Columbia, MO, city council allows skating, skateboarding on city streets

After a long and comprehensive community process, the Columbia City Council recently approved a law that legalizes skating, skateboarding, and similar activities on city streets.

According to a Columbia Missourian article, Christopher Bailey, owner of Parkside Skateshop and executive director of the COMO Skateboard Commission said, “Columbia’s regulation on skaters in Ordinance 14-5 is inconsistent with the kind of healthy and active community we strive to be. Skateboarding is not only a sport but a growing trend of transportation in recent years.”

The Missourian article adds:

At Monday’s City Council meeting, council members unanimously passed an amendment allowing skateboards, roller skates and similar transportation devices on roads within the business district. The change takes effect immediately.

Previously, city ordinance limited the use of skateboards and roller skates to local, or residential, streets. Now they will be prohibited only from using downtown sidewalks and public parking lots and garages.

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