Transit Adjacent Development isn’t Transit Oriented Development

Recently the Daily Journal of Commerce wrote about a new project proposed near Link’s Othello Station at 7301 and 7343 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.:

The largest of the three buildings would be at the corner of Othello and MLK Way. The six-story structure would contain 210 apartments, a 17,000-square-foot public market, 10,000 square feet of retail and underground parking for 165 vehicles.

To its east on Othello would be a 225-unit building with 7,800 square feet of retail, and parking for 330 vehicles above and below grade. Nine of the units would be live-work.

The third building, on MLK Way, would have 65 apartments, five live-work units and 28 surface parking stalls.

All units in the complex would be market-rate, with a mix of studios, and one- and two-bedrooms.

Yes, that is 523 parking spaces for 505 units. New market units next to Link are great, but it is ridiculous to have a greater than 1:1 parking ratio, and obscene to build new surface parking literally across the street from a Link station. Also across the street is the Station at Othello, which was built with 320 spaces for 351 units and 17,591 square feet of retail. Parking utilization is so low that the developer is only providing 60% of the parking in their new Station at Othello North project. The Myrtle Apartments project being built north of Othello link station will have 50 parking spots for 108 units and 8,000 square feet of retail and community space.