USC Enacts Partial Bike Ban

Bike activists have been hearing murmurings of a bike ban on USC campus for a while now.  This morning we learned through various channels that indeed, Associate Senior Vice President for Career and Protective Services Dr. Charles E Lane banned bikes in some areas of USC.

A lot of people learned this from LADOT, in the form of the LADOT Bike Blog – a collaborative effort of the PR office and Bikeways.  In a surpassing act of hypocrisy, LADOT chides USC, saying that USC should have tried educating students first:

Currently, USC has no training, information, or classes on safe bicycle riding beyond a website mainly concerned with registration and parking.

Whereas LADOT Bikeways offers no classes or training for adults, and offers a short course for students in quantities that are appropriate for a village of 10,000.  LADOT:

Inserted as an educational element during orientation or as an online seminar, USC could educate incoming students on how to not only ride safely on campus, but also the bicycling laws of Los Angeles and California.  Because many USC students come from either out of state or even out of the country, they often don’t know what is expected of them as bicyclists.