Aussie study finds drivers at fault 87% of conflicts with bicyclists

I got wind of this story from Streetsblog’s Daily Headlines:

From a site called Bicycle Radar comes the story “Drivers at fault in majority of cycling accidents”.
(Read the story first before continuing here.)

As a cyclist who takes my responsibilities as the operator of a vehicle very seriously, I find the results of this report to be right on the money with the reality I see on the streets here in New Jersey. Even when following the letter of the law to my best abilities, I constantly have issues with motorists. Dangerous passing including passing too close, passing on blind turns and passing on narrow roads with oncoming traffic make up the vast majority of issues I have with motorists. Still, such incidents add up very quickly on a 2 hr, 40 mile ride. It’s not uncommon for me to have up to 10 such uncomfortable incidents on a ride of such length on roads with very little traffic. I’ve even had three incidents in the past 14 months where I followed my LCI training, took the lane and tried to waved off the overtaking vehicle on a blind turn or rise, only to have the vehicle ignore my actions go, for the pass and nearly cause a head-on collision with the on coming car.