Chicago PD ticket Scrochers and Scofflaws

According to a news story in the Tribune, last week Tuesday Chicago police headed what I would call a Three E’ Blitz to stop cyclists from running red lights and blocking crosswalks at the intersection of Kedzie, Des Plaines and Milwaukee.  That location was chosen because it is a complicated intersection on the new protected bike lane that is heavily used by cyclists, many of whom run the red lights and interfere with the path of pedestrians.

Take a look at the one minute video of the operation below.  One off topic thing that jumped out at me was the number of cyclists, sometimes 5 or 6 waiting at the light at a time.

I call the operation a Three E’s Blitz because the Police worked with the Chicago Department of Transportation and the Chicago Bicycle Ambassadors to enforce the laws, educate the road users, and encourage them to obey the laws in the future.  There are typically 5 Es in any traffic safety solution: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation.  CDOT had already addressed Engineering with the traffic signals, crosswalks and protected bike lane. Getting people to obey the laws associated with those facilities is the harder part.