Reno’s 3-Foot Passing Law Gets Some Teeth

At last week’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee we learned that the oft rumored law enforcement sting operation regarding the 2011 law requiring 3 fat when passing a cyclist was going to go into effect.  Apart from the crazies commenting on the KOLOTV story that ran on the sting operation, most people seem to “get it.”  It is really common sense don’t you think?  Give users of the road a wide, yet reasonable amount of space when passing them.  It’s safer for them and you.  It’s worth noting that at the BPAC meeting the two NHP officers there were committed to doing more to protect cyclist out there on the roads.  One of the key “E” for Enforcement elements that is so important to making a community bicycle friendly.

Yes, yes, some cyclists break laws…or so the cranky curmudgeons shout when they perceive cyclists being overly protected.  They always seem to conveniently forget that motorists are not supposed to roll through a stop sign either.  One of these days I’m going to video the intersection outside my house with a stop sign and see how many motorists roll through.  An informal count while writing this blog post tells me that less than 10 percent of motorists actually come to a full stop and that was only because a car was crossing in from of them.