Planning Advocates Call For Amendments to Economic Development Bill

The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee will today consider passage of a bill (A4306) that, in its current form, will undermine the goals of the state’s Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit (UTHTC) program and weaken the state’s long-term economic competitiveness.

A4306 builds off of the recently passed Senate bill (S3033) and would set aside an initial $200 million from the UTHTC program to create the Grow New Jersey Assistance Program, a new incentive program for wide-ranging growth areas where sprawl and auto-dependency have been perpetuated all too often

. The bill would also modify the current boundaries of an urban transit hub under the UTHTC program by expanding the radius of credit-eligible land from one-half to one mile around a transit station.

New Jersey Future joined with the American Planning Association/NJ Chapter, Regional Plan Association and Tri-State Transportation Campaign to promote four amendments that would ensure that taxpayer dollars are directed to projects that fuel a prosperous and sustainable economic future in New Jersey: