Is this What SCDOT Really Wants??

This photo was sent to us by someone who observed:
“The attached picture will show exactly why it is better to make the JI connector safer (such as the Cooper River Bridge…..look at the use it gets…yes I know I am preaching to the choir) for cyclists/commuters as apposed to “steering them to other unsafe alternatives such as the Ashley River Bridge. This individual was abiding by the law riding with traffic, though in a dangerous area with traffic backed up, until at the last minute he cut over in front of us to continue on Hwy 17 as apposed to going to Lockwood (coming from West Ashley heading toward Charleston). No hand signals given.”
(We might add that the cyclist was probably too busy looking where he was going and too terrified to give hand signals!)
Official Charleston Moves Statement on the Move to Close the James Island Connector

“Idiotic!” “Neanderthal!” These are some of the passionate exclamations we’ve heard people use to describe SCDOT’s move to close the James Island Connector to cyclists. As many people have put it: “Why would anyone take you off a route that is the safest of only two alternatives and force you onto a surefire death-trap?”