Boston Gives Away 100 Free Bicycles to Kids

Got this in the email today. Roll It Forward is a great program, and just had an awesome event:

Many children in the South End/Roxbury will have extra wide smiles today and next week as Mayor Menino’s Boston Bikes and International Bicycle Centers partner with the Boston Housing Authority and Madison Park Development Corporation to give away nearly 100 bicycles.

All children ages 4-7 at the Lenox/Camden Housing Development have been invited to attend a bike giveaway today, where they will receive a helmet and bicycle, as well as participate in a bike rodeo to learn safe bike handling skills. Next week, children at the Madison Park Development will do the same.

“It’s important that children from all neighborhoods can benefit from our city bicycling programs,” said Mayor Menino. “Biking is a great way for children to stay healthy and have fun, and Roll It Forward makes that possible.”

The Roll It Forward program, an initiative of Mayor Menino’s Boston Bikes, was started in collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission in 2010 with the goal of distributing 1,000 bicycles to low-income Boston residents in order to make cycling a more accessible transportation option and promote a healthy lifestyle. To date, the program has distributed over 1,400 bicycles to children, teens, adults, and seniors across all Boston neighborhoods.