The Correlation Between Housing Density and Cycling

I posted previously about the 2010 bicycle commuting statistics released by the census bureau, which caused one commenter to imply that more dense cities have more bicycle commuting. So I thought I would plug in some surface area numbers, draw some graphs and check some correlations. 

The results, if you are like me and want to just skip straight to them, is that I could generally agree with that statement, which surprised me a bit because it seems overly simplistic, but looking at the top 25 US cities by population, sorted by density, it does look like the denser cities have higher rates of bicycle commuting. However, to get there, I kind of had to throw out Seattle and New York. I also added a column for current LAB BFC status, with 5=platinum, 4=gold, 3=silver, 2=bronze, 1=honorable mention, 0=not ranked or I’m not sure). Wasn’t sure where I was going with that, actually, but it seemed sort of interesting, and now looking at this chart, I’m thinking Philadelphia really needs to get to work on a BFC application.