps with shelf lives as promised?

All these so-called freeway (not so-free) improvements were sold to the public as safety upgrades, with the added lanes – - 127 miles total – - as mere throw-ins.