But, but, jaywalking isn’t illegal

By JACK BARTHOLET, John Hopkins News-Letter [excerpt]

“Not to be overlooked [is that] city police have initiated warnings and issuance of citations for jaywalking violations in an effort to educate and direct pedestrians to cross at the proper locations. This past weekend, 40 warnings were issued by city police officers for jaywalking during late evening hours. These initiatives are part of the coordinated state, city, and university effort to introduce improved traffic engineering, enforcement and education measures recommended by university and city consultants targeting improved pedestrian safety,” Kibler wrote. [Major George Kibler, the Hopkins Campus Safety and Security officer in charge of operations]

B’ Spokes: Ummm, jaywalking is not illegal. See this for full explanation: Surprising Aspects of Pedestrian Laws http://www.baltimorespokes.org/article.php?story=20120724122923346

Given: Multi-lane roadways made uncontrolled pedestrian crosswalks unsafe. The motorist yielding compliance rates were less than 2% overall at these crosswalks.
Ref: Case Study: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons in St. Petersburg (baseline) http://www.baltimorespokes.org/article.php?story=20120917210334134

I will strongly assert that with yield rates that low it is safer to cross mid-block.