Looking at the Atlanta Beltline as a tool for good planning

Planning Magazine’s January 2014 issue focuses on Atlanta. Online, they offer a long excerpt on the Atlanta Beltline, looking at the way it’s focusing real-estate investment around something other than highways: a public asset devoted to alternative transportation and parks.

Here’s a quote that shows what a great return the city is getting on this investment:

As of this month, more than $360 million from both public and private sources has been spent on the Atlanta BeltLine program…This huge investment has already resulted in 8,908 new privately financed residential apartments and 870,700 new square feet of commercial properties completed within the BeltLine corridor, representing more than $1 billion in privately funded development

For me, what’s great is seeing how the Beltline is showing us how a city that embraced car-focused development for the past few decades can be turned around.