US Mayors Want More Bicycle and Pedestrian Investments

America’s mayors want more control over federal transportation money. That is according to a survey released today by the United States Conference of Mayors. And what would they spend it on? Bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure would be near the top of their list.

“As the federal government sets priorities for long-term spending and deficit reduction, future transportation infrastructure investments should focus spending on pressing metropolitan transportation infrastructure needs as opposed to low-priority highway expansion projects such as the infamous Bridge to Nowhere,” said Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

Bicycling and walking ranks high among the biggest challenges identified by the mayors:

  • road/street maintenance (78%)
  • bicycle/pedestrian projects (60%)
  • public transit operating assistance (45%)
  • public transit capacity (40%), and
  • road/street expansion (36%)

“To meet this challenge, seven in ten mayors (75%) indicated support to increase the federal gas tax if a greater share of the funding were invested in bicycle and pedestrian projects,” according to the survey summary.