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Past Featured Articles on Streetsblog.NET

Thu 14: Georgia Governor Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Cyclists To Ride Through Unresponsive Red Lights
Mon 11: Twin Cities Traffic Congestion Goes From Fine to Still Fine
Thu 30: BWL Column: Good News Abounds for Lee County Cyclists, Pedestrians
Wed 29: How Two Way Streets Can Improve Cities
Tue 28: Downtown Seattle Transit Capacity Is At The Breaking Point
Thu 23: King County tackles carbon emissions through transit credits
Thu 23: OH YEAH: Why cycling is great for everyone – not just cyclists
Thu 23: Under the Influence: Why Wisconsin Has Weak Laws on Drunken Driving
Fri 17: New Protected Bike Lanes Coming to Northeast Seattle
Thu 9: 15 Minutes or Better
Wed 8: Mixing Active Transportation, Transit, and Freight Service
Mon 6: They Can't go Back to Ohio
Thu 2: State Seeks Contractor to Evaluate Possible Consolidation of R.I. Transportation Agencies
Tue 31: Atlanta Streetcar Service to Remain Free Through End of 2015
Thu 26: Car Dependency and Poverty in Metro Atlanta
Tue 24: What is (and Who is) Big Asphalt, and How does it Harm America?
Fri 20: Sprawl Costs US More than a Trillion Dollars a Year
Tue 17: Commuter Parity Act of 2015, a Partial for Commuter Benefits
Mon 16: Should Minneapolis Build an Urban Soccer Stadium?
Fri 13: Safety in Numbers, Chicken and Egg
Thu 12: Want a Cycling City? Design for Traffic Safety
Mon 9: Mother's Against Drunk Driving Should Also Be Against Zoning
Wed 4: Bike share coming to Atlanta
Tue 3: Connecticut Uniquely Positioned for Congestion Pricing, but Legislators Must Seize the Opportunity
Fri 27: Is Wisconsin Lying About Traffic Counts to Promote $1.2 Billion Highway?
Thu 26: Codes and Roads: Why We're Still Building Sprawl
Wed 25: Top Ten Ways to Hate on Pedestrians
Tue 24: Some Surprising Results of a Market-Pricing Parking Experiment
Mon 23: Despite Media Hysteria, Transit is Safer than Driving
Thu 19: Freeway-Style Signs Send Drivers the Wrong Message
Wed 18: Why the Human Scale Matters
Tue 17: Seattle's Sound Transit Hostage Situation
Thu 12: Florida DOT Embraces Buffered Bike Lanes and Narrower Lanes
Wed 11: Milwaukee Streetcar Okayed After Long Fight
Tue 10: The Only Thing That Will Fix a Housing Shortage Is More Housing
Mon 9: The Metro-North Train Crash -- Getting it Wrong
Thu 5: When You Can Put a Face to Hardship
Wed 4: Low Energy Prices Lead To Subsidy Cuts — Except in the US
Fri 30: Atlanta's Transportation Barriers
Wed 28: Whether they Live Close In or Far from the City, People Travel about the Same Number of Miles on Transit
Mon 26: Will Atlanta's Streetcar Bring Needed Investment?
Thu 22: Ask GGW: Is There Any Reason Not to Have Sidewalk?
Tue 20: Transport Plays a Key Role in Urban Air Quality
Tue 13: Travel Site says ‘Driving Cyclists off the Road’ is Rite of Passage in Portland
Mon 12: FHWA Twice Revised VMT Forecasts Downward in 2014
Fri 9: New Economic Analysis: Bicycling Means Business in Washington
Thu 8: “People Like Their Cars”
Tue 6: Gas Jumps Pennies Per Gallon with California Carbon Tax!
Mon 5: Pedestrians Making up a Greater Share of NJ Traffic Deaths
Sat 20: Deregulate Uber, but require transparency
Sat 20: The Laws in Question in the Schill Case
Sat 20: Speed Camera Controversy in Nassau County Shows Speeding Bigger Problem than Realized
Sat 20: Underrated Transit Projects
Fri 19: Low-Income Fares Coming to Streetcars and Foot Ferries
Wed 17: Toronto to Spend $650,000 to Plow Snowy Bike Lanes
Tue 16: A Federal Safety Performance Measure for Biking And Walking to be Developed
Tue 9: Why I Will Not Operate My Bike Like It Is A Car
Thu 4: Capital Bikeshare needs smaller stations, but more of them
Tue 2: Cities Need a Family Advisory Committee
Mon 1: A Different Kind of Parade
Wed 26: America's "Neglected" Infrastructure
Thu 20: Dollar for Dollar, Bike Infrastructure Pays off Better than Road Maintenance
Wed 19: MN GOP Beware: Biking and Pedestrian Improvements Have Broad Appeal
Tue 18: To Justify $1.1 Billion Boondoggle, Wisconsin DOT Cooks the Books
Thu 13: The Nega-Mile -- The Cheapest, Greenest, Cleanest Mile is the Mile Not Driven in a Vehicle
Wed 12: Suburbs of Survival
Tue 11: My Transit Shift: Once a Car Commuter, now I'm a MARTA Rider
Mon 10: Parents, Children, and Cars
Fri 7: Maryland’s Statewide Planning May Make Big Projects Harder to Build
Fri 7: Bicyclists Need Their Own Set of Rules
Tue 4: Living Near a Major Roadway Raises Risk of Cardiac Death in Women
Mon 3: Decreasing Opportunities for iIncremental Development in U.S. Neighborhoods
Fri 31: No Big Bucks Needed for Complete Streets!
Tue 28: Govenors Highway Safety Association: You're on Your Own
Mon 27: Compact and Connected Communities Improve Public Health
Wed 22: New Bill would Ban Cycling on DC Sidewalks Next to Bike Lanes
Tue 21: Passage of Amendment Could Mean WISDOT Will Rule With a Concrete Fist
Mon 20: Compact and Connected Communities Improve Public Health, says New Research
Fri 17: Safer Bicycling in Boston
Tue 14: On Walking to the Grocery Store ...
Mon 13: How To Improve Dallas’ Downtown Circulator
Wed 8: 7 Ways to Encourage Sustainable Commuting in your Workplace
Mon 6: A World Class Transportation System
Fri 3: Denver’s Ambitious Transit Expansion Plan was Almost Left at the Station
Thu 2: What Motivates Mode Choices for Urban Residents?
Wed 1: The Irony of Wisconsin's Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Tue 30: Paris, France Aims for Bicycle Trips to Account for 15% of Transport by 2020
Fri 19: Cyclist Found Guilty for Riding in Street
Thu 4: No Charges Against Killer Cop
Tue 2: Uh, Oh: SE Wisconsin's Rush-Minute Is Disappearing
Wed 27: Washingtonians Want Safe and Healthy Routes to Schools
Tue 26: Michigan’s First Bus Rapid Transit Line Launches Today in Grand Rapids
Mon 25: Transit Adjacent Development isn’t Transit Oriented Development
Wed 20: A Call for Minimum Service Standards
Tue 19: Spokane’s Downtown is for People – and their Buses
Mon 18: Frequent Networks: Escaping the "Food Desert"
Thu 14: New Report Finds Older Tri-State Pedestrians at Risk
Tue 12: Is a Walkable Built Environment a Civil Right?
Mon 11: When Transit Service is Substandard, Can we Plan for Capital Expansion?
Thu 7: Carsharing, A 1% Solution (And Why it is a Critical 1%)
Wed 6: What if all of Portland’s Bikers Decided to Drive for One Day?
Tue 5: Seattle Street Parking Pricing gets a Little Smarter
Mon 4: Place-based Development and Streetcar Transforming Downtown Tucson
Fri 1: T4America Statement in Response to Senate Adoption of Stopgap to Avoid Highway Trust Fund Insolvency
Wed 30: How to Get Girl Scouts on Bikes
Tue 29: How Can Laws Promote Bicycling?
Fri 25: DC's Metro Plan has Changed a Lot Since 1968
Wed 23: Senate Poised to take up House Plan to Patch Highway Trust Fund
Wed 9: DHS Has Spent Over $1 Billion on Public Transit Security and Surveillance
Tue 8: Moving Beyond 'Smart Growth' to a More Holistic City Agenda
Mon 7: Finding Freedom in the Walkable Neighborhood
Thu 3: The Music City’s New Urbanism: 9 Projects Leading the Transformation of Nashville
Wed 2: Americans Demand Goals for Reducing Bike and Pedestrian Deaths
Tue 1: Why Reliable Data Matters for Active Transportation
Mon 30: What do You Think of Level of Service?
Thu 26: Even with Rebalancing, Bike Sharing is Still Low-Carbon Transportation
Tue 24: "Greenest City in America" Failing to Meet Weak VMT Reduction Goal
Fri 13: ODOT Postpones Road Projects due to Federal Funding Uncertainty
Thu 12: Federal Safety Dollars Flowing to Pedestrian, Bicyclist Safety in New York State
Tue 10: Regulation Catching Up with the Ride-Sharing Industry
Thu 5: WalkHood: Which Parts of your Neighborhood Can You Walk to in 5 Minutes?
Tue 3: Challenge: May Nets 4.6 Million Miles!
Mon 2: MoveDC Plan Proposes More Cycletracks, Transit, and Tolls
Fri 30: U.S. House Committee Tells USDOT To Reduce Walking and Cycling Fatalities and Injuries
Thu 29: Time Is Running Out to Become a Streetsblog Superhero — Give Today
Wed 28: How Fort Myers, Florida, is Trying to Beat the "Most Dangerous" Rap
Fri 23: Insult to Injury: NJ Governor Christie’s Cuts to Reduce Subsidy for Already-Underfunded NJ Transit
Thu 22: Who Cares about Paris' Slow Zones?
Wed 21: Florida will Make Hit-and-Runs a Felony
Tue 20: 55% Reduction in Traffic Fatalities Over the Past Decade in the EU
Mon 19: Prince George’s County, Maryland, Adopts “Sprawl Plan 2035” over Objections
Fri 16: Can Traffic Deaths go the Way of Smallpox?
Thu 15: Oregon to Implement Voluntary Road Usage Fee
Tue 13: Bike League: B+ for Senate Transportation Bill
Mon 12: What Type of Suburban Geography is Best for Transit?
Fri 9: Mixed-Use Communities Become the “Norm” in Wisconsin’s Capital
Wed 7: $200 million in Bike/Ped Funding Threatened in Virginia
Tue 6: Philadelphia's Kidical Mass
Mon 5: Jim Oberstar RIP
Fri 2: ODOT Embarks on "Big Data" Project with Purchase of Strava dataset
Wed 30: Bike League Analysis: Obama Transportation Bill
Mon 28: Montréal is North America’s Bicycle City
Fri 25: Cyclist Killed in Indianapolis Loved the Local Bike Community
Thu 24: The "Get Out Of Jail Free" Card Strikes Again
Mon 21: No One Noticed, but Fresno Killed its Proposed BRT System
Fri 11: DC-area Transportation is Not on Track to Meet Climate Change Goals
Wed 9: Missouri Anti-Bike Legislation Defeated!
Mon 7: Expanding the Bike Commuter Benefit is Not a Bike Sharing Subsidy
Tue 1: Reno's 3-Foot Passing Law Gets Some Teeth
Fri 28: Florida Highway Patrol Targets Dangerous Intersections
Thu 27: The Fight Over Parking Minimums in Seattle
Wed 26: Golly, I Wish I had a Smaller House
Tue 25: Tell USDOT: Bicyclists’ Safety Counts!
Thu 13: 1 Mile of a Protected Bike Lane is 100x Cheaper than 1 Mile of Roadway
Wed 12: Caltrans Proposes Widening Scenic Highway 1
Tue 11: Just How Bad Is San Jose's Diridon Station Area Plan?
Mon 10: Let’s Get Rid of Beg Buttons
Thu 6: Can Gas Stations be Compatible with Urbanism?
Wed 5: Transportation Needs a Boost in Columbus
Tue 4: Some Carsharing Optimism
Fri 28: Are Streetcars as Part of the Transit Network in Portland?
Wed 26: Death by Streetcar: What are the Odds?
Tue 25: Grand Rapids' Grand Plan for Safer, Better Maintained Streets
Mon 24: Taking Advantage of the Bike Commuter Benefit
Fri 21: Culs De Sac City Streets for Safety?
Tue 18: Understanding Changes in Walking and Biking in America’s Cities
Wed 12: Take Action: Support the Safe Streets Act!
Mon 10: Why Some Transit Fans Oppose Streetcars in the Twin Cities
Mon 3: Zero Fare Public Transport in Tallinn Shows A Way
Thu 30: In Defense of Atlanta Mayor Reed, Governor Deal, GDOT, etc, etc, etc.
Wed 29: Response to President Obama’s Call for Transportation Investment
Tue 28: The Google Bus Controversy Triggers Insightful Urbanist Talk
Fri 24: FSU Bike Program Makes Student Life More Sustainable
Wed 22: Key Supplier to Portland's Bike Share Vendor Files for Bankruptcy
Fri 17: How Inadequate Infrastructure Causes Injuries
Thu 16: The Next Transportation Bill Starts Now
Tue 14: Looking at the Atlanta Beltline as a tool for good planning
Mon 13: The Impact of Neighborhood Walkability on Walking Behavior
Fri 10: How FARs (Floor Area Ratio Rules) Shape Cities for the Better
Wed 8: Pay Attention Toronto: Europe’s Most Congested City Going Car-Free
Tue 7: Why Minnesota Might Be Planning Too Much Road Expansion
Mon 6: Smart Growth Saves Municipal Dollars
Fri 3: The Rise of Curbs: Protected Biking’s Second Act Begins
Thu 2: Another Crash on Miami's Brickell Avenue “Death Curve”
Fri 20: Air Travel Predictions Were Wrong Too
Tue 17: The Part of Rent Increases That Really Is Rich People's Fault
Mon 16: Why State Legislatures Are Hostile to Big Cities
Wed 11: Metro Atlanta's Cul-De-Sacs are Bad for Your Health
Mon 9: Dallas Builds Urban Park Over Recessed Freeway
Wed 4: Capitol Hill: Give to Streetsblog and Streetfilms and Enter to Win a New PUBLIC Bike
Mon 2: Are "Artifically Low Speed Limits" Really Dangerous?
Wed 27: Leah Treat: Portland Transportation Director Talks Road Funding Package
Tue 26: San Jose Removes Buffered Bike Lane — Says It Was Installed In Error
Mon 25: Bike Accommodation On CAHSR Trains
Fri 22: Biking Continues to have Bipartisan Appeal, Baffling D.C. Media
Thu 21: The Day Nearly Six Million People Rode the Subways
Wed 20: Why is it so hard to just raise the federal (and state) gasoline excise tax?
Tue 19: Walkability, parking, and TDM influence whether you drive
Fri 15: Can Toronto Keep Bixi Bike Share Alive?
Thu 14: Biking Isn’t Really My Thing
Wed 13: Bicyclists Need to Stop Blaming Themselves for Dangerous Roads
Tue 12: FRA To Re-Visit Horn Rule
Mon 11: No Child Left Outside
Fri 8: MoveDC Lays Out Ambitious Bike Facility Plan
Thu 7: Federal Agencies Becoming Bike Friendly
Wed 6: MD Highway Planners to Pedestrians: You’re on Your Own
Tue 5: Placemaking is Not New
Mon 4: Chaotic but Smart
Fri 1: U.S. Treasury Lost $10 Billion On Auto Bailout
Thu 31: VTA: Models Over Estimate Parking Demand for Transit
Wed 30: Pedestrian Crossings: What We Can be Doing Better
Tue 29: Mountain View Apartments Repurpose Parking Spots in Reponse to Lack of Demand
Mon 28: When people stop being nice and start being real
Fri 25: Portland to Illuminate Bike Lanes with Solar-Powered LEDs
Thu 24: Supreme Court Hears Rails-To-Trails Case
Wed 23: Can Innovative Transportation Help "The Most Dangerous City in the World?"
Tue 22: Portland's Traffic and Transportation Class for Community Leaders
Mon 21: Blaming Victims and Dictating Clothing
Fri 18: Cul-de-Sacs Build Community, But What Kind?
Thu 17: Milwaukee County Executive Won't Fight Governor on Double-Decker Freeway Expansion
Wed 16: Test of Amtrak Bike Roll-on Service from Pittsburgh to DC
Tue 15: Motor Vehicle Pollution a Major Contributor to American Deaths
Fri 11: Amtrak Versus the Shutdown
Thu 10: St. Louis Spent $4.6 Billion Subsidizing Malls And Chain Stores
Wed 9: The Bicycle ... Resistance is Futile
Tue 8: Small Steps Add Up to Big Changes
Mon 7: Is 30% of Traffic Actually Searching for Parking?
Fri 4: Travel Mode and Physical Activity
Thu 3: Many Millions, Wisconsin's Credibility Put At Risk By Scott Walker Rail Moves
Wed 2: Overall VMT declines for 8th straight year
Tue 1: Two (More) Lessons from the First Ever Open Streets Saint Paul
Mon 30: WESA: BikePGH Reveals Vision for ‘Better Bikeways’
Fri 27: California Senator Boxer Named National Asphalt Legislator of the Year
Thu 26: The End of Suburbs?
Wed 25: Transportation and Distorted Affordability
Tue 24: Census: NYC Reaches 1% Threshold for Regular Bike-Only Commuters
Mon 23: North America’s Train Stations: What Makes Them Sustainable -- Or Not?
Fri 20: Seattle Adds Temproary Protected Bike Lane for Park(ing) Day
Thu 19: Researcher explores the 'Language of promoting cycling'
Wed 18: Moser column: Vulnerable road users put at risk on our Streets of Shame
Tue 17: Mexico City's Ecobici nears 100,000 subscribers
Mon 16: Palo Alto City Council to consider turbo-charging vehicle trip reduction strategy
Fri 13: Making buses ‘sexier’ to Millennials (or anyone)
Thu 12: Sideguards Could Protect Bicyclists, So Why Aren’t They Required?
Wed 11: Is the United States Department of Transportation Aware That We Have a Huge Problem?
Tue 10: The Problem With Texting While Driving Isn't the Texting
Mon 9: Which cities have abolished parking minimums?
Fri 6: Will Anne Arundel Be the First to Prosecute a Maryland Driver for Negligently Killing a Cyclist?
Thu 5: Mexico City Makes Smart Use of Its Underpasses
Wed 4: Zoning Shouldn't Be Used to Judge Lifestyles
Tue 3: Stanford Has Avoided $100,000,000 in Parking Structures Over the Last Decade
Fri 30: Montgomery police ticket pedestrians obeying the law
Thu 29: WisDOT, surprised by existence of 16th Street and Marquette Interchange, extends I-94 project by 23%
Wed 28: State Tools For Estimating VMT Reductions
Tue 27: CommuniDivvy: Biking as community building
Mon 26: A Girl From Motor City Forgoes Four Wheels for Two
Fri 23: Condo Association Sues to Have “Hideous” Divvy Station Removed
Thu 22: Have you been harassed while riding a bike?
Wed 21: From Strong Towns: Is Traffic Always Bad?
Tue 20: Bikes Lanes: Good for Property Values
Mon 19: The League Releases First Women on a Roll Bike Report
Fri 16: Picking a Fight with the Met Council over Streetcars is the Right Move for Minneapolis
Thu 15: Bicycling Law and Order
Wed 14: (Still) Searching for the sustainable city formula
Tue 13: Is texting+driving pushing people toward transit?
Mon 12: Blame German Tourists
Fri 9: Counting door crashes: if you don't count it, you can't manage it
Thu 8: A Tale of Two Subsidies
Wed 7: Bad Design Leads to Bad Cyclist Behavior
Tue 6: Demand for transit continues to grow; underfunded transit agencies work to meet the need
Fri 2: Northeast Ohio Group Fights Back Against Sprawl
Thu 1: Oh, The Places You Won't Go: House Drops Housing + Transportation Bill
Wed 31: Essential Air Service Program Survives In A Time Of Austerity
Tue 30: Connecticut Approves Borrowing to Widen Three Miles of I-84
Mon 29: Urbanism (and smart growth) as a pejorative
Fri 26: What we miss when we view life through a windshield
Thu 25: Why Johnny and Joanie still can't walk to school
Wed 24: Illinois is a bright spot for improved passenger rail service
Tue 23: AAA of South Jersey Now Offering Emergency Bike Assistance
Mon 22: We need to stop the Southwest Corridor
Fri 19: Buy-America Rules Apply, Except When They Don’t
Thu 18: A new freeway depreciates as fast as your new car
Wed 17: Claiming space for buses on corridors where transit users outnumber drivers
Tue 16: How Urban Arterials Divide our Neighborhoods
Mon 15: Defining Clear Standards for Transit-Oriented Development
Thu 11: New Tri-State Report Finds Region’s Older Pedestrians at Risk
Wed 10: Why is walkable better?
Tue 9: Time For Minneapolis to Phase Out Deadly One-Way Streets
Mon 8: Paying people NOT to cycle in the country where there is more cycling than any other
Fri 5: Car Culture Is Grown By the Department for Motorised Road Transport
Wed 3: Book Review: What Killed Downtown?
Tue 2: Safe Routes to School needs more than funding to be successful
Mon 1: The End of Car (Dominated) Culture?
Fri 28: New state law gives more rights for walkers on 'narrow residential streets'
Thu 27: Bike Helmet Legislation In Canada Did Not Reduce Head Injuries
Wed 26: Are We There Yet? Health Advocates Enter The Fray
Tue 25: The Common Man’s Legacy in a City
Mon 24: Two very different views of the condition of American cities
Fri 21: A Federal Complete Streets law?
Thu 20: Private transportation: no operations subsidy, but at what cost?
Wed 19: Are We There Yet? Getting Physical
Tue 18: Learning from Tourism-Based Transit: An Orlando, Florida, Case Study
Mon 17: Reclaiming streets is reclaiming community
Fri 14: In public transportation, cynicism is consent
Thu 13: The reason why Walmart is committed to a store that is part of a mixed use project at 1st and New Jersey Avenue NW in Washington DC
Wed 12: B-Cycle Bike Share Coming to Indy
Tue 11: Greenbelt roundabout includes innovative bike bypass
Mon 10: A True Measure of Affordability: The H+T Affordability Index
Fri 7: Palo Alto Bond Poll shows voters don’t want to pay for parking structures
Thu 6: Infill and Adaptive Reuse in Phoenix, Arizona
Wed 5: Feds wake up to realities of helmet effectiveness
Tue 4: The pedestrian is treated like royalty in Brasilia
Mon 3: Bicyclists still don't have their fair share of road space in New York City
Fri 31: About Those 66,000+ Deficient Bridges: What Did Last Summer’s Transportation Law Change?
Thu 30: Washington State Passes Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill
Wed 29: Streetcar Wins Key Council Vote
Tue 28: Dallas: Tearing down freeway separating downtown, Deep Ellum ‘makes a lot of sense,’ says Downtown Dallas’ CEO. But …
Fri 24: 63-year-old bridge collapses in Washington State on west coast’s most major interstate
Thu 23: ODOT launches initiative to move away from "highway-centric" approach
Wed 22: Austin opens its newest green lane
Tue 21: How Delaware Dramatically Improved its "Bike Friendly" Ranking
Mon 20: Wayfinding in a Liveable City
Fri 17: Bikes and equity: bicycling benefits all communities
Thu 16: More evidence that Helmet Laws don't make us safer
Wed 15: NYC: Give to Streetsblog By Thursday and You Could Win Goodies From Planet Bike
Tue 14: Crowd-Funding Our Way To A Better Troost Corridor
Mon 13: Holy Hubway: Hubway Set To Break A Million Trips
Fri 10: Using development charges as a transit funding mechanism
Thu 9: With new study, air travel subsidies get another pass
Wed 8: Put rooftop bars atop empty parking garages?
Tue 7: Study highlights importance of travel time as a metric
Mon 6: Godwin’s Law
Fri 3: Who's blocking the L Street bike lane today, and what can we do?
Wed 1: Washington ranked #1 among Bicycle Friendly States
Wed 1: The rise of Motordom and how we learned to blame the victim
Tue 30: Long distance trains don't work?
Mon 29: Bicycle Parking Now Allowed At Kauffman Stadium
Fri 26: Passenger rail an economic driver
Thu 25: Portland: 3 reasons retailers love replacing car parking with bikes
Thu 25: Old Big Box Stores Live On, Some Too Long
Wed 24: Hoboken Announces Unprecedented “Hybrid” Bike Share Model
Tue 23: Freight rail traffic is growing but urban conflicts hinder infrastructure expansion
Mon 22: The Case for (and Against) Public Subsidy for Public Transport
Thu 18: Models for tackling climate change at the regional level
Wed 17: Congratulations to Virginia’s New Bicycle Friendly Universities
Tue 16: Detroit, Redux
Mon 15: Transit for Everyone
Fri 12: World Health Organization report connects road safety with mass transport
Thu 11: A misinformed driver almost right hooked me
Wed 10: Are We There Yet? Older Americans
Tue 9: Florida’s Most Well-Connected Cities
Mon 8: World Health Day: 5 questions on how transport is related to health
Fri 5: Guerrilla road safety group ‘politely’ installs illegal bike lane protectors on Cherry Street
Thu 4: Bikes and Peds Vs. Cars - Data from New York
Wed 3: Driver in video attack pleads guilty but could have charges dismissed
Tue 2: Aging Among Friends: The Need To Make Cities Places For The Young– And The Aging
Mon 1: In Fresno, is lack of spending on transit keeping unemployment high?
Thu 28: Family biking ready to boom in 2013
Wed 27: Oregon House bill would make bike paths (and more) eligible for highway trust fund
Tue 26: Tulsa Advocates: Fix Our Streets!
Mon 25: Crashes - and communities' deadly preferences
Fri 22: Capturing the Value of Public Transportation
Thu 21: Integrating transit media with debit-credit card functions could be very expensive for the rider
Wed 20: What would happen without parking requirements?
Tue 19: Little has changed with the latest edition of the engineers report card on US infrastructure
Mon 18: Mayors Make It Happen
Fri 15: Scott Walker Adds 32% To Wisc. Transportation (Read: Highways) Budget
Thu 14: What is an Equity-Based Transport System?
Wed 13: Cleveland Leads North American Cities in Bus Rapid Transit
Tue 12: A smart gax tax for South Carolina
Mon 11: Building Trails To Support Kansas Tourism
Fri 8: Size Doesn't Matter
Thu 7: Business impact of bicycling dominates Capitol Hill meetings
Wed 6: More cause than cash: The bike lobby comes of age
Tue 5: The Car: America’s Original Individual Mandate?
Mon 4: A cycling perspective on Detroit’s Emergency Finance Manager
Fri 1: What If Your Street Belonged to Kids on Saturdays?
Thu 28: Washington Examiner declares War on Solutions
Wed 27: Is the "man-covery" responsible for 2012's increase in vehicle deaths?
Tue 26: Per capita VMT ticks down for eighth straight year
Mon 25: Does Miami want to be a REAL city?
Fri 22: Astoria, Oregon gives pedestrians orange flags for visibility
Thu 21: Unequal sequestration cuts show the need for a real transportation fund
Wed 20: Florida’s Speeding Cops
Tue 19: Time to worry about important things?
Fri 15: AAA fights to keep unnecessary parking rules
Thu 14: Who are the ‘urbanists,’ anyway?
Wed 13: Stamford “Transit” Oriented Development
Tue 12: Public transit saves 6.9 million hours of delay in Portland traffic: Study
Mon 11: Providence: Plowing done wrong
Fri 8: Maryland Lawmaker Defends Mandatory Helmet Bill
Wed 6: The Potential of Small Town Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning
Tue 5: War on cars continues: bike lane takes 0.2% of parking!
Mon 4: Merits and Aesthetics in the Density Argument
Fri 1: Why smarter land use can help cities attract and retain young adults
Fri 1: Too fast
Thu 31: LaHood Goes 5 for 5 on the National Bike Summit
Wed 30: Secretary LaHood's Legacy: Stronger, Safer Transportation Choices for All Americans
Tue 29: Three Ways to Improve Walkability Without Touching the Street
Mon 28: Sustainable transportation Nantucket style
Fri 25: Where’s the Outrage Over Pedestrian and Cyclist Deaths?
Thu 24: Safer sidewalks ahead for Charlotte
Wed 23: Why the renewed attention to subway-related deaths?
Tue 22: Great bike access helps score great workers, Portland firms say
Fri 18: The Placement of the Automobile in Seattle vs. Phoenix
Thu 17: Santa Fe Declares War on Pedestrians
Wed 16: Charging by the mile, a gas tax alternative, sees serious movement
Tue 15: Making the Most of MAP-21
Mon 14: A Century Later, Grand Central Still Spurs Development
Fri 11: New Analysis Calls for Improvements in Tracking Pedestrian Fatalities in New Jersey
Thu 10: More than $64.3B to be invested in North American rail transit in 2013
Wed 9: NYC: Thanks to Everyone Who Gave to Streetsblog and Streetfilms in 2012
Tue 8: Suburban sprawl could destroy up to 34 million acres of forests, says new study
Mon 7: The power of "creative placemaking"
Fri 4: Drunk driving prevention is difficult, but we already know what it takes
Thu 3: Who Are the Important Players for Bicycling in the 113th Congress?
Wed 2: Fiscal cliff deal restores transit benefit
Wed 2: You Get What You Measure
Thu 20: The CYCLE Continues - William Penn Supports RTC's Work in Camden
Wed 19: Coral Gables Knocks Out Own Front Teeth
Mon 17: Inside the MTA’s $4.7B Capital Request for Sandy
Thu 13: Being a City Planner In a Room Full of Engineers
Wed 12: ODOT tames rural highway in La Pine with buffered bike lanes
Tue 11: City reports double digit bike to school rates for first time ever
Mon 10: Why cyclists need police understanding, not crackdowns
Fri 7: Apparently it is Possible to Have Too Much Parking
Thu 6: Can Davis make Diamond??
Wed 5: Bike Ped Plans In Brigantine, Pleasantville and Atlantic City
Tue 4: Murphy’s Law: How State Aid to Cities Has Plummeted
Mon 3: Contributory negligence - one person's story
Fri 30: Stagnation, progress in Chicago trigger ideas for President Obama's second term
Thu 29: EPA honors seven outstanding community sustainability projects
Wed 28: Livable Streets Advance Thanks to CT Advocates, Municipalities
Tue 27: Don’t Walk in Sonoma County
Mon 26: Why the 85th Percentile Rule still matters
Wed 21: Sandy an Opportunity to Refocus New Jersey’s Transportation Priorities
Tue 20: Bike-Friendly Ballot Measure Hangs on 0.1 Percent of the Vote
Mon 19: More Bike, Less Pike
Fri 16: The same "empty buses" fallacy, over and over
Thu 15: Peak Car Use and Burgeoning Cycling Volumes in Baltimore
Wed 14: Jarvis bike lane erasing continues with slow rolling protest
Tue 13: New Orleans Gets Jazzed Over Bike Funding
Mon 12: It’s Policy, Not Preference, that Shapes Cities
Fri 9: Traffic court notes
Thu 8: Parking Rightsizing
Wed 7: In Obama’s second term, distinctive transportation policy should change focus to walking and bicycling
Tue 6: Election 2012 Results Central - Transportation Edition
Mon 5: Slow down, and pipe down
Fri 2: The EPA Warned About Climate Change Flooding Since Bush - - 2003
Thu 1: Biking and walking rule in a city sans subway
Wed 31: Danish 180% Tax on Cars is Rather Irrelevant
Mon 29: Flat fare falls flat
Thu 25: More Dangerous Than Public Service or Public Works: Miami Roads
Wed 24: How auditors get transit wrong: a lesson from Vancouver
Tue 23: Federal Highway Administration interprets transpo bill; good news, bad news
Mon 22: Bike lanes and quiet streets make cycling safer, but the safest of all are cycle tracks: study finds
Fri 19: Cascade launches bike-friendly business certification program
Thu 18: Debate again ignores urban issues
Wed 17: Boston Gives Away 100 Free Bicycles to Kids
Tue 16: Seattle’s first cycletrack!
Mon 15: Bike Pooling Rolls On
Fri 12: Using Technology to Target Cycling Investment
Thu 11: Seen This Bad Movie Before
Wed 10: 120,000 People, 0 Cars
Tue 9: TODERIAN: It’s not about the bike or car —it’s about better cities
Fri 5: Four Important Frames in Marketing Cycling to Women (WBS12)
Thu 4: Safe Routes to School benefits kids and the community
Wed 3: It ain’t necessarily so — new study proclaims L.A. one of the nation’s most dangerous places to walk or ride
Tue 2: Is there a member of the ITE who will stand up against bad road designs?
Mon 1: But, but, jaywalking isn't illegal
Fri 28: Remember when we talked about capping the Cleveland Innerbelt?
Thu 27: Be Who You Are- Only Better!
Wed 26: Mayor’s proposed budget shows strong support for bicycling — action needed
Tue 25: Opportunity for States to Protect Land Use
Mon 24: MDOT adds buffered bike lanes to Northwestern Highway
Fri 21: Shared Space: A crazy idea?
Thu 20: Tell Governor Gregoire Safe Routes to School is not expendable
Wed 19: New Report: Departments of Transportation Can Innovate Through Transit-Oriented Development
Tue 18: Are urban big box stores good or bad?
Mon 17: Infill opportunities? Connecting the dots with used car lots.
Fri 14: Iowa town bans bikes
Thu 13: Boston's Hubway bike system finally nears 100 stations
Wed 12: ODOT, Sandy Blvd, and the curse of outdated design manuals
Tue 11: Chicago’s first pedestrian plan includes great ideas, lacks some information
Mon 10: How communities can support walkability and be recognized for it
Fri 7: Big Houses, Small Lots, and the Seattle Problem
Thu 6: Seattle Could Prohibit Some Small-Lot Development
Wed 5: Cities, sustainable placemaking, and the careful use of words
Tue 4: Quick Note: Are Freeways Safer?
Fri 31: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Centrally Planned City
Thu 30: Study: Oregon, Washington drivers' gas consumption at lowest level in nearly 50 years
Wed 29: Real Talk: How Much Power Does the City Really Have to Do Away With the Downtown Parking Glut?
Tue 28: Beyond Spandex, Toward Social Justice: Women Redefining the Movement
Mon 27: LA finally gets serious about fixing its sidewalks
Fri 24: Boston case shows declining car volume on major street
Thu 23: Ayn Rand on Urbanism
Wed 22: Pedestrian signals: Faster than never
Tue 21: WisDOT To West Allis - - You're Nothing But An I-94 Bypass
Mon 20: Constitutional Amendment Would Send More State Funds To Local Roads
Fri 17: Civil engineer helps bring change to Des Plaines
Thu 16: Rail Picking Up Steam in the East and Midwest
Wed 15: Shit we can't keep in the street
Tue 14: Select Bus Service Thoughts
Mon 13: Freeways Don’t Need to be a Housing Show-Stopper
Fri 10: Failed Justice: Street Racing Killer of Pro Cyclist Jorge Alvarado Gets Off With Just 90 Days in Jail
Thu 9: Navigating MAP-21: How Much Money Will My State Get?
Wed 8: Port Report Predicts Dire Impacts From Proposed Arena
Tue 7: China Transportation Briefing: Stemming the Tide of Private Autos in Guangzhou
Mon 6: Where There Were Once Many Lines Planned, Just One Opens in Miami
Fri 3: 'Potholes for Poverty' a novel way to smooth streets
Thu 2: Amtrak California ridership continues to grow in 2012
Wed 1: Bike Leaders Honored by White House as Champions of Change
Tue 31: Yglesias: Where's our suburban parking reform? And parking likened to chairs!
Mon 30: How far will we walk to go somewhere? It depends.
Fri 27: Will Your State Fully Fund Bicycling and Walking?
Thu 26: Researcher considers cargo bikes as tools for social justice
Wed 25: The Utility of Cars in Cities
Tue 24: Kinzie Street crash story: Report them all
Mon 23: Bad Ideas in Sacramento County
Fri 20: Health Care Savings From Walking, Biking and Riding Transit
Thu 19: Why are we losing the war on sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives?
Wed 18: Portending a single fare system for bikes and transit
Tue 17: To the end of free parking–happy birthday parking meter!
Mon 16: What is "infrastructure," anyway? Industry report highlights 100 leading city projects
Fri 13: Safe Routes to School Funding
Thu 12: Tiny Apartments: Good or Bad for Urban Living?
Wed 11: California city limits bike parking in public areas
Tue 10: Caltrans Dislikes Ghost Bike Memorials that Honor Bicyclist’s Lives
Mon 9: Public's demand for limited carbon emissions mysteriously ignored by government it elects
Fri 6: PA's Hit and Run Loophole Mostly Closed
Thu 5: Montgomery's McMansions will need to find a new purpose
Tue 3: Cars, Costs, and the Working Poor
Mon 2: Unravelling of modes
Fri 29: Transportation Bill a Step Back
Thu 28: Fix the Hennepin/Lyndale Bottleneck
Wed 27: Why we subsidize bikesharing
Tue 26: New Renderings of South Main Street Remake – More Space for People
Mon 25: “Traffic is a social problem” and what’s needed is “an outbreak of civility”
Fri 22: Getting Around When You’re Just Getting By
Thu 21: Dear Indiana, please repurpose my taxes
Wed 20: What if bus stops were designed as if bus stops really mattered?
Tue 19: Revised Bicycle Laws: When Conversation Is Criminal
Mon 18: A Bipartisan Push for Rail in Virginia Produces Ridership Successes
Fri 15: Threats to Walking and Biking as Federal Talks Continue
Thu 14: Minneapolis Gives Streets a Chance
Wed 13: City Cycling Book Examines How to Get More Women Biking
Tue 12: A Decision-Support Framework For Using Value Capture to Fund Public Transit: Lessons From Project-Specific Analyses
Mon 11: Bike Advocacy on the Move in Ohio
Fri 8: Tell Albany to Give Transit Riders the Break They Deserve!
Thu 7: Connecticut Must Leave Road Expansions in Rear-View
Wed 6: Survey: 100% of Facts Think anti-TSPLOST Advocates are Wrong
Tue 5: Women leaders in the Detroit bicycle movement
Mon 4: What does being 39th mean?
Fri 1: How to Use the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide for Local Project Advocacy
Thu 31: Senate plan to give local communities more control in making their streets safer could be in jeopardy
Wed 30: New TSTC-AARP Report: Seniors, Low-Income New Yorkers Hit Hard by Transit Cuts
Tue 29: On the problem with unfunded federal safety mandates
Fri 25: What would $2 billion of BRT look like?
Thu 24: Connecticut Breaks Ground on Busway
Wed 23: Delaware is among top 10 bicycle-friendly states in U.S.
Tue 22: Why Every Bicycle Counts and What We Can Learn from Fatal Crashes
Mon 21: Why are there more bollards being installed in Arlington County?
Fri 18: Eyes on Milwaukee: Tour the Talgo Trains You Might Never Ride
Thu 17: South Brunswick High School Students Seek Sidewalk
Wed 16: High-Speed Rail Construction Timeline
Tue 15: Over 28,000 turn out for first Sunday Parkways of the year
Mon 14: Dissent of the week: uk bus policy and "profitability"
Fri 11: Kicking off “Transportation Vote 2012″
Thu 10: New survey shows overwhelming support for bike facilities
Wed 9: Society, Equity and Bike Sharing Systems
Tue 8: Living car-free in the Motor City
Mon 7: Sunday Train: The Rock Island Line is a Mighty Fine Iowa Rapid-Rail Road
Fri 4: Awesome Example Of Roads/Rail Double-Standards from Wisconsin
Thu 3: NPR feature on biking to school
Wed 2: Sierra Club and Bike League Tell Congress to Stop Shortchanging Bicyclists
Tue 1: “Complete Streets” Policies Sweeping Across New Jersey
Mon 30: Paved with good intentions
Fri 27: TIFIA Loan Denial Shows Need to Improve Tappan Zee Project
Thu 26: Carbon Footprint of a High-Speed Train
Wed 25: D.C. wants three out of every four Washingtonians car-free in 20 years
Tue 24: Seattle Gets First Look at Ambitious, But Challenging Climate Action Plan
Mon 23: Philly: Center City Parking Requirements: How Low Can (And Should) You Go?
Fri 20: Newark Is Apparently Not a City Either
Thu 19: Trinity toll road opponents launch online campaign in Dallas; will they seek to put question on ballot?
Wed 18: Bicycle-Friendly Businesses Are Booming: 67 New BFBs Announced
Tue 17: $27 million for Newark streets and barely a dime for bicyclists
Mon 16: Bike and proud: Red Bike and Green promotes cycling to African Americans
Fri 13: The Value and Efficiency of Small Block Structure
Thu 12: Chicago speed camera proposal – safety measure, money grab, or does it matter?
Wed 11: Calming big boulevards
Tue 10: Is Parking (or Avoiding it) the Killer App for car2go?
Mon 9: Transit getting more Americans where they need to go
Fri 6: 50 years after historic JFK message to Congress, transportation still the thread that connects our nation
Thu 5: It’s National Walking Day, but too many people will have to walk unsafe streets
Wed 4: Urban Living as Antidote to Oil Price Fluctuation
Tue 3: The New HSR Plan: Smart Move
Mon 2: Assessing our Future
Fri 30: Bike To Work, Save $17 Billion
Thu 29: Baltimore Property-tax Reduction Plan on the Move
Wed 28: A House Divided: Transportation Law Delayed, Yet Again
Tue 27: New Census Geographies Tell an Ambigious Urban Story
Mon 26: L.A.’s Westside Subway is Practically Ready for Construction, But Its Completion Could be 25 Years Off
Fri 23: Minnesotans Driving Less, Taking Transit a lot More
Thu 22: Bike Lanes: The New Job Creators?
Wed 21: Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Action is Afoot (and a-Bicycle, for that matter)
Tue 20: Figuring out how many CMAQ projects are for roads
Mon 19: Public Health Crisis in South Florida
Fri 16: Fixing the House bill: Cutting regulatory burdens and bureaucracy
Thu 15: Bipartisan? Comparing the 2012 bills to past transportation bill votes
Wed 14: Can affordability share space with infill development?
Tue 13: New Report on Statewide Organizations and Federal Funding
Mon 12: The Campus Iconic
Fri 9: Can good web content build the bike movement?
Thu 8: Urban Identity: Citizens and their Cities
Wed 7: Colorado’s Heatherwood Elementary and Wisconsin’s Omro Middle School earn 2011 Safe Routes to School Award
Tue 6: Misuse of air quality funds
Mon 5: Forgive and Forget
Fri 2: Transit Fast Forward changing the conversation around transit funding
Thu 1: Take That, Portland: Seattle Uses Transit More, But Use Drops With Income
Wed 29: Riders for Better Transit to Promote Legislation to Index Gas Tax to Inflation
Fri 24: WTF?! “The Lorax” Gives Mazda “The only Certified Truffula Tree Seal of Approval”
Thu 23: Are Urban Arterials and Pedestrian Safety Mutually Exclusive?
Wed 22: Cities as Vacation Destinations
Tue 21: What could live smaller, work closer trend mean for sprawl region?
Fri 17: Parties and the Urban Agenda
Thu 16: House transportation bill: What’s at stake for Chicago
Wed 15: Walking in Seattle: These 28 Seattleites died walking on road diet candidate streets last decade
Tue 14: With Transportation Enhancement Funds, Communities Can Create Smarter Options
Mon 13: North Carolina and Virginia States Pick Preferred Alternatives For High-Speed Rail
Fri 10: Oregon looks beyond gas tax as mileage-based tax evolves
Wed 8: Study Finds TE Projects The Most Efficient Job Creator of All Transportation Construction
Tue 7: Capital Bikeshare Striving to Become Financially Self-Sufficient
Mon 6: Landmark diesel exhaust study stalled amid industry and Congressional objections
Fri 3: Congestion, envy and equity
Thu 2: Blumenauer, DeFazio blast Republicans over transpo bill
Wed 1: Horrible Surface Transportation Bill Unveiled Today — Bicycle Programs Eliminated
Tue 31: Smart Growth is Good Sense, Not Partisan Politics
Mon 30: Conscientious Objectors: Long Beach Shuns ‘Motordom’, Strives To Become America’s Most Bike-Friendly City
Thu 26: Pattern Watch: Parklets Arrive in Long Beach
Wed 25: House on the verge of releasing a transportation bill tied to increased oil drilling
Tue 24: D.C. ranks as America's second best city for biking and walking
Mon 23: A response to my WA-OR sprawl post: urban growth boundaries aren't necessarily enough
Fri 20: Albuquerque: A Bronze Level Bicycle-Ambivalent Community
Thu 19: Charlotte rail financing has elements of Cotton Belt
Wed 18: BREAKING NEWS! 3 Ft Passing Law Introduced (in Nebraska)!
Tue 17: Why You Should Support California High-Speed Rail, Part Two
Fri 13: Want to spend less than $4,200 a year on gas?
Thu 12: See-Rent-Ride: Bikeshare changes the way people see the city
Wed 11: Is this What SCDOT Really Wants??
Tue 10: DC: Banking and Bikesharing
Mon 9: McDonnell’s budget proposal funds Lynchburg-to-DC train for two more years
Thu 5: Get Ready For New Wisconsin Road Taxes, Fees, And/Or Tolls
Wed 4: In praise of Really Narrow Streets
Tue 3: Car culture and kids toys
Thu 22: A future for Roosevelt Island, but what of transportation?
Wed 21: Columbia, MO, city council allows skating, skateboarding on city streets
Tue 20: Wherein I Agree with New Geography
Mon 19: Wouldn't it be nice if media followed up on hit and runs?
Fri 16: Using bikes for serious emissions reduction
Thu 15: Senate committee takes positive steps for freight, multimodalism, performance and safer streets
Wed 14: In-Roads at the Intersection of Safety and Creativity
Tue 13: Pedestrian injuries spike; Senate committee considers an amendment for the safety of all road users
Mon 12: All Activity is Not Created Equal
Fri 9: In my opinion: On livability and the CRC, USDOT Sec LaHood can't have it both ways
Thu 8: College Ave In-Street Rail: Exploring the Feasibility…
Wed 7: No war on cars
Tue 6: Basic questions about "cost/benefit analysis"
Mon 5: Comparing bike share system popularity on Facebook
Fri 2: On North Williams, Stopping to Listen – And Finding the Way Forward
Thu 1: Planning Advocates Call For Amendments to Economic Development Bill
Wed 30: Can you say ‘sprawl’? Walmart’s biggest climate impact goes ignored
Tue 29: Hubway To Expand Next Year
Mon 28: Poll: Thoughts on On-Street Parking Downtown
Wed 23: Road Safety in the U.S.
Tue 22: Portland's 'Trees By Bike' launches third year of holiday deliveries
Mon 21: True Life Stories of the Carfree– Melanie, Michael, Ryan (4) and Sarah (2). Winnipeg, Manitoba
Thu 17: Berlin Forming Grand Coalition To Build Misguided Urban Freeway
Wed 16: Environmental Sustainability and Bicycles: Three Reasons Two Wheels are Great for Cities
Tue 15: A real "no build" option for the Tappan Zee Bridge
Mon 14: New York City Planners: Pack ‘Em In!
Fri 11: Sign the Right to the Road petition
Thu 10: Transportation for America Response to Senate EPW Reauthorization Bill
Wed 9: MAP-21 and Complete Streets
Tue 8: Taxing Parking for Transit in Chicago
Mon 7: Forget New York City’s High Line. Introducing: The Low Line
Fri 4: Mobility education is one way the Netherlands is the safest country in which to travel and commute
Thu 3: Bicycle ban in De Soto, KS, "re-discussed"
Wed 2: Bike and Pedestrian funding survives — again!
Tue 1: Toll roads coming on?
Mon 31: Agreement on Downtown Tunneling for Seattle Region’s East Link Light Rail
Fri 28: What Gabe Klein is brewing up in Chicago: Pedestrian-safety mannequins
Thu 27: Defying Predictions from Ardent Highway Lobby, Rail Ridership Continues to Grow on New Systems
Wed 26: Transit and traffic congestion
Tue 25: Book Review: Waiting on a Train
Thu 20: Transit Commuting Saves Marin Millions
Wed 19: Tuesday Jolt: Seattle Gets $900K For Streetcar Study
Tue 18: Denver Hits 2.2% Bicycle Commuter Mode Share for 2010
Mon 17: Visions for an Urban National Park
Fri 14: Walking on Bike Lanes
Thu 13: Wisconsin town propose bike ban
Wed 12: Learning about San Diego’s love affair with the bicycle
Tue 11: Imagining the United States Without Shopping Malls
Mon 10: Review: The Gated City by Ryan Avent
Fri 7: Congestion and City Size
Thu 6: “This is not a cab town” – Cabs in Milwaukee
Wed 5: Responding to Cascade Policy Institute on the role of transit (and other issues)
Tue 4: A City for Cars or for People?
Mon 3: Pleasure and Pizzazz Come in Cities of All Sizes
Fri 30: Charlottesville area Supervisors shoot down city effort to delay bypass
Thu 29: Ignoring Inaction in Congress, DOT Pushes Through Grants for Intercity Rail
Wed 28: High Rise Buildings Are Sooooo Expensive
Tue 27: Proposal to fix bridges by taking away safety money won’t solve the problem
Mon 26: The Correlation Between Housing Density and Cycling
Fri 23: Are We Part of Our Cars and Bikes?
Wed 21: Another biking benefit: Reduced smoking
Tue 20: Freeways to Real Estate, the Circle of Life
Mon 19: Finding Smart Growth along the Great Alleghany Passage Trail
Fri 16: Federal Bill is Still Transportation’s Moby Dick
Thu 15: We have reached a turning point in Seattle bicycle safety
Wed 14: Obama Proposes $4 Billion for HSR
Tue 13: Has it really come to this?
Mon 12: Review: Visualizing Density
Fri 9: Get Ready to Take Action — A Major Attack on Bicycle Funding
Thu 8: Rave Reviews for Bike-Shares in Boston, Washington
Wed 7: Demographics and Land Use
Tue 6: MARTA: It’s Not Just You, It’s Atlanta
Tue 23: Atlanta: Subsidies, Traffic Congestion, and Giving Back
Mon 22: Retrofitting Gas Stations for Good
Fri 19: Mixed feelings about Chicago’s first Loop bike lane
Thu 18: Save the planet: ride a bus
Wed 17: A look back into Oregon bike history
Tue 16: NY Gov. Cuomo to Sign Life-Saving Complete Streets Bill
Mon 15: Are Our Driving Skills A Collective Effort?
Fri 12: Overpriced real estate and its underpriced access
Thu 11: Courteous or Critical? Will bicyclists in San Diego ever belong?
Wed 10: Blaming The Victim
Tue 9: Getting Midwesterners on board with high-speed rail
Mon 8: Does Car Sharing Really Reduce Vehicle Ownership?
Fri 5: The zombie outer beltway returns in DC
Thu 4: New Report: Transport Determines Housing Affordability
Wed 3: Missing the real point: city (re)development isn't about "gentrification" as much as it is about urbanism and urban design
Tue 2: Keeping top transit chiefs in tough times
Mon 1: Oroville driver “humorously” admits to assaulting cyclists with a deadly weapon.
Fri 29: It's official - 3 foot passing law signed by Governor Markell
Thu 28: The Commuting Paradox
Wed 27: Car-sharing leads to more active transportation
Tue 26: Hoboken One Step Closer to Becoming Bike Friendly
Mon 25: On Embracing Change
Fri 22: Capital Bikeshare Expansion Stunted in the National Mall
Thu 21: Bikes on Amtrak — Why Such an Ordeal?
Wed 20: Free Parking and ‘Bad’ Transit
Tue 19: BIXI Toronto reached 100,000 trips and 250,000 km travelled in 2 months
Mon 18: With Few Funds Available, What are Transit Agencies to Do?
Fri 15: The Bicycle Dividend
Thu 14: Call to Action on Transportation Re-authorization
Wed 13: Breaking: New "Active Transportation" section to be created within ODOT
Tue 12: Let the Hissy Fits Begin
Mon 11: Traffic congestion is not increasing in central Toronto: it's a suburban problem
Fri 8: Quick Note: Road Boondoggles
Thu 7: New rumble strips rules put the squeeze on cyclists
Wed 6: What are rescissions (and why are they far worse than flat tires?)
Tue 5: Op-Ed: "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"
Fri 1: A Good Year in Albany, IF Governor Cuomo Signs
Thu 30: Major L.A. study shows importance of bike-transit connection
Wed 29: Pollution Benefits of Urban Rail
Tue 28: Are Speed Limit Signs a Cost-Effective Strategy to Manage Urban Speeds and Implement 20MPH "Living Streets"?
Mon 27: Car costs may hinder the ability of households to save
Fri 24: The Future of Bike Sharing Schemes in the United States
Thu 23: Road Respect
Wed 22: Transportation Equity Town Hall in Buffalo Tomorrow
Tue 21: Another GOP Attempt to Defund Northeast Corridor Rail
Mon 20: Chicago PD ticket Scrochers and Scofflaws
Fri 17: UPDATE: Video, Christine Dahab blew a .07, LAPD preliminarily blame cyclists
Thu 16: Nevada Legislature Passes Two Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Bills
Wed 15: One Year Car Free
Tue 14: Still waiting for action from the feds
Mon 13: That Influential Texas "Urban Mobility Report"
Fri 10: Streetcar Rails and Buy America Issues
Thu 9: The Death of a Cyclist
Wed 8: Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Spurs Development Interest in Newark
Tue 7: Tell your Representatives: Complete Streets will help curb pedestrian deaths
Mon 6: Could Focusing on Repairs Please Everyone?
Fri 3: Carnage culture needs to change
Thu 2: Portland Streetcar Inc. urges USDOT to fund bike-sharing system
Wed 1: Economist estimates CRC project would spend $60 million on parking garages
Tue 31: Pedestrians of the Future
Fri 27: A Decline in Car Use in Britain: The Result of Policy and Practicality
Thu 26: Pedestrians and cyclists still at losing end of collisions with motor vehicles in 2010
Wed 25: Loop Roads or Bust
Tue 24: Can TOD Typologies Work in Places that Run Buses? Part 3 of 6
Mon 23: Urban Mobility Report Points to Overbuilt Roads in St. Louis
Tue 17: The Trestle Isn't The High Line But It Could Be A Great Addition to St. Louis
Fri 13: New Orleanians, rebuilding with sustainability (NOLA resilience Part 3)
Thu 12: Washington, California, and the Curious Case of the Railway to Somewhere
Tue 10: South Philly gets a street that will drink up water
Tue 10: Biking and the school bond measure
Sun 8: Transit is 5 for 5 in West Michigan, but Will Senators Defy Agema, Get On the Bus?
Fri 6: Will this historic downtown recover? (photoessay)
Thu 5: Urban Design that Fights Obesity and Promotes Physical Activity
Wed 4: US Mayors Want More Bicycle and Pedestrian Investments
Tue 3: League of American Bicyclists’ 2011 Annual Appeal Campaign: Toward Zero Deaths
Mon 2: It’s Bike Month: Get Out There and Proselytize!
Fri 29: Best comment ever from someone who probably drives a car
Thu 28: Shifting Our Taxpayer $$$ from Oil to Efficient Transportation and Technology
Wed 27: Here To Help: How Metro Helps St. Louis Region Respond to Crises
Tue 26: The Politics of Gas Prices
Mon 25: Bill Seeking New Ridership Study is Latest NIMBY Attempt to Derail HSR
Thu 21: Did you hear about the Capital Bikeshare expansion. What now for SmartBike?
Wed 20: To Improve Living Standards, Improve Housing And Transportation Policy
Tue 19: Vulnerable roadway user laws gain momentum nationwide as more people bike and walk
Mon 18: EPA Region 7: "We were just kidding about that sustainability stuff"
Fri 15: No Gas Tax Increase, Less Infrastructure
Thu 14: The Difference Between ‘Tactical’ and ‘DIY’ Urbanism
Wed 13: Of Parks, Podiums and Penumbras: How Density Changes Development
Tue 12: Laying the groundwork for a Sustainable Communities Strategy
Mon 11: Encino cyclist killed in Leucadia; local TV speculates an attempted vehicular serial killer could be at work
Fri 8: In a Split Second
Thu 7: New Google Maps Feature Nudges Drivers to Consider Alternatives
Wed 6: Atlanta Transit Expansion Comes Closer as Region Prepares for Tax Referendum
Tue 5: 3 Feet *and* 15 MPH?
Mon 4: P.J. O'Rourke hates on bike lanes: What next? 'Pogo-stick lanes'?
Fri 1: NY State Budget Holds the Line on Transportation
Thu 31: Cut foreign oil: Ride a bike
Wed 30: Citywide Safe Routes to School Plan Needs Your Support
Tue 29: Misdemeanor manslaughter bill moves to MD Senate this week
Mon 28: The Zoo Interchange — basic questions about a bad project in the making
Fri 25: The law of unintended biking consequences — cities ignore bike safety at your peril
Thu 24: Defining "Urban"
Wed 23: Delmar Blvd and the Purpose of Arterial Roads
Tue 22: Illinois Bicycling Advocates Consider Proposing Legislation To Keep Track of Dooring Incidents
Mon 21: Another Pedestrian Killed on South Florida Streets
Fri 18: A short guide to 'transportation health equity'
Thu 17: How we got to BIXI Toronto: an almost exhaustive background on bikesharing in Toronto
Wed 16: Seoul Boosts Transit Ridership with Color-Coded Buses and Other Reforms
Tue 15: BikePGH receives “Advocacy Organization of the Year” from the Alliance for Biking & Walking
Mon 14: Op-Ed: Shouldn’t bicycle planning and facility design experts at least ride bikes?
Thu 10: On casual carpools, or "slugging"
Wed 9: Do we need TOD Certification that goes beyond LEED Certification?
Tue 8: Technology + Transportation; Making Efficient use of Transit Resources
Mon 7: Financing the Nation’s Infrastructure in Our Age of Cutbacks
Fri 4: If we’re in an urban renaissance, why are cities still losing population?
Thu 3: Exactly the Wrong Time to Cut Back on Transit, Smart Growth, and High-Speed Rail
Wed 2: Walker Budget Eliminates Transit As Transportation, So No Dedicated Money From Gas Taxes
Tue 1: Simple ideas for healthy, livable cities
Mon 28: Down to the Line in Florida
Fri 25: Why the Washington Post is wrong about high speed rail
Thu 24: NRDC Recognizes the Philadelphia Region for Transportation Innovation
Wed 23: MPC submits testimony to shape new federal transportation bill
Tue 22: Orange County claims yet another biking victim
Mon 21: Summary of surface transport bill listening session from Indy
Fri 18: AASHTO, Facebook and Federal funding
Thu 17: Sensible solution to major Illinois budget cut
Wed 16: New Carsharing Association Aims to Reduce Car Ownership
Tue 15: BikingBis: Biking Fatalities, State By State
Mon 14: Is There Hope for an Infrastructure Bank?
Mon 14: How Did Boulder Do It?
Fri 11: The power of skyscrapers
Thu 10: Not Your Typical Greenwashing: Wash Cycle Laundry’s Bike-Centric Business Model
Wed 9: Smart Growth America: Invest in Maintenance and Transit, Not New Roads
Tue 8: ARC Revived as the Amtrak Gateway Project
Mon 7: Bicyclists ask for better enforcement of traffic laws
Fri 4: A Good Argument for Lowering Property Taxes
Thu 3: Engineering for Speed and Road Safety in D.C.
Wed 2: Lets Make One Thing Clear, I Am Not Slowing You Down
Tue 1: Suburbs Pollute More than Cities
Mon 31: San Francisco: transit and endangered species
Fri 28: The Explosive Growth of Bus Rapid Transit
Thu 27: Alexandria cyclist ticketed for speeding
Wed 26: Complete Streets Success Stories: Boulder, Seattle, Reston, Park Slope
Tue 25: Virginia Republican pursuing vendetta against Arlington for not wanting to be a "giant interchange"
Mon 24: Taking Aim at Rail
Fri 21: Blame Michelle Obama
Thu 20: 'Cross-bikes': Crosswalks for bikes coming soon to Portland?
Wed 19: Boulder Preparing to Rock Bike-sharing
Tue 18: A Big Urban Victory – Mixed-Use and Fannie, Freddie and the FHA
Fri 14: Secretary LaHood meets with bicycling advocates; blogs about it
Thu 13: CDC: 2/3 of US Adults back street improvements to make physical activity an easier choice
Wed 12: CTA Contemplates Dramatic Changes for North Side Train Lines
Tue 11: What would get San Diegans to Bike More?
Mon 10: Hearts go out to Rep. Giffords and Tucson community
Fri 7: Not all infrastructure is worth replacing
Thu 6: High growth city = poorer city?
Wed 5: Make Driving More Dangerous?
Tue 4: You’re Welcome Mr. Motorist
Mon 3: Quantifying the Value of Biking
Tue 21: In the Transportation Funding Heirarchy, Bikes Finish Last
Mon 20: DART exec explains Red Line/Green Line service levels
Fri 17: DelDOT: 2010 Transit Riders Have Monthly Savings of $938
Thu 16: MapQuest Bike Directions: Answers from the Inside
Wed 15: Plenty of Room for Growth in ‘Built-Out’ Communities
Tue 14: Citizen activists request fixes to make streetcar tracks safer for cycling
Mon 13: Why Doesn't Someone Tell You to Drive Less?
Fri 10: Bye Bye Bikeshare, See You Next Spring
Thu 9: Temporary extension of surface transportation law will enable next Congress to pursue transformational reauthorization in 2011
Wed 8: Getting bikes into the "Wheels" sections of newspapers
Tue 7: Bicycle Safety May Be Added to New York Driver Education Classes
Mon 6: Study: Rush-Hour Bike Speeds Compare Favorably to Cars
Fri 3: With Common-Sense Reforms, Hoboken Becoming an NJ Model
Thu 2: Aussie study finds drivers at fault 87% of conflicts with bicyclists
Wed 1: Ten affordable neighborhoods-in-progress will design to LEED-ND standards under grant program
Tue 30: Feds to NJ: Give us back our $271 million
Mon 29: Designing communities for health: tools and resources
Wed 24: A Quick Lesson In The Art Of The Two-Wheeled Winter Commute
Tue 23: A Better Block on Broad
Mon 22: Will Wal-Mart be urban, part 1: Brightwood
Fri 19: The Revolution Will Be…Built
Thu 18: “We see the bike as a solution”
Wed 17: DC’s Bike Share Proliferation
Tue 16: Why the federal gas tax isn’t covering our needs
Mon 15: WTF? What’s up with gender and bikes?
Fri 12: As a New Congress Sets Up Shop, Questions About the Future of Transportation Funding
Thu 11: Is Georgia Spawning Rail Republicans?
Wed 10: Would 'strict liability' help curb America's distracted driving habit?
Tue 9: Seeking traffic justice across the country
Mon 8: Seniors and Road Safety in Car Dependant Places
Fri 5: Apple Gets into Mass Transit
Thu 4: Transportation bill a prime chance for bipartisan achievement in a divided government
Wed 3: What a Republican-controlled House would mean for bicycling
Tue 2: Progressive Parking Pricing
Mon 1: Transportation and Equality
Fri 29: Seattle Children’s Hospital to Invest $2M to Improve Bike and Ped Infrastructure
Thu 28: Breakin' the law and proud of it!
Wed 27: Would you rather have free parking and dirty sidewalks or paid parking and clean sidewalks?
Tue 26: The Senate livability bill has no teeth. That’s okay
Mon 25: Goldhagen: “Democracies Need Physical Spaces”
Fri 22: Dramatic Study on Health, Air Quality and Congestion finds EZ-Pass Saves Lives
Thu 21: TIGER II grants to 75 innovative projects will change the transportation landscape, create jobs in 40 states
Wed 20: Drivers should love Toronto’s bike box, too
Tue 19: Want to walk to school? Laguna Beach says nope, not here
Mon 18: TIGER II Grants Given to Highway Removal Projects
Fri 15: Transportation Alternatives Takes On Queens Boulevard
Thu 14: Managed lanes with peak-period transit discounts in Minneapolis
Wed 13: Still more evidence of the network effect in bicycle safety
Tue 12: ARC Tunnel on Life-Support after Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood Intervened
Fri 8: In Delaware, Complete Streets Mandate comes to mean "Routine Accommodation"
Thu 7: Nashville Mayor Signs Executive Order for Complete Streets
Wed 6: Nation’s Transit Systems 1% Closer to Being Fixed
Tue 5: Jane Jacobs: Going beyond the simple needs
Mon 4: Hey Tea Party, Let's Get Cars Off Welfare
Fri 1: The Style, The Substance. It’s all important.
Thu 30: Avoiding car-centered language: a directive
Wed 29: Seattle Mayor Proposes $13 Million for Alt-Transportation In His Slash and Burn Budget
Tue 28: MDX Should Not Build More Unnecessary Highways to Justify Its Existence
Mon 27: Active transport advocates, tranportation officials live in "separate bubbles"
Fri 24: Getting the Youth of Today Involved in Public Transportation for Tomorrow
Thu 23: Long Island’s Killer Road Claims Another Life
Wed 22: New Ozone Standards Could Mean Change for Upstate New York
Tue 21: PARK(ing) Day Post Mortem
Mon 20: Breathe a little easier: American Lung Association study backs smart growth
Fri 17: Illinois Introduces $5M Green Infrastructure Grant Program
Thu 16: USC Enacts Partial Bike Ban
Wed 15: Promoting Bicycling in Local Climate Action Plans
Tue 14: Why the SR 167 Extension is a Bad Idea
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Thu 9: Don’t block the box… or else?
Wed 8: Speak Up, Florida: Don't Unfairly Cut Funding for Trails, Walking and Bicycling!
Tue 7: Long Beach CA's Innovative Bicycle Priority Lanes
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Thu 26: Running bike-sharing networks through smartphones
Wed 25: Study: Road Diets Reduce Collisions
Tue 24: SLUGGING & BEYOND: First Regional Slugging & Dynamic Ridesharing Meeting (Ever)
Mon 23: Mayor Bloomburg Pushes for Bike Sharing in NYC
Fri 20: There's money to be made by living near transit
Thu 19: Living Near Public Transportation May Lengthen Your Life
Wed 18: Bike/Ped Improvements Proposed for St. Louis' Gateway Arch
Tue 17: New Complete Streets Policies in Two States
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Mon 7: Removing Street Signs For Safety's Sake
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Fri 28: Social Media Enabled Instant Organizing for Streetcars
Thu 27: It Takes a (Small) City: Tackling Childhood Obesity With Complete Streets
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Thu 13: Today’s Ride, on Which I Find Genuine Humanity in an Unexpected Source. And Not So Much.
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Thu 17: Trash Talk: NJ Editor Blames Peds and State for Increase in Deaths
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Tue 15: Far North Dallas Suppressing People-First Developments in Oak Cliff
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Tue 8: As The Crow Rides: Cleveland’s Cyclists Rally for I-90 Bridge Path
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Tue 17: New Fed Policy Would Fund More Bike Projects Around Transit Stops
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Wed 23: Downtown Denver BID Honored as September’s Bicycle Friendly Business of the Month
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Fri 18: Development Bans Do More "Forcing" Than Smart Growth
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Mon 14: Can Rapid Transit Work Along Freeways?
Fri 11: "Summer Streets" May Give Major St. Louis Streets to Walkers, Cyclists But Fix Nothing for Daily Use
Thu 10: City Weapon Against Big Box Blight Advances
Wed 9: The Great Georgetown Bugaboo: Cars and Parking
Tue 8: Stage Is Set for a Livable Streets Renaissance in Savannah
Fri 4: Concerns About End-Point Connectivity Are Overreaching
Thu 3: New Study Affirms Links Between Development Patterns, Transportation, Emissions and Energy
Wed 2: City Reacts to the New Cycle Track
Tue 1: The Trick with Carrots and Sticks
Mon 31: Drinking Problem? or Driving Culture?
Fri 28: Vienna: Weaving a Total Network
Thu 27: Fighting Ourselves Over Funding for Intracity Versus Intercity Transportation
Wed 26: Winner of Reburbia Competition Would Turn McMansions into Water-Filtering Wetlands
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Mon 24: The Downside of Living Carless in a Small City
Mon 24: Bueno Mr. Mayor, Se jodió la bicicleta!
Fri 21: Is Rt. 35 South of Pt. Pleasant "Shore" to Kill?
Thu 20: National Organization Finds That Bike-to-School Bans Are on the Rise
Wed 19: The Transport Index 2009
Tue 18: LAB Report: Bicycles Contribute $133 Billion to the Economy
Mon 17: Pedestrians Clearly Out of Control
Fri 14: Woodward: The First Mile of Concrete Highway
Thu 13: No Phones In School Zones
Wed 12: "No More Cars" vs. "Not More Cars"
Tue 11: The Captain Ahab of Neighborhood Design
Mon 10: Changing Federal Policy on Housing, Transportation and Environment: One Step Forward, One Step Back
Fri 7: No Overnight Parking
Thu 6: Bus Driver Experiences "Windshield Perspective"
Wed 5: Trust Me
Tue 4: Higher Densities Not Necessarily the Answer to Our Sustainability Questions
Mon 3: Interview with Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Oregon 3rd District, a Leading Advocate for Sustainable Transportation
Fri 31: Hanging Up
Thu 30: Halt Obesity Epidemic by Building Complete Streets Now
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Tue 28: Resolving the "Pedestrian Death Problem" in New Jersey
Mon 27: Public Bikes -- How Big a System? And Why?
Fri 24: The Games Traffic Engineers Play
Thu 23: Transportation Can Be Counterintuitive
Wed 22: Vancouver's Insane Experiment
Tue 21: Will Americans Care That Air Pollution is Killing Us Now That Babies Are Involved?
Mon 20: Impeding Traffic: Looking at the Bigger Picture
Fri 17: Smarter Cities and Flawed Rankings
Thu 16: Car Free Fridays Goes on a Low-Car Diet
Wed 15: Shrinking Cities Look to Innovative Solutions for a Difficult Transition
Tue 14: How to Design Resilient Cities
Mon 13: Jaywalking Saga Continues; Public Safety and Public Health Questions Remain Unanswered
Fri 10: Mistake Alert: Loop Trolley Proposal Looking Backward Rather Than Forward
Thu 9: Victory for Climate-Friendly Transportation
Wed 8: Telecommuting and the Broadband Superhighway
Tue 7: SeeClickFix Tackles Tomlinson Bridge "Disaster"; ConnDOT Vetoes Safety Improvements
Mon 6: Many Segments of the Population Are Too Old for This
Thu 2: Help Us Help Everyone!
Wed 1: Mind the Gender Gap
Tue 30: Michael Jackson Trumps End of Our World
Mon 29: Highway Expansion Will Not Save Us From Idiots Behind the Wheel
Fri 26: Who Pays Attention to the Needs of NYC Subways?
Thu 25: Walk Your Bike Signs Cropping Up All Over DC
Wed 24: GAO Questions DOTs HSR Strategy
Tue 23: Hartford Courant: Highway Removal Could Heal the City
Mon 22: "One of the Major Hazards on Our Roadways in Montgomery County"
Mon 22: Is Detroit a Lost Cause Environmentally?
Fri 19: Reduce Car Culture to Increase Access to Healthier Food
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Wed 17: Shaw's Plaza Downtown: Street Design Worse than No-Man's Land Target
Tue 16: The Portland Effect
Mon 15: The Future of Fort Worth -- an Interview with Planner Don Koski
Fri 12: Creative Destruction Is Real
Thu 11: Memphis' Opportunity For First-Class Public Transit, Finally
Wed 10: Parking Policies Can Reduce Car Use
Tue 9: LAPD -- "Who Teaches the Teachers?"
Mon 8: Sprawl Dead in Jersey?
Fri 5: Pedestrian Safety Bill Moves Forward -- Meanwhile Pedestrian Deaths Go Through The Roof
Thu 4: Slow Ride
Wed 3: Nancy Kete on the Future of the American Transportation System
Tue 2: Gladly Paying for Parking
Mon 1: Cars and Parenting
Fri 29: Automobile Attrition in Brickell
Thu 28: Not About Just Buildings, Cars
Wed 27: 'Street Temporary Transformation Programs' Are Big News Around the World
Tue 26: This Intersection Sucks
Fri 22: Jaywalking Crackdown: What’s the Goal?
Fri 22: In Praise of Redundancy
Thu 21: Breaking Down the Blueprint: T4’s Objective for Improved Public Health and Safety
Wed 20: 15 Cents a Mile for No Traffic?
Tue 19: Using Positive Messages to Encourage More Bicycling
Mon 18: A New Urban Environmentalism?
Fri 15: The Rise of the New Grass Roots -- Part 1: The Phenomenon
Thu 14: MoDOT Lobbies Against Complete Streets; Lobbying Efforts Under Fire
Wed 13: How to Keep Cyclists Happy at the Office
Tue 12: Promoting Social Equity Through Transit Fares
Mon 11: A Modest Proposal
Fri 8: Aloha Complete Streets!
Thu 7: Saving Money by Not Driving
Wed 6: E is for Educating Enforcement
Tue 5: For the Love of Lights, Bus Driver Wants to Throw Us a Party
Mon 4: Bad News for Traffic Signal Manufacturers
Fri 1: Complete Street Makeover for S. 2nd Street?
Thu 30: Illinois Shuts Down Transit Project Funding
Wed 29: Franklin EDC Not Ready or Willing to Leverage Smart Growth and Impending Transit Options
Tue 28: Rep. McCarthy: Check Your Facts Before Bloviating About "Bike Racks"
Mon 27: Why Conservatives Should Care About Transit (and Trains)
Fri 24: Entitled Driving Journalist Syndrome Surges at WTOP
Thu 23: Bridges Tame the Valley's Freeway-Laden Landscape
Wed 22: Social Class in Transportation
Tue 21: New Jersey's Use of Stimulus Funds Breaks the Law
Mon 20: Is Un-development the Latest Trend?
Fri 17: Congestion Pricing: Practical Problems
Thu 16: Photo and Video Update on a Revitalized Old North St. Louis
Wed 15: "Portion Distortion" and the American Road
Tue 14: Is the Problem Auto-Dependency or Suburbia?
Mon 13: Mikulski Fiddles with Car Tax Credits While Transit Burns
Fri 10: CityWatchLA -- Inside the Crosswalk Sting at Deadly Intersection
Thu 9: Day One and the Missoula Master Plan
Wed 8: Missing Sidewalks Stir Debate
Tue 7: My Dirty Transit Secret
Tue 7: Law Enforcement Bias and the Three-Foot Law
Mon 6: Free Metro: Make Mass Transit Free For Everyone
Fri 3: No, DON'T Make 485 a Top Priority
Thu 2: Oregon’s Successful Mileage Tax Experiment
Wed 1: Calling Crashes “Accidents,” Even When they aren’t
Tue 31: Strong Central Cities May Help in Weathering the Recession
Mon 30: Tell Governor Rendell to Release Safe Routes to School Funds
Fri 27: Call for Better Passenger Rail Advocacy
Thu 26: Bus Cuts and Layoffs: 25% of Service to Be Cut in Orange County
Wed 25: World's Cheapest Car: Progress or Eco-Nightmare for India?
Tue 24: Excessive Passive Voice, Linguistic Detachment Observed in Culpeper Road Fatality
Mon 23: Transit-Oriented Development: Beyond the Big City
Fri 20: Fear, Intimidation and Decision-Making
Thu 19: HUD and DOT Announce Joint Sustainable Communities Initiative
Wed 18: Ray LaHood: Cities Have Good Reason for Optimism
Tue 17: Highways to Nowhere: The 7 Most Ridiculous New Roads Being Built With Stimulus Money
Mon 16: Traffic Triples Risk of Heart Attack, Study Says
Fri 13: Bikes and Pedestrians Be Damned -- Go Big, Go Wide, Go Fast
Thu 12: Seeking a National Legal Standard to Ensure Traffic Justice
Wed 11: Smarter Stimulus Spending
Tue 10: “Beltway Burden”: The Combined Cost of Housing and Transportation
Mon 9: Rebuild Roads, but (Re)build a Better Transportation System, Too
Fri 6: Stimulus Idea: Passenger Rail Equipment Made in the USA
Thu 5: How to Fix Transit Financing
Wed 4: Memo to the States (and President Obama): It Ain’t Just Highway Money
Tue 3: Public Places Are More Important than Ever
Mon 2: US Vehicle Miles Driven Continues to Plummet; Trends Predict More Bicycling, Walking and Transit
Fri 27: Transportation For America Officially Launches Campaign Platform
Thu 26: Competitors for High-Speed Rail Grants
Wed 25: Encourage Renting and Mobility to Reduce Sprawl
Tue 24: In Sustainable Communities, Architecture, and Preservation, Does Beauty Matter? Should It?
Mon 23: A Mileage Tax in Question
Fri 20: Let's Be Honest About Speeding
Thu 19: Connecting the Dots: President Obama Begins Laying Out a Vision for Transportation
Wed 18: Full Summary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Tue 17: Get the Message: Driving and Cell Phones Don't Mix
Fri 13: Federal Stimulus: KTVU "Report" on CityBus
Thu 12: Why Transit Needs Bikes
Wed 11: I Respect Your Right to Drive Like a Maniac Down This Street, But…
Tue 10: Where Is the Old AASHTO and What Have You Done with Them?
Mon 9: Against Transportation
Fri 6: Columbus: Downtown Mall to Be Demolished
Thu 5: What Does "Profitability" Mean for Transit?
Wed 4: Stimulus Update: Thoroughly Unstimulating
Tue 3: The Stimulus in China Isn't All About Cars
Mon 2: The European Attitude Toward Bikes Is No Accident
Fri 30: Envisioning a Future Interstate Rail Network
Thu 29: Stimulus Update: Nadler's Boost and the Senate Plan
Wed 28: Support Rep. Nadler’s Amendment on Transit Funding
Tue 27: Gas Prices Fall, But Auto-to-Transit Shift Continues
Fri 23: Atlanta, Obama and Urbanism
Thu 22: Connected Street Networks Key to Economic Stimulus
Wed 21: U.S. Shovel-Ready Rail Projects—Starting Within Four Months
Tue 20: Moving Faster but Not Going Anywhere
Fri 16: Expand Highways as 160,570 Bridges Await Collapse?
Thu 15: Bike/Ped Bridge, Cycletrack Projects Will Be Fast-Tracked in City Stimulus Plan
Wed 14: What Our Cities Will Look Like in a World Without Oil
Tue 13: Stimulus Package Spotlights Transportation Priorities
Mon 12: Oberstar’s Infrastructure Bill May Define the Transit Equation
Fri 9: Beyond Bike Lanes: True Urban Design
Thu 8: On the Bus: Some Very Interesting People
Wed 7: Thousands of (Bicycle) Parking Spaces Going Away?
Tue 6: Zero Bike Fatalities in 2008: A Q & A with Portland's Greg Raisman
Mon 5: No Policy Change in the Stimulus?
Fri 2: Carfree or Country: It's a False Dichotomy
Thu 1: Looking Ahead to New Transit in 2009
Wed 31: The Positivity of the Millennial Generation
Tue 30: What about Malibu? Classism in the Alt Transpo Movement
Mon 29: What Chicago Can't Do After Leasing Meters
Fri 26: Crazy Ideas Department
Wed 24: It's Cyclists and Pedestrians Who Subsidize Motorists
Tue 23: Wisconsin to Expand Highways Where the Air Is Already Unhealthy
Mon 22: Support Transportation for America's Call for a Greener Stimulus
Fri 19: Cyclists' Right to "Full Support of Educated Law Enforcement"
Thu 18: Sidewalks, the Simple Stimulus Solution
Wed 17: Rural Health Suffers from Lack of Biking and Walking Facilities
Tue 16: Obama’s Stimulus Plan May Need a Roads Diet
Mon 15: Economy Is Another Reason to Rethink One-Way Streets
Fri 12: The Case for a Four-Lane Sidewalk
Thu 11: Bailing on the Transit Bailout
Wed 10: City Auditor's Survey: Fewer Cars, More Bikes, Safer Streets
Mon 8: Change Will Come from the Bottom Up
Mon 8: Lacking a Transit Power Broker
Fri 5: Green Streets Growing in Lansing, MI
Thu 4: How Streetcars Can Evolve: A Lesson from San Francisco
Wed 3: Seeking Redemption for the Strip Mall
Tue 2: Let's Not Go Back into the Cheap-Oil Trance
Mon 1: The Perils of Handing Stim Funding to DOTs
Mon 24: Walking the Walk
Thu 20: Next Steps for High-Speed Rail
Tue 18: A Low-Carbon Stimulus and Recovery Plan
Sun 16: More Stim for Transit
Sun 16: Bike Lanes Reduce Congestion
Fri 14: Dingell damage control