Key Supplier to Portland’s Bike Share Vendor Files for Bankruptcy

More big — and bad — news from Montreal’s Public Bicycle System Company (PBSC, a.k.a. Bixi) was announced yesterday. The company that supplies the hardware and software for America’s largest bike share systems has filed for bankruptcy protection to help restructure $38 million in debt.

In other words, in order to continue operating, the company has been granted the right to ignore some of its debts and negotiate with its creditors on any other available ways to compensate them. Though this doesn’t seem likely to directly affect Portland’s coming bicycle share system, it does change the picture for public bike sharing systems in the coming years.

Given our plans to expand current systems and launch new systems this year, we’re in constant communication with both PBSC as well as its suppliers to ensure we can do so successfully.
— Alta Bicycle Share

PBSC supplies the rental station kiosks, software, and other technologies for bike share systems in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., and others.