Rave Reviews for Bike-Shares in Boston, Washington

When New York City launches a bike-sharing system next year, it will revolutionize the way people get around in the city. If the experience of other cities in the Northeast is any indication, residents, workers, and visitors have a lot to look forward to.

A few hours to the north, the Boston Globe reports that the “early success of Hub bike sharing” is surprising even its backers. The Hubway system has attracted 2,319 annual subscribers as of August 28, one month after its launch, and 36,612 trips have been made on it so far. Theft and vandalism have not been problems; planners say the biggest complaints they have received are from residents annoyed that their neighborhood doesn’t have a bike-share station yet.

In Boston, bike-share members pay $85 for a one-year membership which allows them unlimited 30-minute trips between bike stations; longer trips incur an additional charge. One-day and three-day memberships are also available for casual riders and tourists. Pricing for NYC’s system hasn’t been finalized yet, but will probably be similar in format and include daily, weekly, and annual memberships.