Are “Artifically Low Speed Limits” Really Dangerous?

I just wrote a post about proponents of a higher speed limit on the Illinois Tollway claiming that the rampant speeding (by 95% of drivers) is the result of artificially low speed limits, which are currently set at 55mph for the Tollway.

I drove on the Tollway home to my place in Chicago (since Metra does not allow small dogs like mine) and on the way drove through a small town, Pell Lake, WI (pop 3,722) near my hometown. Highway 50 through the small town is the perfect of a “stroad” with an artificially low speed limit.

A “stroad” can loosely be defined as a roadway with characteristics of a street (retail, residences, several access points) that acts like a high-speed rural road. In this instance, the state highway, whose limit is 55mph, turns abruptly into a 35mph road with no change in the number of lanes nor the width of the street (66′). It feels unnatural to drive so slowly through it.