Why the SR 167 Extension is a Bad Idea

The City of Tacoma is almost about to support a massive new highway project, one which we covered briefly back in July. The project would extend SR 167 from Edgewood to Tacoma. There would be two general purpose lanes and HOV lanes and a total of 5 interchanges including one with I-5. This project currently does not have nearly enough money to be completed, but a few people are trying to find the money. The total cost of this project is close to $2.1 billion.

Today, the land where the highway would be constructed is mostly farmland or grassy. This just magnifies the type of highway construction this is: New Highway, new facility, new corridor. Below is what part of the corridor looks like today:
In times like today when the City of Tacoma and also our state has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled, the last thing that we need is a new highway. This new highway would promote more driving which can be both good in bad. Good in that travel times are reduced and distant places become more connected. However, it is also bad since cars today cause about 50% of the air pollution in our state …