Washington Examiner declares War on Solutions

New Washington Examiner DC Government reporter  Eric P. Newcomer hits the ground driving with a story about DC’s “war on cars.”

Driving in the District is a high-price hassle: burning gasoline while stuck in traffic, feeding hungry parking meters and now tracking the ever-watchful traffic cameras waiting to make you pay up if you slip up.

I know. What’s with all the enforcement right? They act like speeding’s illegal or deadly or something. In trying to keep me from killing people, they’re killing my buzz, and isn’t that a crime too?

If it seems like city leaders want to get cars off the road in the nation’s capital, that’s because they do.

Newsflash. So does everyone else. Everyone wants to reduce congestion and pollution from the smallest town to the U.N [Oh no Agenda 21!]. Has it occurred to you that you wouldn’t be “burning gasoline while stuck in traffic” if there were fewer cars on the road. “I want a solution to congestion, but it better not involve less traffic!”

Newcomer mistakes DC’s goal to create “a city where residents and visitors won’t need a cars” with a war on cars. DC is interested in giving drivers other options. Only in car-happy America would that be a “war on cars.” It reminds me a bit of the line from the film Jacob’s Ladder.