Election 2012 Results Central – Transportation Edition

We’re back for the November Classic!  It’s election season, and that means we’ll be following the ones that matter around the country as they come in on election night.  It can be a bit tough on the West Coast when returns come in early and we still have to work until 8pm ET but we’ll try our best.

2008 Results
2010 Results

If you’re interested in all of the measures on the ballot in the last year including today’s check out CFTE’s handy webpage.  If you’re interested in learning about the ones that will likely have the most impact on a national level, check out Yonah’s coverage on the Transport Politic.  He’ll also be tweeting out returns tomorrow evening (@TTPolitic) and as usual I’ll be tweeting @theoverheadwire.

Here are the places you can find the returns.  I’ll be updating this page with results as they come available. This is not all the results, but rather the ones I find most interesting.  If you have a result you want covered, tweet me or email theoverheadwire at gmail.