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Seven Ways to Make Bike-share More Accessible

Posted By Angie Schmitt On November 30, 2012 @ 10:55 am In Network Roundup | 24 Comments

Bike-sharing has been one of the most rapidly spreading transportation innovations in American cities over the past few years; scarcely a month goes by without a new city announcing its intentions to develop a system. And with good reason: Bike-share doesn’t cost much to install and operate [1], and it’s healthy — for cities and people [2].


Miami Beach's Deco Bike. Photo: IVN.us [4]

But one cloud looming over this happy development is that not all residents have benefited equally [5] from bike-share, which has tended to generate a disproportionately affluent ridership. Darren Buck at Network blog Bike Pedantic [6] has been researching this topic as part of his graduate coursework. He identified seven ways cities can help ensure their public bikes are broadly used, and he recently sent out a survey to 20 bike-share systems to see whether they’re implementing these strategies:

Station Siting – This question asked bikesharing system managers if they were planning to ensure that some stations are located in areas primarily serving low-income communities. Examples might include conscious placement of stations adjacent to affordable housing, or prioritizing expansion to minority neighborhoods disproportionately underrepresented in bicycling.

Financial Assistance – This could be a partnership with a nonprofit agency providing bank accounts and debit/credit cards to low-income “unbanked” citizens, installment payment plans, subsidies for low/moderate income users, and relaxing security deposit requirements.

Safe Places to Ride – Bikesharing gets ridden more often near bike facilities [7], but socioeconomically-disadvantaged neighborhoods are significantly underfunded [8] for these facilities. What is the bikesharing system doing to press the powers-that-be to bring bike facilities to those neighborhoods, to help ensure bikeshare gets ridden safely and more often?

Membership Media – Having a subsidized credit card to get a bikeshare membership is great. But most people already have a transit farecard. Perhaps a common payment card could not only lower a barrier, but could be one big step toward fuller integration of bikesharing with the public transportation system.

The remaining three, which Darren outlines in more detail, are: community-specific marketing and outreach; overcoming barriers to bicycling; and providing an economic contribution to communities.

Elsewhere on the Network today: Chicago’s Metropolitan Planning Council’s The Connector blog [9] says President Obama should look carefully at the economic challenges the greater Chicago region is experiencing as he develops a metropolitan policy for his second term. The Austin Contrarian [10] writes that officials in his city have reserved an awfully small share of total developable land — just 10 percent — for multi-family housing. And Utility Cycling [11] demonstrates how to haul a Christmas tree by bike.

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