Economist estimates CRC project would spend $60 million on parking garages

Consultants working on the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project have revealed plans (PDF here) to build three new park-and-ride facilities in Vancouver. The facilities (which have gotten a cold reception) would include parking capacity for 2,900 motor vehicles.

“Wouldn’t Vancouver rather spend $60 million making it better for people to live in their downtown core, rather than turning it into a car storage area for people from Woodland who are commuting to jobs in downtown Portland?”
— Joe Cortright, economist

The parking garages are being proposed to encourage more Washingtonians to use light rail; but Portland economist Joe Cortright, who has emerged as the project’s most outspoken critic, says the multi-level garages only encourage sprawl, reward car use and are, “Yet another example of how distorted and car-centric this whole project has become.”

Cortright also points out that the cost of those parking spaces comes out to about $60 million.