On Embracing Change

Resistance to change is strong in Traverse City. In some cases, for good reason. In others, and perhaps more often, quite questionable reasons. We won’t get into the details on any specifics today, but when I hear the phrase “you/we need to protect the character of our neighborhoods” I fear the NIMBY has been released. I simply don’t know what that phrase means; we all have different perspectives on our neighborhoods and I don’t think anyone is out to destroy them.

In fairness, I try to be aware of my own negative and quite predictable reactions to change when it surfaces. I ask myself, “why am I resisting this?” “What’s another way to look at this?” “I’m a blinded by something?”

I’m of a generation that raised on change. We see a need for it in almost every corner and at times. Ecologically, we’ve inherited a system that is only beginning to value, and really understand, the significance of protecting our land and water. Economically, we’ve inherited a system built on inequality and wastefulness. Socially, we came after the civil rights movement; treating everyone fairly is the norm and that goes beyond simple skin color differences. Yet, we still see people who can’t stand that someone else is different from themselves. That needs to change.