Transit getting more Americans where they need to go

I’ve written more than once on this blog that everywhere I go I hear from Americans who want more options for getting where they need to go.

Some people can’t afford to own a reliable car.  Some are unable to drive. Others choose not to drive–to avoid the pinch they feel at the pump, the frustration of roadway congestion, or the hassle of finding a parking space.  Still others like being able to read the morning paper or do some work while riding.

Whatever the reason, more Americans are choosing to ride transit.

In fact, transit ridership for the month of February increased by 5.5% compared to February 2011. This is the first time since 2005 that transit ridership has increased by more than 5% from the prior year for two consecutive months. And the average increase during the past six months of 4.5% is the highest since 2008.

Given the rise in gas prices that occurred during March, we expect ridership increases to continue.