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About Us

Streetsblog is a daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities.

Since 2006, Streetsblog has covered the movement to transform our cities by reducing dependence on private automobiles and improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. Our reporters have broken important stories about transit funding, pedestrian safety, and bicycle policy from day one. And our writing makes arcane topics like parking prices and induced traffic accessible to a broad audience.

Today, hundreds of thousands of readers rely on Streetsblog, and our online community is the connective fiber for people all over the country working to make their streets safer and more sustainable. Streetsblog New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, ChicagoUSA, and the national Streetsblog Network connect local, grassroots transportation reform advocates with one another and to a national movement for reform.

Streetsblog is produced by OpenPlans, a 501c3 non-profit organization. We are funded by foundation grants, sponsorships and advertising, and through generous donations from readers like you.

You’ll find our Streetsblog Network member blogs below. If you’d like to join us, click here. Feel free to e-mail the network managers with any questions.

Find a Blog Near You


  • 1000 Friends of Connecticut New Haven, CT

    Theory and practice of working for smart growth in Connecticut.

  • Allston Brighton Community Blog Allston, MA

    Local news, events, and regional issues that affect the quality of life for those of us living or working in Allston and Brighton, Massachusetts.

  • Astoria Bike New York, NY

    About bikes and biking in New York City.

  • Beat Bike Blog Hartford, CT

    Riding bicycles in Hartford.

  • Better! Cities & Towns Ithaca, NY

    Ideas on how to succeed in creating walkable cities and towns.

  • Bicycle Ambassadors Philadelphia, PA

    The education blog for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

  • Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

    Promoting bicycling as a healthy, low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative.

  • Bike Blog NYC New York, NY

    Urban bike culture in NYC and beyond.

  • Bike Bridgeport Bridgeport, CT

    Bike and livability-related issues in Fairfield County, CT.

  • Bike NYC Burbs Chappaqua, NY

    Information on biking, pedestrian and mass transit issues around Westchester County.

  • Bike PGH Pittsburgh, PA

    Establishing a city that is safe, accessible and friendly to bicycles.

  • Bike Providence Providence, RI

    Published by the Providence Bicycle Coalition.

  • Bike the Burgh Pittsburgh, PA

    Showing people it’s possible to give up the normal bumper-to-bumper grind for a two-wheeled commute.

  • Biker Chicks of West Chester West Chester, PA

    Encouraging women to ride bikes.

  • Boston Biker Boston, MA

    A community for cyclists in Boston.

  • Boston Streets Boston, MA

    Covering transportation and livability in Boston’s urban core.

  • Brooklyn by Bike Brooklyn, NY

    Born out of a love for traveling around the city by bicycle.

  • BrooklynSpoke New York, NY

    Cycling and livable streets issues around Brooklyn and across New York City.

  • Buffalo Rising Buffalo, NY

    Promoting urban life in Buffalo, New York and emphasizing the city in a positive light.

  • Cap'n Transit New York, NY

    Transit policy in New York.

  • Car Free with Kids Cambridge, MA

    Two mathematicians, one unemployed toddler, one pre-baby, no car.

  • CarFree Maine Brunswick, ME

    Supporting a car-free lifestyle in Maine.

  • City Slicking New York, NY

    Urban life, transportation, energy, liberty and language.

  • City Theorist New York, NY

    Wonky theories about urban economics, cities, and the forces that make and shape them.

  • City Walkabout Pittsburgh, PA

    Focus on green innovations and sustainable growth efforts.

  • Connecticut Data Blog New Haven, CT

    Using data to analyze urban and metropolitan policy issues in Connecticut, including transportation.

  • Connecticut Smart Growth Hartford, CT

    Fighting sprawl and building communities.

  • Cranston Style Cranston, RI

    Covering planning and livability issues.

  • Crossroads Bethlehem, PA

    Promoting coordinated land-use and transportation planning in the Lehigh Valley.

  • CycleMainStreet Concord, NH

    a clearinghouse of thoughts, links and information to support the inclusion of safe bicycle travel on Main Street.

  • Design New Haven New Haven, CT

    An open civic forum and resource.

  • East Busway Blog Pittsburgh, PA

    By a Pittsburgh resident who loves the city and loves the region.

  • eco New Bedford New Bedford, MA

    A smart-growth, mixed-use project in a fabulous oceanfront neighborhood.

  • Electric cars are not the answer Burlington, VT

    Former electric car program manager on why it should be less driving (nega-miles) not switching fuels (mega-watts).

  • Everyday Transit New York, NY

    Contributes to a better understanding of the city and urban life through daily commute experiences.

  • Fifty Car Pile Up New Haven, CT

    The story of those who cope without a car in America.

  • Garden State Smart Growth Trenton, NJ

    Information and analysis on land use in New Jersey from Garden State Smart Growth.

  • Greater City: Providence Providence, RI

    Promotes the development of Greater Providence in an urban pattern.

  • Grieve-Smith on Transportation New York, NY

    This and a MetroCard will get you on the subway.

  • Invisible Visible Man New York, NY

    A one-time dabbler in moral philosophy rides his bike a lot in London and New York.

  • Itinerant Urbanist Albany, NY

    A footloose take on cities, transit and some other random things

  • Jon Geeting Bethlehem, PA

    Political blog about the Lehigh Valley metro region of Pennsylvania

  • Livable Norwalk Norwalk, CT

    Dedicated to making Norwalk a better place to walk, bike, take a train and catch a bus.

  • Local Motion Burlington, VT

    Stories on walking, biking and other non-motorized transportation.

  • Mainely Planning Waterville, ME

    Thinking creatively and making difficult decisions will test our abilities, push our cultural boundaries and hopefully shape a world.

  • Market Urbanism New York, NY

    Urbanism for capitalists. Capitalism for urbanists.

  • memo.ryecroft New York, NY

    Themes of Gotham, architecture, urbanity and sustainability.

  • Middle Main Revitalization Poughkeepsie, NY

    A bottom-up, grassroots approach to building neighborhood identity and pride.

  • Mobilizing the Region New York, NY

    For more balanced, equitable and environmentally sound transportation.

  • Morristown Pedal Pushers Morristown, NJ

    Bike stuff in Morristown and nearby.

  • New Haven Safe Streets New Haven, CT

    Raising awareness of traffic safety issues.

  • New Haven Safe Streets Coalition New Haven, CT

    Raising awareness and building support for traffic safety issues.

  • Newton Streets and Sidewalks Newton, MA

    Covering issues of traffic, walking and biking.

  • NJ Walks and Bikes New Brunswick, NJ

    Official blog of the New Jersey Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource Center.

  • NY Examiner New York, NY

    A comprehensive look at bicycle tranportation in NYC.

  • On Transport New York, NY

    Public transit, livable streets, mobility and the true cost of driving.

  • Pedestrian Observations New York, NY

    For Walkability and Good Transit, and Against Boondoggles and Pollution

  • Pennsylvania Walks and Bikes Harrisburg, PA

    News and commentary about the state of walk and biking across Pennsylvania from the state's people-powered advocacy organization.

  • Philadelphia Bicycle Journal Philadelphia, PA

    An independently written blog about bicycling and the greater Philadelphia area.

  • Plan NYC New York, NY

    A web-based tool for citizens and organizations interested in housing and development.

  • Plan Philly Philadelphia, PA

    Urban design and transportation news.

  • Planning Livable Communities Framingham, MA

    Fighting sprawl, reshaping our cities and taking back our streets.

  • Radials Blog Boston, MA

    Dedicated to transportation and urban planning issues nationally.

  • Real Hartford Hartford, CT

    A city cannot be reduced to a slogan.

  • Reimagine an Urban Paradise Pittsburgh, PA

    Developments and ideas regarding the transformation of cities.

  • Rights of Way Portland, ME

    A blog for better streets and public spaces in Portland, Maine.

  • Rochester, NY

    Sparking public dialogue about how we can better connect the people, neighborhoods and cultural offerings in Rochester

  • Scott Dodd on Switchboard New York, NY

    Bike commuting, urban living and other environmental topics, from NRDC.

  • Second Ave. Sagas New York City, NY

    Blogging the New York City subways from A to J/M/Z.

  • SMART Lehigh Valley Bethlehem, PA

    Smart/lv, an acronym for “Suburban – Metro Area Rail Transit/Lehigh Valley”, is a serious proposal to reinstate Inter-City Passenger Rail service between the Lehigh Valley and the markets of both New York City and Philadelphia.

  • Stimulus Bike New York, NY

    Improve the health of our economy, ourselves, our environment, and our wallets.

  • Streetsblog New York City, NY

    A daily news source, online community and political mobilizer.

  • The Architect's Newspaper New York, NY

    Speaks directly to architects and designers about news, developments, trends, urbanism, transportation, and landscapes.

  • The Green Miles New Bedford, MA

    A local look at smart growth policy, walkability & green living along with a national perspective on progressive politics & climate activism.

  • The Greenway Commuter Bronx, NY

    All about commuter cycling in New York City along the Hudson River Greenway.

  • The LIRR Today Jamaica, NY

    A 21st Century-oriented look at the Long Island Railroad

  • The Sustainable Cities Blog New York, NY

    The blog of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities.

  • The Walking Bostonian Boston, MA

    Thoughts on street design, urban planning, public transit, and history in Boston.

  • This Old City Philadelphia, PA

    Advocates for better public spaces and a reduced car footprint in Philadelphia

  • Together North Jersey New Brunswick, NJ

    Effective strategies and actions for improving North Jersey

  • Transit Boston Boston, MA

    In-depth analysis of transit, geographically focused on Boston, MA.

  • Transit Matters Boston, MA

    Transit Matters covers transit issues in Boston, New York, the Northeast megaregion

  • TransitBlogger NY

    News and analysis regarding local transportation in the Tristate Area.

  • TransitCenter New York, NY

    Sparking innovations and supporting policies that improve public transportation and urban livability

  • Transport Providence Providence, RI

    About Providence's biking, walking, public transit, and carpooling policies.

  • Upper Green Side New York, NY

    Environmental advocacy on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

  • Urban Compass Hartford, CT

    Development issues, government, civic activism and regionalism.

  • Urban Plan SI Staten Island, NY

    Covering urban, environmental, and transportation planning in Staten Island, New York.

  • Urban Velo Pittsburgh, PA

    A reflection of the cycling culture in current-day cities.

  • Walk and Bike Berks County Reading, PA

    Make walking and biking practical, convenient, and safe.

  • Walk Around Portland Portland, ME

    The car-free lifestyle in beautiful Portland, Maine.

  • Walkable Eastwood Syracuse, NY

    Sustainable living in “The Village Within the City.”

  • WalkBikeCT Hartford, CT

    Devoted to promoting walking and biking as viable choices.

  • WalkBikeJersey NJ

    Working to improve bicycling, walking and public transit conditions.


  • ...git on down the road! Missoula, MT

    Commute by bike, bike your commute.

  • 21st Century Urban Solutions Palo Alto, CA

    A Stanford undergrad blogs on Bay Area urban planning issues.

  • 295bus Redwood City, CA

    Adventures and opinion in Bay Area transit.

  • Adventures of a Car-Less Valley Girl in Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

    A young woman's take on Los Angeles from the view of a bicycle, bus window, or street corner.

  • Arizona Rail Passenger Association AZ

    Working for the expansion and improvement of rail passenger service.

  • articulate discontent Boulder, CO

    A look at societal and economic influences on human systems.

  • articulate discontent Boulder, CO

    A mix of transit, land use, economics with a bit of cities/social media tied in.

  • Better Institutions Seattle, WA

    National transportation policy news and analysis, occasionally with a local Seattle focus.

  • Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage Anchorage, AK

  • Bicycle Fixation Los Angeles, CA

    Celebrating bicycling and bicyclists in Southern California.

  • Bicycle Safety Institute Fort Collins, CO

    Provide materials to teachers, parents, grandparents, volunteers and anyone interested in teaching and learning about bike safety

  • Bike Denver Denver, CO

    A voice for Denver cyclists.

  • Bike Lane Living Northridge, CA

    A bike blog that promotes and advocates bicycling and bike commuting, reviews bike products and features upcoming events.

  • Bike Portland Portland, OR

    To inform and inspire.

  • Bike San Diego San Diego, CA

    Bike news, events and advocacy.

  • Bike5280 Denver, CO

    A go-to source for cycling events, advocacy and community in the Denver area.

  • BikeABQ Albuquerque, NM

    Working for a bike-friendly city.

  • Davis, CA

    A source for local bicycling news and discussion.

  • bikeRedlands Redlands, CA

    All things bike in Redlands, California.

  • Biking in LA Los Angeles, CA

    A two-wheeled guide to the streets of LA.

  • Boise Bus Blog Boise, ID

    For public transportation supporters in Idaho's Treasure Valley.

  • Brown Girl in the Lane San Diego, CA

    Car-free in San Diego.

  • Bus Chick Seattle, WA

    Living in Seattle without a car.

  • California High Speed Rail Blog CA

    Leading site for the California high speed rail project.

  • California Streets Blog San Francisco , CA

    Complete streets news and commentary from California.

  • Car Free Days Seattle, WA

    A Seattle family trying to increase their "car-free days."

  • Carfree Portland Portland, OR

    Live free or drive.

  • Carless Parenting Salt Lake City, UT

    The how and why of being parents who choose not to use a car.

  • Cascade Bicycle Club Blog Seattle, WA

    Creating a better community through bicycling.

  • Celebrate Sitka Cycling Sitka, AK

    The Sitka Bicycle Friendly Community Coalition site from Sitka, Alaska.

  • Counting Pantographs Salt Lake City, UT

    A transportation and land use blog.

  • Cycle and Style Salt Lake City, UT

    A website that promotes cycling for women of all types from commuting to road and mountain biking

  • Cyclelicious Santa Cruz, CA

    Biking:a fun, reasonable and safe form of transportation and recreation.

  • Dead Horse Times Beaverton, OR

    Politics, transport, urbanism and related topics.

  • Denver Local Denver, CO

    A view of Denver from its sidewalks, bike-paths and neighborhoods.

  • DenverInfill Denver, CO

    News and information about urban infill development in the Mile High City.

  • DenverUrbanism Denver, CO

    News, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in the Mile High City.

  • Ditching the Car for Forty Days Kirkland, WA

    Giving up the car commute for Lent.

  • EcoVelo CA

    Reducing our impact on the environment by employing bikes as our primary transport.

  • Electric Urbanism Portland, OR

    A walkable, transit-oriented web community.

  • Ensie Pasadena, CA

    The blog of a carless transit-user-slash-biker.

  • Exit133 Tacoma, WA

    Arts, politics, events, architecture and planning.

  • Family Friendly Cities Seattle, WA

    Focuses on creating and maintaining access and opportunity for families in cities.

  • Flagstaff Biking Organization Flagstaff, AZ

    Setting wheels in motion.

  • Flat Iron Bike Boulder, CO

    Livable streets and bike/pedestrian issues in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Fresno Bicycle Coalition News Fresno, CA

    News and views of the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition.

  • Gary Rides Bikes Los Angeles, CA

    Bicycles, the people who ride them, and bike infrastructure.

  • Gettin' Around Seattle, WA

    Explores alternative transportation in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Getting Around Sacramento Sacramento, CA

    Covers walking, biking, and transit in the Sacramento, California region.

  • GJEL Accident Attorneys Orinda, CA

    Stories relating to bike, pedestrian, and automotive safety in the Bay Area.

  • Global Greenways Portland, OR

    Investigating and sharing mobility lessons from Latin America.

  • Global Site Plans' The Grid Granite Bay, CA

    Architecture, engineering, environmental non-profits, landscape architecture, and urban planning.

  • Google Maps Bike There San Jose, CA

    Blog originally designed to advocate for bicycle directions on Google Maps, and includes general bicycle advocacy and livable streets advocacy.

  • Green Caltrain Palo Alto, CA

    Sponsored by BayRail Alliance, an all-volunteer non-profit organization supporting green rail transit in the Bay Area.

  • Green Wheels Humboldt, CA

    Humboldt's advocate for transportation choices.

  • Grist Placemaking Seattle, WA

    News on green building, urban planning, public transportation, and community

  • Half Mile Circles Oakland, CA

    The blog of Reconnecting America and the Center for TOD.

  • Hard Drive Portland, OR

    The culture of the commute.

  • Imagine No Cars Missoula, MT

    A journal of my journey to live a car-free lifestyle.

  • Imagine No Cars Missoula, MT

    A journal of my journey to live a car-free lifestyle.

  • Inspiredwoodcity Redwood City, CA

    Writing about downtown Redwood City, CA

  • Intersection 911 Portland, OR

    Documenting the culture of intersections.

  • Invisible Cyclist San Francisco, CA

    Blogging about the importance of equity and justice considerations in bike planning, bike culture, and the bike advocacy community.

  • LA County Bicycle Coalition Los Angeles, CA

    Building a better, bikeable LA County.

  • LA Visions Los Angeles, CA

    Explore possibilities to make LA more livable and sustainable.

  • Leimert Park Beat Los Angeles, CA

    The online newspaper for the African American cultural center of LA.

  • Light Rail AZ AZ

    Covering light rail development in Arizona.

  • Phoenix, AZ

    Using the new METRO in Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa.

  • Livable Bay San Francisco, CA

    Livable Bay covers smart-growth and transit-oriented development in the San Francisco Bay Area, including its effect on community development, local businesses, housing, and the environment.

  • Living in the O Oakland, CA

    Oakland transit, planning, politics, community & culture.

  • Logos Opticos: Composing Vibrant Urban Places Berkeley, CA

    A weekly blog, covering topics like Form-Based Coding, designing walkable and bikable places, sustainability,

  • Long Beach Cyclists Long Beach, CA

    Making bicycling more livable and sustainable in Long Beach.

  • Long Beach Trikkers Long Beach, CA

    Local hub for Long Beach's riders of this three-wheel carving vehicle.

  • LongBeachize Long Beach, CA

    Exploring transportation, active living and the urban form of Long Beach

  • Los Alamos Bikes Los Alamos, NM

    A forum for the cycling community of Los Alamos, NM.

  • Market Street Railway Blog San Francisco, CA

    The organization that restores the historic streetcars in SF.

  • MetroRiderLA Los Angeles, CA

    Los Angeles transit-oriented lifestyle.

  • Milehighness (in the Bay Area) San Francisco, CA

    An urban planner and cyclist whe has moved to San Francisco from Denver.

  • MoveSanDiego San Diego, CA

    Moving people quickly and sustainably to work, school and play.

  • Muscle Powered Carson City, NV

    Working for a bicycle-friendly community, complete streets, downtown revitalization, and Safe Routes to School.

  • Narrow Streets Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

    A fantasy urban makeover in photographs.

  • One Speed: Go! Phoenix, AZ

    We sit too much, and move too little.

  • Orphan Road Seattle, WA

    Documenting Seattle's next infrastructure upgrade.

  • Pedestrianist San Francisco, CA

    From the perspective of a 100% car-free San Francisco native.

  • Peninsula Transportation Alternatives Palo Alto, CA

    All modes of transportation (walking, bicycling, transit, and driving) should be safe and convenient in the San Francisco Peninsula region.

  • People Power of Santa Cruz County Santa Cruz County, CA

    Promoting the use of bicycles, utility tricycles, bike-trailers, skateboards, walking, and other non-motorized transit.

  • People's Advocacy for Trails Hawaii Honolulu, HI

    Connecting the places on Hawai'i island with pathways and bikeways.

  • PlanBike Oakland, CA

    Promoting viral growth of cycling as serious transport.

  • plannerguy Eugene, OR

    A critical and analytical account of planning issues focusing on Portland, Eugene and the greater Pacific Northwest

  • Portland Safer Routes to School Blog Portland, OR

    Updates, happenings, and relevant news and research.

  • Portland Transport Portland, OR

    Access and mobility in the Portland/Vancouver region.

  • Portlandize Portland, OR

    Cycling for everyone, here in Portland, Oregon.

  • Post-Car Blog Oakland, CA

    The interstitial transit and livable streets world that lies between urban and rural areas.

  • Publicola Seattle, WA

    Smart Growth defined: Making the car an option, not a necessity.

  • Reno Rambler Reno, NV

    Blog of an educator and cyclist.

  • Reno Streetcar Reno, NV

    Dedicated to the advancement of the Reno streetcar/light rail project.

  • Riding in Riverside Riverside, CA

    Leading a transit-oriented lifestyle in California's Inland Empire.

  • Sac Cycle Chic Sacramento, CA

    Bike fashion and advocacy in the capital of California.

  • Salty Dog Cycling Salt Lake City, UT

    Cycling lifestyle and news.

  • San Diego Bike Union San Diego, CA

    Promoting bicycling for transportation in metro San Diego.

  • San Francisco Cityscape San Francisco, CA

    Bay Area urban planning: maps, wallpaper, photos and links.

  • San Francisco Drivers Love Bike Lanes San Francisco, CA

    Shaming bike lane parkers in San Francisco

  • Santa Monica Next Santa Monica, CA

    Focuses on transportation, development and how the city needs to grow to maintain its reputation as Southern California's most progressive and open city.

  • Santa Rosa CityBus Santa Rosa, CA

    By Santa Rosa CityBus staff, for the public.

  • Say Yes to the Honolulu Rail System Honolulu, HI

    Honolulu's proposed rail transit system makes sense for Oahu residents.

  • Seattle Bike Blog Seattle, WA

    Pedal-powered news and opinion in Seattle, Washington.

  • Seattle Great City Blog Seattle, WA

    Encouraging a livable, sustainable Emerald City.

  • Seattle Transit Blog Seattle, WA

    Transit in the Greater Seattle area.

  • SFBART's Blog San Francisco, CA

    Not quite as official as

  • SFtransit San Francisco, CA

    News and opinion on livable streets, transit advocacy and non-motorized travel on the streets of San Francisco.

  • Shareable San Francisco, CA

    About sharing, and how people are redesigning their streets, cities, work and lives to be shared.

  • Shared Space Ashland, OR

    Consolidating news of "Shared Space" ideas from around the world.

  • Soap Box LA Los Angeles, CA

    Access and mobility issues from two urban adventurers.

  • Social Biking Blog Arcata, CA

    The bicycle as a means of social interaction.

  • Spots Unknown San Francisco, CA

    Discovering the forgotten places, histories and events of San Francisco.

  • Stockton City Limits Stockton, CA

    Growth, development, and urbanism in Stockton, California, and the Central Valley

  • Stop and Move Fresno, CA

    Urban and development issues in Fresno, California and beyond.

  • Straight Outta Suburbia/Saliendo de las Afueras Los Angeles, CA

    The connections between land use, transportation and the society we deserve.

  • Streetsblog LA Los Angeles, CA

    A daily news source, online community and political mobilizer.

  • Streetsblog SF San Francisco, CA

    A daily news source, online community and political mobilizer.

  • Systemic Failure Oakland, CA

    Covering transit and environmental issues.

  • Tacoma Tomorrow Tacoma, WA

    Commentary and ideas about the role of efficient and frequent public transit in Tacoma's future.

  • Tempe Bicycle Action Group Tempe, AZ

    Making bicycling prominent, safe and convenient.

  • The Bus Bench Los Angeles, CA

    Touching Metro's special spot.

  • The Fairbanks Pedestrian Fairbanks, AK

    Advocating for life on two feet in the frozen North.

  • The Greater Marin San Anselmo, CA

    An urbanist blog focused on Marin County, California.

  • The HUB Long Beach, CA

    Thoughts on bicycles in the City of Long Beach

  • The Movement San Luis Obispo, CA

    A great blog about bicycles and street changes for San Luis Obispo, CA area.

  • The N Judah Chronicles San Francisco, CA

    Writing about urban life and transit issues.

  • The Overhead Wire San Francisco, CA

    Covering the relationship between electric transit and development.

  • The Prudent Cyclist Tigard, OR

    Stories and photos from life with a bike in Washington County & the greater Portland-Metro area.

  • The Sandwich Isles Cyclist Honolulu, HI

    An Oahu-based blog that focuses on cycling on the island.

  • The Sustainable Cyclist Monterey, CA

    Advocating to make the bicycle industry sustainable.

  • The Urbanist Seattle, WA

    Examining and influencing urban policy to improve transportation, housing affordability, social and environmental justice, economic opportunity, and quality of life.

  • Totcycle Seattle, WA

    Tots on bikes, kids as cargo and family cycling.

  • Transbay Blog San Francisco, CA

    Transit and urban planning in the SF Bay Area.

  • Transit in Utah Salt Lake City, UT

    Improving transit in the state of Utah.

  • Transit Rider OC Orange County, CA

    Highlighting the transit lifestyle and issues for a car-loving county.

  • Travelin' Local Los Angeles, CA

    From Los Angeles to San Diego and everything in between.

  • TrikkeWorld Magazine Long Beach, CA

    Chronicle of the carving revolution, featuring global coverage of the Trikke community.

  • Trillium Solutions Portland, OR

    Consulting firm engaging riders to help advocate for better transit.

  • Tucson Bike Lawyer Tucson, AZ

    An attorney who represents bicyclists.

  • Tucson Velo Tucson, AZ

    Covering Tucson's cycling community.

  • Ugubugu Los Angeles, CA

    Vivian and her bike, Ugubugu, offer up news, reviews, and opinions related to the local biking infrastructure of the Westside of Los Angeles.

  • Urban Adonia Seattle, WA

    Hacking Seattle on a bike.

  • UrbanABQ Albuquerque, NM

    Highlights development, planning trends and the public process in the Albuquerque metro area.

  • UrbanABQ Albuquerque, NM

    Focused on tactical urbanism and increasing the quality of the urban form in Albuquerque

  • urbavore San Francisco, CA

    A rediscovery of things taken for granted in city living formatted for your ears.

  • Utility Cycling Flagstaff, AZ

    Use your bicycle.

  • Vallejo Community Issues Examiner Vallejo, CA

    A hyperlocal blog offering local perspectives about smart growth community trends.

  • Vehicle for a Small Planet Boulder, CO

    Ideas on bicycle planning, active transportation, and active communities

  • Vibrant Bay Area San Francisco, CA

    Vibrant Bay Area explores the urban issues of the San Francisco Bay Area's many communities.

  • VTA Watch San Jose, CA

    An alternative to big-money, automobile and construction-oriented voices.

  • Walk Score Blog Seattle, WA

    Official blog of

  • Walk Sitka Sitka, AK

    Walk Sitka is a group promoting healthy and safe walkability in Sitka, Alaska.

  • Washington Bikes WA

    The statewide voice advocating for legislation, policy and funding that makes it safer, easier and enjoyable for Washingtonians to ride their bikes.

  • Westside Bikeside Los Angeles, CA

    Hyper-opinionated bike blogging in Los Angeles.

  • wheelright San Francisco, CA

    Curated bike culture broadcasted from San Francisco, CA.

  • Where the Sidewalk Starts Los Angeles, CA

    A blog about walking, pedestrian policy, and making the world a better place for people who travel on foot.


  • 1st State Bikes Newark, DE

    Road bicycling news and advocacy in the 1st State

  • A Better Shreveport Shreveport, LA

    Making Shreveport-Bossier a better place.

  • ABetterShreveport Shreveport, La

    A civic organization that strives to create a quality of life through urban planning, community, transportation, and economic development best practices.

  • ACT Now Atlanta, GA

    Regular updates on efforts to increase funding for public transit in Georgia.

  • Americans for Transit's Rider Blog Washington, DC

    The official blog of Americans for transit.

  • Augusta, GA

    Promoting sustainability in the built environment.

  • Arlington's Car-Free Diet Blog Arlington, VA

    Promoting car-free transportation options.

  • ATL Trail + Rail Atlanta, GA

    Alternative transportation and trail- and transit-oriented development.

  • ATL Urbanist Atlanta, GA

    Posts about good and bad urbanism in Atlanta from a writer living in a Downtown apartment with his family.

  • Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Atlanta, GA

    Part of a community-wide effort to create a bicycle-friendly Atlanta

  • Austin Contrarian Austin, TX

    Economics, zoning and Austin, Texas.

  • B'more Bikes Baltimore, MD

    Bicycle-related news and events in the Baltimore metropolitan region

  • Baltimore Innerspace Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore's transit and planning.

  • Baltimore Skyline Baltimore, MD

    About the people, places and things that make up this great city.

  • Baltimore Spokes Baltimore, MD

    News about bicycle advocacy.

  • Baltimore Velo Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore cycling events, news, photos and all the things in between.

  • Barry's Bike Blog Louisville, KY

    Bicycling, politics and culture in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

  • Bello Velo Huntsville, AL

    Biking in Huntsville, Alabama.

  • Beyond DC Washington, DC

    Transportation policy and smart growth in Washington, D.C.

  • Bike Delaware Newark, DE

    Bicycle advocacy and news in Delaware.

  • Bike Denton Denton, TX

    Cycling in Little D.

  • Bike Friendly Burleson Burleson, TX

    Promoting the creation of better cycling facilities and improved infrastructure.

  • Bike Friendly Oak Cliff Dallas, TX

    Dedicated to making Oak Cliff and Dallas a safer place to ride a bike.

  • Bike Friendly Richardson Richardson, TX

    Promoting the creation of better cycling facilities and improved infrastructure.

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    Official blog of Bikemore, Baltimore city's cycling advocacy group.

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    Bike advocacy in Baltimore.

  • Bikemore Baltimore, MD

    Baltimore's premier bicycle advocacy organization.

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    Focusing on the benefits of cycling as they relate to Oklahoma City.

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    Commentary, discussion of current research, and a little bit of corny humor on sustainable transportation planning policy and research issues

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    An online magazine promoting bicycling in Dallas, Texas.

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    By employees of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

  • Car Free Austin Austin, TX

    A friendly blog meant to encourage the individual choices that create better cities

  • Car Free Baltimore Baltimore, MD

    A city planner in Baltimore trying to live car free, this new blog will be a commentary on local biking/transit/pedestrian issues, urban planning theory, and guest posts by local people trying to make Baltimore a more sustainable city.

  • Car Free Dallas Dallas, TX

    A planner living without a car in Dallas provides local planning and transportation commentary.

  • Car Less Brit Roanoke, VA

    Committed to being carless for six months.

  • Carfree Charleston Charleston, SC

    A blog about the benefits and challenges of living carfree in charleston, sc, as well as shedding light on what's happenig with CARTA, our local public transportation system.

  • CART Louisville, KY

    Grassroots transportation news from outside the box.

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    Getting out of the car, taking back the bike and looking fabulous.

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    A family trying to live on 4,000 car miles per year in the land of sprawl.

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    The Washington, DC, area is great. But it could be greater.

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    Sharing information about open streets with the goal of increasing the number, size, and frequency of initiatives occurring across North America.

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    Parksify is a community of writers who focus on stories relating to public spaces, including urban parks and planning.

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    Reconnect Austin is a long-term urban design and economic development solution to a traffic problem

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    Share ideas and best practices in sustainable development, urban agriculture, cooperativism, and localism in the Midwest.

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    nextSTL is the preeminent online hub for those who wanting to know more about the St. Louis community.

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    Discussions about getting around Columbus, Ohio.


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    David Hembrow's blog shares a view from the number one bicycling nation – the Netherlands.

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    This little lady walker currently lives in Montreal. She walks everywhere and is hoping to inspire you to do the same.

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    Transport and city planning in Europe and elsewhere.

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    The Wiener Zeitung's new Bicycle Blog covering cycling, urban development and innovative ideas to improve city life and transportation.

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    All things public spaces.

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    A blog about bicycling in Bogota, Colombia -- its problems and challenges.

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    A group interested in sustainable transport in the Oxford region.

  • is uniting one million people in support of better, safer bicycling in America.

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    want to help you understand the implications of the various parking policy choices, so you can choose your own, with 'eyes wide open'.

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    Transeúnte Argentina is a source of current information on issues of mobility and public space, as related to the creation of a more friendly and sustainable urban environment

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