UPDATE: Video, Christine Dahab blew a .07, LAPD preliminarily blame cyclists

I went to the Cyclist LAPD Task Force this afternoon where Captain Kelly Mulldorfer, head of LAPD’s West Traffic Bureau, and Detective Jimmy Render briefed us on what LAPD knows about the vile collision in Culver City Wednesday night.  By all reports Christine Dahab hit and injured at least 11 cyclists who were on the Kushtown ride.  Several cyclists were in critical condition today, and several had surgery.
The most interesting details to me were 1) Dahab blew a .07 blood alcohol level at the station, and 2) LAPD stated, preliminarily, they believe the Primary Collision Factor (PCF) was “pedestrians in the roadway.”  This latter portion only sunk in with me later, as I was late to the meeting, but it is a huge mistake and I think it demonstrates something of a bias in favor of motorists.

Before I mention some further details, CoolAssMike of 1000Bikes.org went to Dana “Dirtysouth”s hospital room and inteviewed her.  Dana was hit hard by Dahab last night, and broke both legs.  Needless to say they had her on a morphine drip during the video, so cut her some slack:

I’m tired as hell, so here’s some key details:

  • Dahab blew .08 in an initial test, and later blew a .07 at the station.
  • LAPD is preliminarily saying that the primary cause of the collision is “pedestrians in the roadway”
  • Dahab, according to LAPD, has pristine driving record
  • Culver City PD will be taking over the case in the next few days.  The collision took place in Culver City near the border with LA, but in the dead of night, no one was sure whose jurisdiction it was in.  Living in this area, I can believe that because the Culver City borders are crazy and convoluted.