Portland’s ‘Trees By Bike’ launches third year of holiday deliveries

Trees By Bike is now taking orders and their “Riders of Yule” plan to start delivering this Friday. The local business has found a solid customer base after it was started three years ago by Portlander Max Kirchoff.

“Yule Dispatcher” Kirchoff says demand was so high last year that they’re starting deliveries sooner and he’s brought up one of his delivery riders to help him manage the business. They’ve also added a new cargo trailer (the “Bill” model from Surly) that will allow them to carry six trees at a time.

In addition to to Douglas and Noble firs, Kirchoff says they’ll also offer Hanukkah candles and other supplies.

Kirchoff says they delivered well over 100 trees last year and he’s hoping to triple that amount this year. As if having your tree delivered by bike and supporting a local entrepreneur isn’t reason enough to feel good about your purchase, Trees By Bike will give 10% of all revenue to The Dougy Center, a non-profit that helps children and their families deal with the grieving process.

Kirchoff still holds down his day job, even as Trees By Bike has grown by leaps and bounds since 2009. He has big dreams for this tiny business. “I’m working full-time right now; but trying to bring-up the next leadership to make the company bigger… It’s really overwhelming, but fun.”