South Brunswick High School Students Seek Sidewalk

At this month’s New Jersey Department of Transportation complete streets workshop in Mercer County, South Brunswick High School (SBHS) Student Council President Ian Moritz and Recording Secretary Dan Gorzynski might have seemed a bit younger than the rest of the crowd, but they came for the same reason as everyone else: they were interested in making streets safe for pedestrians.

The Problem

Since the beginning of the current school year, Moritz and Gorzynski, along with the rest of the SBHS Student Council, have been working tirelessly to complete a .2 mile stretch of sidewalk on a dangerous section of Stouts Lane by their school. SBHS is located down the road from a busy Route 1 strip mall, where students work and socialize after school, says Moritz. But a winding stretch connecting the school and the mall on Stouts Lane is perilous for pedestrians. “Because of blind curves, this .2 mile distance is one of the most dangerous routes to walk in our entire town,” Moritz explained. “Walking from the school to the mall is an exercise that puts every student who makes the journey in serious jeopardy,” he continued. While no one has been seriously injured yet, Moritz thinks that it’s only a matter of time.

Fixing It

According to Moritz and his colleagues, the solution is simple. Fill in the gap in the sidewalk. Getting it done, however, has been a challenge.