The Zoo Interchange — basic questions about a bad project in the making

Question: Why is the Wisconsin Department of Transportation pushing a six lane eastbound option while simultaneously stating that six lane options are unacceptable? Can WisDOT be trusted to maintain its position or is the fix already in with a Republican legislature to flip back to an eight-lane option?

Question: What are the environmental, social and safety impacts of expanding Bluemound Rd., Watertown Plank and Highway 100?  What accommodations will be made for pedestrians and bicyclists? Will accidents and fatalities along this stretch count as urban freeway accidents and fatalities since the roads are now so intimately tied to the freeway project? Will we end up with eight-lane freeway sin all directions and bigger arterials?

Question: Where will WisDOT get the money to pay for this concrete fantasy?  How will it pay to maintain it all?

How does this benefit people who don’t have cars?