WalkHood: Which Parts of your Neighborhood Can You Walk to in 5 Minutes?

We’re very happy to say that the Walkonomics app for iPhone and Android is getting an upgrade and makeover today!  We have just launched version 2 of our free mobile app and not only does the app look and perform better, we’ve added some great new features.  The most exciting of which are its new WalkHood maps.

What is a WalkHood?

But what, we can hear you say, is a WalkHood?  Apart from being a made-up word, a WalkHood is the neighbourhood around your home that you can walk to within a certain amount of time (in this instance we have used 5 minutes).  Some casino online people call this a WalkShed, others call it a WalkTime, we like to call it the WalkHood.  But instead of just drawing a 400 metre radius around each location, the Walkonomics app uses the street and footpath network to create a much more realistic WalkHood area.

To do this we have built a global walkable street network of every street and footpath in the world, that’s over 150 million street and footpath segments from OpenStreetMap.  This means that your WalkHood area will not cross physical barriers, like rivers, railways or motorways that are un-walkable.  Also unlike other Walkability apps that can only draw WalkSheds for a few major cities, Walkonomics can show WalkHood maps for any location in the world (as long as it has some streets or footpaths nearby).