Why Doesn’t Someone Tell You to Drive Less?

When you become a new parent you are told many things. “By far the biggest killer of children is car crashes” isn’t one of them. In St. Louis you’re told there’s an outbreak of Whooping Cough. You’re told not to let too many people hold the baby given that it’s flu season. You’re told that purple feet are OK, but a purple face is not. You’re told to not tie blue balloons to your front porch handrail, lest you attract child abductors. Why doesn’t someone tell you to drive less with your child in the car?

We’re told about threats to our children from outside the home, but not about those we inflict ourselves. We’re not told to change much of anything other than to buy a certified car seat and read the instructions. It’s incredibly important that a proper child seat is used. An online search for child car seats returns millions of results, most with a variation of the following: “Using a child safety seat is the best protection you can give your child when traveling by car.” There are literally thousands and thousands of pages of advice on which car seat you should buy, diagrams of how to install the seat, how to determine at what height the shoulder straps should be set.