P.J. O’Rourke hates on bike lanes: What next? ‘Pogo-stick lanes’?

Hard Drive decided to take a break from the Sunday Funnies to share P.J. O’Rourke’s missive on how bike lanes are destroying the world, nay the universe.

O’Rourke’s piece “Dear Urban Cyclists: Go Play in Traffic” appeared in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal.

The opening scene:

A fibrosis of bicycle lanes is spreading through the cities of the world. The well-being of innocent motorists is threatened as traffic passageways are choked by the spread of dull whirs, sharp whistles and sanctimonious pedal-pushing.
Bike lanes have appeared in all the predictable places—Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berkeley and Palo Alto. But the incidence of bike lanes is also on the rise in unlikely locales such as slush-covered Boston, rain-drenched Vancouver, frozen Montreal and Bogotá, Colombia (where, perhaps, bicycles have been given the traffic lanes previously reserved for drug mules). Even Dublin, Ireland, has had portions of its streets set aside for bicycles only—surely unnecessary in a country where everyone’s car has been repossessed

We’re not surprised that O’Rourke doesn’t like anything that promotes commuting by what he calls “a donkey cart without the donkey.”