Bike Leaders Honored by White House as Champions of Change

If you attended the National Women Cycling Forum or read the “Women on a Roll” feature in the May-June issue of American Bicyclist, you’ve been inspired by the work of Veronica Davis.

So has the White House.

Yesterday, the D.C. engineer and advocate was honored as a Transportation Innovator and Champion of Change by the nation’s top brass. Davis was among just 14 individuals who were applauded by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood as visionaries for the future of American mobility.

“We’re not talking about the past,” Lahood said at yesterday’s ceremony. “We’re not talking about building more roads and bridges. We’re talking about building new and creative communities with innovative and creative ways of getting people around those communities.”

That’s certainly what Davis is talking about.

I first learned of her efforts at the women’s forum hosted by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association last year — and was honored that she was able to join our panel at the National Bike Summit. In addition to co-founding Nspiregreen, a sustainability and environmental consulting company, Davis helped launch Black Women Bike. To her, both are different avenues to the same destination.