Comparing bike share system popularity on Facebook

Since blowing up in Paris in 2007, bicycle share systems have made their way to every continent, with more coming online each month.

These systems vary greatly in number of bikes, stations, subscribers and geographic area covered. But how do they compare in terms of Facebook popularity? Facebook is one of many ways these companies have of reaching their riders, and sending out critical information, like locations of new stations, removal of existing ones, changes in policy and so forth. Are the riders taking their interest in the system online?

All numbers from December 3rd, 2011. It is not all-inclusive by any stretch, although I tried to get all the big-name ones.

Likes – City – System name and link

15,679 Paris Velib
11,862 Montreal Bixi
11,129 Mexico City Ecobici

6,603 Toronto Bixi
4,379 Lyon Vélo’V
4,220 Minneapolis Nice Ride
3,894 Washington, DC Capital Bikeshare
3,739 Denver Bcycle
3,652 Barcelona Bicing
3,422 Boston Hubway

1,737 Miami Beach Deco Bike
781 Melbourne Bike Share
722 Milano BikeMi
442 Madison Bcycle