Public Health Crisis in South Florida

Vehicular carnage ran wild this past weekend, with a disturbing array of tragedies claming the lives of innocent victims on (and off) the roads of South Florida. Even by our region’s dubious standards, the events of the past 24 hours reveal a wickedly toxic, over-motorized culture that is creating not just “traffic accidents” but a public health crisis that demands attention at the highest levels. Below are snapshots of some of the incidents from this weekend.

Ft. Lauderdale: Pregnant woman killed when car crashes into Riverside Hotel pool cabana (

A pregnant woman laying by the Riverside Hotel pool in Fort Lauderdale, and her unborn fetus, were hit and killed by a driver Sunday afternoon.

WPLG reports that guests ran over and tried to pull debris away to free the woman pinned by the vehicle, but could not get to her. Witnesses said the husband had several lacerations and was whaling and screaming, “Why? Why?”

Ft. Lauderdale: 5-Year old girl killed by hit and run driver (via

Five-year-old Yanelle Lucero, was riding a battery-operated car toy near her home Sunday afternoon, when she was hit and killed by a white cargo van driving through her neighborhood. The driver did not stop after the accident in the one hundred block of Northwest 67th Street.

The little girl’s mother tried to rush her to the hospital while calling for help. Yanelle was prounuced dead at Broward General Medial Center this evening.