Seattle’s first cycletrack!

This Saturday I experienced the joy of riding on the first segment of Seattle’s first cyclectrack.  It was awesome.

Actually, it was beyond awesome.  It was like skiing 18 inches of fresh snow on a sunny day with good friends.  It was, “did that just happen?” awesome.  It was so awesome I rode back and forth on it a few times, just because I could.

What made it so awesome?  Well, first, it was a surprise.  I hadn’t been on Linden Ave N in a few weeks, so when I got to 145th St I was unaware that SDOT had completed the first segment of the Linden Ave Complete Streets project, a fantastic project to make Linden Ave N safer for all between 125th St. N and 145th St. N.

Second, it’s Seattle’s first cycletrack!  I’ve had the pleasure of riding on cycletracks in Vancouver, I’ve watched in envy as cities across America built miles and miles of cycletracks, and I’ve been patiently waiting for the day Seattle would get one built.