Breaking: New “Active Transportation” section to be created within ODOT

Matt Garrett, Director of the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has sent out a memo via email to staff and stakeholders throughout the state that he is moving forward with a significant structural shift for the agency.

Writing that, “It is now time to take our first steps to pursue a more multimodal vision in operating and conducting our businesses,” Garrett says his move will consolidate separate programs — like the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program, Transportation Enhancements, and others — into a new, “Active Transportation” section within ODOT. (Note that a “section” is a less formal entity than a “division”)

Read an excerpt from his email below (emphasis mine):

“This is consistent with the direction I have received from Governor Kitzhaber and the Oregon Transportation Commission, and complements our efforts to “right-size” the agency, which I have spoken about before.