It’s Bike Month: Get Out There and Proselytize!

It’s May 1–and May is National Bike Month in the United States of America. (We don’t do May Day here. Pay no attention to anyone who does.)

So if you have the weekend off and a five-day, 40-hour work week, banish those commie thoughts and instead think about how you’re going to spread the word of bikes.

Maybe you already commute five days a week. This month, could you be just a little bit more influential?

Remember, if you’re an experienced bike commuter, you are a resource for everyone you know who is on that delicate tipping point; those people who just might try biking to work–insane as the idea may sound.

Top Four Tips For Being More Influential to Non-Cyclists

4. Don’t Proselytize, But Be A Resource

As I said recently, our Commuting 101 section is a great place to bone up on your sage cycling advice.

The League of American Bicyclists also has some great tips for beginners.

Let it be known that Bike to Work Week is coming up, and invite anyone who is interested to ask for more information–but don’t have any expectation that anyone will.

If you’ve already tried to convince someone and failed miserably, leave that person the hell alone all month.

3. Adapt Your Pitch For Each Potential Convert

For each person who wants to know more–if anyone does–the first part of your pitch should, It’s fun. Oddly, most people like fun.