Get Ready For New Wisconsin Road Taxes, Fees, And/Or Tolls

The groundwork for more highway spending financed through new tolls, fees and/or higher fuel taxes is being laid down in Madison by a state transportation planning committee stacked in the highway crowd’s favor.

And while we’ll get a look at the committee’s thinking at a public hearing in Madison on Wednesday, January 12th – - and we’d be thrilled to see a commitment to spending restraints, a “fix-it-first” agenda and an equal footing for passenger rail transit, too – -  the predominance of committee members with ties to our highway-happy culture – - broadly defined – - suggests that Big Government is working on methods to collect more money from motorists and ramp up the road-building.

Let’s start with an innocuous news release that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation issued last year about the committee. Pay attention to the minimal biographical information about the members.