Washingtonians Want Safe and Healthy Routes to Schools

New statewide polling shows strong support for state investments in Safe and Healthy Routes to Schools

According to a new statewide poll 88% of likely 2014 Washington voters polled say that we should plan our communities and schools to make sure children can walk or bike to school and stay safe from traffic and 87% say every child deserves to walk or bike to school on a safe route.

Even after voters are told about limited state dollars, an overwhelming three quarters continue to say it is important to have safe and healthy routes to school funding as part of a statewide transportation spending.The poll commissioned by the statewide Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (COPC) – which Washington Bikes is a member – released these exciting and encouraging results from their statewide telephone poll showing 84 percent of Washington State voters believe that funding to keep children safe from traffic and physically active should be a part of transportation spending in the state.