Over 28,000 turn out for first Sunday Parkways of the year

Sunday Parkways got off to a great start yesterday as throngs of Portlanders enjoyed the warm sun and rolled through eight-miles of carfree northeast neighborhoods.

The City of Portland put the total crowd at an estimated 28,250, which makes it just a few thousand shy of the record (31,600, in North Portland last summer).

The route stretched from Woodlawn Park to the new cycletrack on Cully Blvd, and south to the neighborhood greenway on NE Going. Along the way, the parks were filled to the brim with people and bikes. One popular attraction was a bike polo demonstration going on at Fernhill Park. Portland United Bike Polo had matches going on throughout the day and lots of kids and families staked out a spot in the shade to watch. After the matches, they let kids come onto the court to ask questions and give the mallet and ball a try.