Uh, Oh: SE Wisconsin’s Rush-Minute Is Disappearing

Though the state highway fund is tapped out and we’re in the middle of more than $6 billion in regional freeway ‘improvements around here, WisDOT says half our still-modest commute times are twice as long as some guy says they should be.

That’s unacceptable! Motorists around here know they are guaranteed unencumbered speeds of at least 65 mph, day or night, between Milwaukee and any suburb.

The Founders put the Suburbanite’s Right of Unfettered Automobile Passage in the preamble to the State’s Bill of Lesser-Known Rights. 

It precedes the prohibition against anyone using using the words “Glenn Grothman” and “thought carefully” in the same sentence, and follows the ban against posting an image of Jerry Jones or that Minnesota Vikings horn-blowing guy within 1,000 feet of a school.