“This is not a cab town” – Cabs in Milwaukee

It has been said that Milwaukee “is not a cab town,” and it’s true many Milwaukeeans don’t utilize taxicab services.  But this is likely true in part because of the City of Milwaukee’s arbitrarily set limit of taxicab licenses.  In fact, there are only 321 legal taxicabs operating in Milwaukee, so of course Milwaukee isn’t a cab town, how could it be with so little available service.  This limit reduces use and choice, and has even spurred a group of cab drivers to sue the city with the intent of unleashing the taxicab market in Milwaukee.

These taxicab drivers are right.   Milwaukee can and should be a cab town, and to accomplish this the removal of the cap is needed.

Why more cabs?  Beyond the fact that the cap limits job creation, stifles the entrepreneurial spirit, and creates a false market where cab licenses are rumored to be selling for between $80,000 and $150,000, quite frankly more cabs would be welcome because it is tough to flag down a cab in Milwaukee.

For example, my counterpart Jeramey recently tweeted:

Reason #356489 why Milwaukee should lift the cab permit limit: I once took a ride from a pizza delivery driver with a few friends at close.

Seriously, Domino’s shouldn’t be a part of Milwaukee’s transportation needs.