Survey: 100% of Facts Think anti-TSPLOST Advocates are Wrong

I wanted to write something happy today.  I had found an interesting little list of things you tend to do when you don’t own a car in Atlanta and it made me all happy and amused and I really wanted to share it.  But sadly I can’t.  And I can’t because of a gentleman named Robert Ross.  See Mr. Ross has absolutely no idea how transportation is funded and how they are all interconnected to one another.  He has decided to inundate The Fast Track Forward Facebook page with his breathtaking ignorance and stubborness. But that is to be expected from the anti-TSPLOST campaign.  A blitz attack of misinformation and they hope it sticks.  See Debbie Dooley.  See the politicians who are ironically up for reelection this year.

Transit ridership is up nationwide by 5%, and 3% in Atlanta.  I wished that number would have been higher here, but I will take it, and it is great news.  But according to the Robert Ross Institute of I Have No Idea What the Hell I am Talking About, ridership needs to be up by 400% to cover its costs.  Could be right, but then again I don’t give a damn.  And I don’t give a damn because I don’t have any left to give.  Primarily because people like Robert Ross can’t seem to get it through their titanium encapsulated heads that roads aren’t free, nor are they entirely funded by the users.  If you are reading this Mr. Ross wipe the coffee off your screen that I am assuming you just spit up all over it, because yes it is true.  There is no magic road ferry that comes down and gifts us the brilliant ideas of super highways, diverging diamonds, and cloverleaf interchanges.  And no, the second lowest fuel tax amongst developed nations (only to Mexico, and we all know what a bastion of industrial and technological advances they are) does not cover the cost.