Alexandria cyclist ticketed for speeding

I know a few cyclists who might want to frame this ticket, had they gotten it.

It may have been a first in the annals of law enforcement for the city, according to the Alexandria Police Department. Earlier this month, a city cop issued a speeding ticket to a bicyclist who was clocked going 31 in a 25. Alexandria Police Department spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt says the enforcement measure is part of a stepped-up effort to crack down on bicyclists flouting the laws on the streets of Old Town.

“We’ve been receiving a lot of complaints,” said Hildebrandt. “So we’ve increased enforcement.”

I have to wonder if they’re ticketing drivers going 31 in a 25. If this cyclist was speeding, they deserve a ticket, but I question whether this is time well spent.

On the other hand,

The unusual speeding ticket comes on the heels of another incident in which a bicyclist hit a pedestrian and tried to flee the scene. But a band of citizens chased the hit-and-run biker down and detained him until authorities showed up to arrest him.

If true, this cyclist deserves to have the book thrown at them.