Boston’s Hubway bike system finally nears 100 stations

The Boston area bicycle share system, officially called “New Balance Hubway”, faced a rocky start as it saw multiple delays and many missed expectations. Fortunately, the system is finally getting its act together and has been marching towards adding its 100th station. This summer, the system began expanding into neighboring cities, and new stations are being added every week.

2011: 57 stations
Spring 2012: 61 stations
End Summer 2012 (current): 95 stations

An additional batch of stations is expected this month, taking the system over 100. While it may not have the expansion goals of Mexico City, the system is finally covering a respectable geographic area.

Announced in 2009, Hubway was supposed to hit the streets in the spring of 2010. Behind the scene delays pushed that back to spring 2011, and then further troubles meant the system didn’t launch until July 28 2011. While original plans called for over 100 stations in the first year, the system supposedly launched with 61 stations…..but no more than 57 were ever installed during the first year, contrary to all the official literature.