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Past Network Roundup Articles

Thu 28: The 23-Lane Katy Freeway: A Monument to Texas Transportation Futility
Wed 27: A Plea for States Like Ohio to Wake Up to the "New Reality"
Tue 26: Federal Court: Wisconsin Uses Bogus Traffic Data to Justify Highways
Fri 22: Atlanta Can't Fix Its Traffic Problem Without Getting a Handle on Sprawl
Thu 21: Driver Smashes Through House, Hits Baby in Crib. Police: No Biggie!
Wed 20: Will Milwaukee Fall for the Convention Center Shakedown?
Tue 19: Like Great Transit, a Compact City Gives People Freedom
Mon 18: What Can We Learn From an Unbuilt Highway in St. Louis?
Fri 15: If Larry Hogan Kills Maryland's Purple Line, It's Not About Saving Money
Thu 14: The Case for Building a Garden in the Middle of the Street
Wed 13: Capital Bikeshare's Plan to Handle the Rush Hour Dock Shortage
Tue 12: Too Many Cities Make Their Most Valuable Land Worthless
Mon 11: Scott Walker's Bid to Strip Street Safety From Wisconsin Road Projects
Fri 8: Connecticut's New BRT Line Smashes Ridership Expectations
Thu 7: The Real Danger to Children Is Cars, Not Strangers
Wed 6: Abandoning Maryland's Purple and Red Lines Would Cost a Lot
Tue 5: A Fix for Parking Craters Gains Momentum in Providence
Mon 4: Will Midwest Governors Drain the Great Lakes to Foster Sprawl?
Fri 1: Bipartisan Bill Proposes National Complete Streets Policy
Thu 30: Will Private Transit Startups Help or Hurt Public Transit?
Wed 29: Absurd "Pedestrian Safety Kit" Highlights the Perils of Walking in America
Tue 28: Study That Spurred Bike Helmet Fetish Was Repudiated By Its Own Authors
Mon 27: Is Your City Making Full Use of Existing Transit Investments?
Fri 24: Texas DOT Is Planning to Tear Down a Highway -- Seriously
Thu 23: The "Backward Incentives" That Subsidize Job Sprawl
Wed 22: Study: Drivers Much More Likely to Yield to Pedestrians on 20 MPH Streets
Tue 21: Tampa Cops' "Bike Safety" Campaign Reeks of Racial Profiling
Mon 20: How Can Cities Succeed in State Budget Negotiations?
Fri 17: The Beginning of the End for Dallas's Trinity Toll Road?
Thu 16: Bad Planning and Bad Transit Put Jobs Out of Reach for Milwaukeeans
Wed 15: Getting More Out of Transit By Making It Easy to Walk or Bike to Stations
Tue 14: Modernizing How People Pay to Park in Downtown DC
Mon 13: Let Food Trucks Operate Anywhere, Just Get the Parking Prices Right
Fri 10: How Sprawl Worsens California's Terrible Drought
Thu 9: The Stakes Are High for Transit as Congress Dithers Over Transpo Funds
Wed 8: Seattle's Making It Easier for Families With Kids to Ride the Bus
Tue 7: The Critical Difference Between 30 MPH and 20 MPH
Mon 6: Why Are U.S. Transit Agencies Failing to Implement Modern Train Designs?
Fri 3: Biking Skyrockets Where San Diego Added Buffered Bike Lanes
Thu 2: Albuquerque Bike Advocates' April Fools Prank Could Turn Prophetic
Wed 1: "Less Parking, More City"
Tue 31: The Case for Letting States, Not Cities, Shape Development Near Transit
Mon 30: Make No Mistake: Vancouver Gets a Lot for Its Transit Dollar
Fri 27: Comparing 20 Years of Housing Growth in American Cities
Thu 26: Car Storage for a Few Trumps Safe Streets for All in San Diego
Thu 26: Car Storage for a Few Trumps Safe Streets for All in San Diego
Wed 25: When "Congestion Reduction" Policy Actually Doubles Down on Congestion
Tue 24: How Wisconsin DOT Distorts the Numbers to Sell Highway Projects
Mon 23: To Speed Service, Seattle Looks to Separate Streetcars From Auto Traffic
Fri 20: NJ Police Chief Responds to Pedestrian Death: "Think About the Driver"
Thu 19: Texas DOT Raring to Build Money-Losing Toll Lanes
Wed 18: Touring Portland's Brand New Car-Free Bridge
Tue 17: State Farm to Locate Thousands of Jobs Near Transit
Mon 16: Will Atlanta's $250 Million Bond Measure Advance Biking and Walking?
Fri 13: The Promise of Tech-Enabled "Microtransit"
Thu 12: What Else Could You Fit Downtown Instead of 93,000 Parking Spaces?
Wed 11: Bipartisan Bill Would Establish Small "Vision Zero" Grant Program
Tue 10: Why Is Bus Ridership Slipping in Chicago? It's the Service, Stupid.
Mon 9: A House in the Suburbs, Three Kids, and No Cars
Fri 6: Will Cities Like Stockton Fall Back Into Boom and Bust Growth?
Thu 5: How State DOTs Brush Off the Discriminatory Impact of Highway Projects
Wed 4: Seattle Mayor: "More Choices Means Fewer Cars on Our Streets"
Tue 3: The Terrible 60-Year-Old Parking Advice That's Still Haunting America
Mon 2: To Put Transit on Stronger Footing, Stop Lavish Subsidies for Driving
Fri 27: The Enormous Promise of a Carbon Tax-and-Dividend
Thu 26: The Remarkable Drop in Car Commuting to Downtown Seattle
Wed 25: The "Urban Renewal Mindset" Persists in St. Louis
Tue 24: In Major Shift, Central Cities Edging Out Sprawl in Competition for Jobs
Mon 23: You Can Make a More Effective Bus System for Cheap, But It's Not Easy
Fri 20: 50 Years After a Highway Revolt, a Quiet Surrender
Thu 19: America's Heartless Transportation System at Work
Wed 18: Portland Sued Over Faded Crosswalk Where Driver Killed Two People
Tue 17: High-Rises Don't Cause Traffic; Parking Lots Do
Fri 13: Are Engineers Allowed to Speak Up for Reforming Their Profession?
Thu 12: How State DOTs Waste Money Bailing Out Local Planning Mistakes
Wed 11: Upending the Assumption That Transportation Policy Is All About "Mobility"
Tue 10: How Do "Best Cities for Families" Rankings Get It So Wrong?
Mon 9: U.S. DOT's 30-Year Forecast for Transportation: Not Bold Enough
Fri 6: Making the Case for a Transit-First Street By Recording a Bike Ride
Thu 5: Scott Walker Wants to Eliminate Complete Streets in Wisconsin
Wed 4: In a First, Seattle's Metro Transit Will Be Funded By Carbon Offsets
Tue 3: In Providence, Snow-Covered Sidewalks Put Lives at Risk
Mon 2: Sometimes the Safer Street Design Option Is the Less Expensive One
Fri 30: People Are Fundamentally Social, Except When We're Inside a Car
Thu 29: What's Holding Back Austin Transit Ridership? Look at Where the Jobs Are
Wed 28: This Is the Kind of Leadership We Need From State DOTs
Tue 27: Are More Families With Kids Choosing to Live in Walkable Areas?
Mon 26: Tentative Good News for Maryland's Purple and Red Lines
Fri 23: Survey Reveals Huge Appetite for Transit Expansion in Seattle
Thu 22: Suburban Atlanta: Where Parking Is Required But Sidewalks Are Not
Wed 21: Koch Money Seeps Into Milwaukee to Oppose Streetcar
Tue 20: Georgia Poised to Snub Transit in Huge Road Funding Increase
Fri 16: Seattle Car-Share Is Growing, But Is It Cutting Traffic?
Thu 15: What People Think of a Citywide 25 MPH Speed Limit in Decatur
Wed 14: Jane Jacobs' 1958 Warning About the Loss of Street Life Still Resonates
Tue 13: In Search of Places With "Good Bones"
Mon 12: High-Ranking Episcopal Bishop Finally Charged for Killing Baltimore Cyclist
Fri 9: More Transit Service Is Great, But It's Not Enough on Its Own
Thu 8: How Chris Christie Throws Reporters Off the Scent of His Worst Transit Sins
Wed 7: Designing Roads for Higher "Level of Service" Isn't About Safety
Tue 6: Oklahoma City Weighs 3-Foot Passing Rule -- For Cyclists, Not Drivers
Mon 5: Looking Ahead to the Year in Transit Expansion
Fri 2: Wishing for "Truly Open Streets" in 2015
Mon 22: To Build Safer Streets, Cities Have to Challenge State DOTs
Fri 19: Newark Mayor Ras Baraka to Rip Out City's First Protected Bike Lane
Thu 18: Cities Won't Turn Out the Way Highway Builders Predict
Wed 17: Using a Construction Project to Predict the Effect of a Road Diet
Tue 16: The Test of a Great Bikeway
Mon 15: The High Cost of Unwalkable School Districts
Fri 12: Whoops! How Planners and Engineers Badly Overestimate Car Traffic
Thu 11: How to Make Transit Succeed in a Sprawling City
Wed 10: Stockton CA Wants Better Transit, Biking, and Sidewalks, Not Wider Roads
Tue 9: Devastating Job Sprawl Intensifies in Milwaukee's Economic Recovery
Mon 8: Imagining a Bizarro World With Rational Discussions About Parking
Fri 5: Milwaukee Transit to Get a Desperately Needed Boost
Thu 4: What Are Cities Doing to Hold on to Families With Kids?
Wed 3: Tracing the Life-Altering Injuries of Two Young Girls to Dangerous Design
Tue 2: Why Smaller Delivery Vehicles Could Be Huge for Cities
Mon 1: What If Every McDonald's Had Really Good Bike Parking?
Wed 26: Why Ferguson Protests Spilled Onto Highways
Tue 25: Seattle Advocates Convince City to Make Major Avenue Safe for Biking
Mon 24: Rochester Residents Add Their Own Bus Stop Seating
Fri 21: Federal Housing Administration Still Tips the Scales Toward Sprawl
Thu 20: The Idea That Families Don't Belong in the City Is Antiquated and Harmful
Wed 19: Will Arlington Streetcar Foes Support BRT Instead?
Tue 18: Why Is Obama Leaving Top Federal Transportation Posts Unfilled?
Mon 17: There's a Difference Between Bike Share and Bike Rental
Fri 14: How Sprawl Hits Atlanta Residents Right in the Wallet
Thu 13: Portland Gearing Up for Vision Zero. Will Oregon DOT Cooperate?
Wed 12: A Big Hidden Subsidy for Highways That Everyone Forgets
Tue 11: Louisville Plans 100 Miles of Bike Boulevards
Mon 10: Will Second-Ring Suburbs Choose Evolution or Decline?
Fri 7: What's Holding Back DC's Bill to Help Crash Victims Recover Medical Costs?
Thu 6: Pennsylvania's New Governor Is Awesome
Wed 5: Local Ballot Results: The Good, the Bad, and the Highway Money Grabs
Tue 4: Florida Republican: Vote Down Transit Because Driverless Cars Are Coming
Mon 3: Sprawl Is Back in New Jersey
Fri 31: Portland Suburb: To Fight Climate Change, Expand Highways!
Thu 30: Ohio DOT Hosts Transit Meeting That No One Can Reach Via Transit
Wed 29: The Airtight Case for Road Diets
Tue 28: Why a Street Designed for Transit Is Also Great for People
Mon 27: Is the U.S. Ready for Seniors Who Want to Stop Driving?
Fri 24: After 40 Years, Will Atlanta's MARTA See a Major Suburban Expansion?
Thu 23: Fact Checking the Florida Department of Transportation
Wed 22: Tucson Region Poised to Slash Bike/Ped Funding
Tue 21: The Surprisingly Rare Sanctuary From Urban Freeway Noise
Mon 20: New Jersey's Response to Suicide Attempts: Close Bridge to Pedestrians
Fri 17: Will Miami Take the First Step Toward Parking Reform?
Thu 16: Dallas Transport Agency Cooks Up Fishy Traffic Projections for a New Road
Wed 15: What's Your City's Ratio of Places to Non-Places?
Tue 14: Portland Shows How to Get More Bang for Your Traffic Safety Buck
Mon 13: After Traffic Count Drops Off a Cliff, Albuquerque Rushes to Widen Road
Fri 10: Progress on Parking Reform Could Make DC More Walkable and Affordable
Thu 9: How the Lure of "Free Money" Leads to Highway Boondoggles
Wed 8: Suburbs in the Twin Cities Feel Persecuted -- Here's Why They're Not
Tue 7: St. Paul Sets Out to Make Streets Safer for Young and Old
Mon 6: Will Politicians Fund America's Most Important Transit Project?
Fri 3: Shhh! $1.5 Billion Dallas Freeway Won't Actually Reduce Gridlock
Thu 2: Deranged Traffic Projections Could Cost Wisconsin $3 Billion
Wed 1: Is Austin's Central Corridor a Smart Transit Bet?
Tue 30: Mapping Accessibility: What Can You Get to in 20 Minutes?
Mon 29: A Milwaukee Suburb Turns to Complete Streets to Spur Business
Fri 26: Do Drivers Cover the Cost of Roads? Not By a Long Shot
Thu 25: Portland Tries Out "Advisory Bike Lanes"
Wed 24: Over Time, Will More Streetcars Get Their Own Lanes?
Tue 23: Why Cities Should Strive for Streets That "Fail"
Mon 22: Will Florida DOT Pull Off a "Culture Change" and Make Streets Safer?
Fri 19: Norwegian Town Pays Cyclists and Pedestrians "Reverse Toll" Money
Thu 18: DC and New Orleans Closing the Bike Commute Gap With Portland
Wed 17: When Highways Are Barriers to Opportunity
Tue 16: How to Improve 3-Foot Passing Laws
Mon 15: With Permit Parking, John Cranley Could Help Cincinnati Despite Himself
Fri 12: The Link Between Northeast Ohio's Flooding and Its Sprawl
Thu 11: Lagos Bus Rapid Transit Handles 25 Percent of All Commuters
Wed 10: Two Visions for a Closed DC Freeway, But Only One Shows Any Vision
Tue 9: It's OK to Build Transit-Oriented Development Before Transit
Mon 8: Miami Highway Builders Try to Sell a New Sprawl Project to the Public
Fri 5: Can Columbus Get Its Sprawl Under Control?
Thu 4: Two Keys to Livability in Sweden -- Good Suburban Buses and Slow Cars
Wed 3: There Is No Right to Unimpeded Fast Driving
Tue 2: The Problem With "Infrastructurism"
Fri 29: The Small Indiana City That's Embracing Livable Streets
Thu 28: Boosting Transit Ridership With New Stations, Not New Track
Wed 27: Downtown Houston Will Get Its First Protected Bike Lane
Tue 26: New Parking in Seattle Comes With a Side of Mixed-Use Development
Mon 25: It's Time to Rethink Old Stereotypes About Renters
Fri 22: Could DC Add Bike Lanes to Its Traffic Circles?
Thu 21: Sioux Falls Builds Sidewalk-Free School, Tries to Stop Kids From Walking
Wed 20: Will Spokane Give Downtown Transit Riders the Boot?
Tue 19: Don't Blame Hills for Pittsburgh's Pedestrian Injuries
Mon 18: To Prevent Distracted Driving, New App Distracts Drivers
Fri 15: Cincinnati Launching a 35-Station Bike-Share System Next Month
Thu 14: Charting the Essential Link Between Walkability and Transit
Wed 13: Why Charging Transit Riders to Transfer Makes No Sense
Tue 12: Rob Ford Isn't the Only One Holding Back Toronto Bike Infrastructure
Mon 11: One More Reason Not to Trust Reason's Attacks on Rail
Fri 8: Midwest Rail Advocates Take the Fight to Scott Walker
Thu 7: How Can Suburban Communities Repair Disconnected Streets?
Wed 6: The Problem With "Share the Road" Safety Campaigns
Tue 5: Atlanta's Parking Problem Isn't a Lack of Spaces
Mon 4: What If We Paid the Full Cost of Driving?
Fri 1: Transit Speed and Urbanism: It's Complicated
Thu 31: Want to Improve Traffic Safety? Let People Get Around Without Driving
Wed 30: Senate Tees Up Last-Minute Showdown on Transpo Funding
Tue 29: Long Beach Gets Moving on Southern California's First Highway Teardown
Mon 28: 9 Years After Katrina, New Orleans Transit Still Struggling to Recover
Fri 25: What's the Best Way to Tax Parking?
Thu 24: How to Breathe Cleaner Air While Biking: Ride at 11 MPH
Wed 23: Why People Who Love Nature Should Live Apart From It
Tue 22: America's Myopic Public Debate About Tolling Roads
Mon 21: Will Texas DOT Gouge Another Highway Through Dallas?
Fri 18: We Need a New Term to Describe Uber and Lyft
Thu 17: St. Louis to Pedestrians: Drop Dead
Wed 16: Connecting Detroit Neighborhoods With Better Streets and Public Spaces
Tue 15: Fixing One of Florida's Deadly Roads With a Protected Bikeway
Mon 14: Misplaced Priorities: Spending $20 Million for 1,200 Drivers
Fri 11: Denver's Big Opportunity for World-Class Streets
Thu 10: In Portland, Merchants Lead the Charge for New Protected Bike Lanes
Wed 9: DUI Arrests Dropped in Philly After Ride-Share Companies Came to Town
Tue 8: Comeback Time for DC's Forgotten Bus Lane Network?
Mon 7: Why Did Copenhagen's Biking Rate Surge in One Year?
Thu 3: Can Oklahoma City Become a Great Cycling City?
Wed 2: How a Lack of Respect Can Literally Erase Bike Lanes
Tue 1: Skateboard Bans: The "Get Off My Lawn" of Transportation Policies
Mon 30: Oregon Study Finds 94 Percent of Cyclists Stop at Red Lights
Fri 27: Great City Parks Aren't Surrounded By Suburban Roads
Thu 26: The Last Thing Atlanta Needs Is a Billion Dollar Interchange Expansion
Wed 25: NTSB Recommends Truck Side Guards to Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists
Tue 24: How Cars Constrain Freedom
Mon 23: Pittsburgh and Bill Peduto Get Cracking on Downtown Bike Lanes
Fri 20: San Diego Added 39 Miles of Buffered Bike Lanes in the Last Year
Thu 19: An Atlanta Neighborhood's Vanished Street Grid
Wed 18: The Case for Taxing Oil Before It Reaches the Pump
Tue 17: What Else Could Cities Do With the Space Devoted to Cars?
Mon 16: Cyclist Injuries Declined More in Cities With Bike-Share Than Without It
Fri 13: The Ancient City of Florence Could Fit Inside an Atlanta Interchange
Thu 12: In the Twin Cities, Population Still Clustered Where the Streetcar Went
Wed 11: Is Raising the Gas Tax Political Suicide? Not in States That've Done It
Tue 10: How Car Sharing Gradually Weans Users Off Driving
Mon 9: Too Much Parking -- Not a Shortage -- Is Downtown Hartford's Problem
Fri 6: Columbus Prepares for a Dramatic Transit Makeover
Thu 5: How You Can Tell Your City Doesn't Care About Pedestrians
Wed 4: How to Get a Pedestrian Plaza in Your Neighborhood -- Lessons From Philly
Tue 3: DC's Bold New Transportation Plan Envisions a City of Multi-Modal Streets
Mon 2: The Accidental Protected Bike Lane
Fri 30: Miami Official: Transit Won't Work Because "Car Culture" Is "in Our DNA"
Thu 29: Why Milwaukee's New Train Platform Will Be Built at Two Heights
Wed 28: Looking to Houston -- Yes, Houston -- as a Model for Better Street Design
Tue 27: What Makes Some Intersections More "Elastic" Than Others?
Fri 23: Portland Considers Household "Street Fee" to Help Pay for Infrastructure
Thu 22: The Outward March of Sprawl Eats Away at Indianapolis
Wed 21: Paris to Set Default Citywide Speed Limit Below 20 MPH
Tue 20: The Problem With "Same Road, Same Rules"
Mon 19: The Danger of Letting Your State DOT Plan Your City
Fri 16: What Happens When You Divert Bikeways From Commercial Streets?
Thu 15: How Ohio's Focus on Highways Suffocates Transit
Wed 14: To Stave Off Transit Cuts, Seattle Plans to Go It Alone
Tue 13: DC Police Ticket Road Rage Victim in the Emergency Room
Mon 12: The Plan to Transform Houston Transit Without Spending a Dollar More
Fri 9: San Diego Claims Space for Biking With Its First Road Diet
Thu 8: Opting Out of Suburban Driving Headaches
Wed 7: How Silver Spring, Maryland, Outgrew Its Parking Lots
Tue 6: To Make Streets Safer, Michigan DOT Takes the Pedestrian's Perspective
Mon 5: New Federal Bill Would Help Orient Communities Toward Transit
Fri 2: Teen Driver Runs Over Boy on Bike for Throwing Water Bottle
Thu 1: Omaha Developer Sells "Walkable Main Street" of Parking Lots
Wed 30: Washington DOT Chief: Seattle's Big Highway Tunnel Might Not Get Built
Tue 29: Drunk Driver Plows Into Marathon for Alcohol Abuse Awareness
Mon 28: When State DOTs Make Roads Dangerous in the Name of Safety
Fri 25: Anthony Foxx: If States Want to Toll Freeways, U.S. DOT Is Open to That
Thu 24: Mapping the Link Between Geography and Opportunity
Wed 23: Big Cuts in Store for Seattle Transit After Voters Reject Ballot Measure
Tue 22: How Cities Should Frame the Way They Think About Mobility
Mon 21: Portland's Tilikum Crossing, a Bridge for the 21st Century
Fri 18: Suppressing the Housing Supply in Cities Isn't Progressive
Thu 17: Targeted Spending Helps Boost Kansas City's Walkability
Wed 16: Why a Portland Domino's Started Delivering Pizza By Trike
Tue 15: DC Inspires Bike Lane Envy With Curb-Protected Cycling
Mon 14: How Will a New FRA Rule Affect Commuter Rail?
Fri 11: Wisconsin DOT Raises the Cost of Fighting Highway Projects
Thu 10: Do Modern Churches Facilitate Isolation or Community?
Wed 9: The Fiscal Insanity of Highway Building
Tue 8: UPDATED: Missouri Pols Launch Sneak Attack on Bike Funding
Mon 7: How Long Will Detroit Residents Have to Wait for More Effective Transit?
Fri 4: The Decline of the Suburban Office Park
Thu 3: The Split Between Pragmatic Conservatism and Anti-Transit Extremism
Wed 2: HUD Expected to Loosen Restrictions on Mixed-Use Financing Soon
Tue 1: Are Sidewalks Really Necessary?
Mon 31: Walkable or Easily Drivable? Communities Can't be Both
Fri 28: A Hard-Fought Legislative Victory for Indianapolis Transit
Thu 27: Philadelphia Pedestrian Plaza Welcomed by 98% of Neighbors
Wed 26: Catching Hit-and-Run Drivers With Amber Alerts
Tue 25: Graphed: While Gas Tax Erodes, Transit Fares Climb
Mon 24: Amtrak's Marketing Overture to Millennials
Fri 21: A (Quiet) Bike Renaissance in Rockville, Maryland
Thu 20: Should Streets Be Designed for Easy Double-Parking or Safe Bicycling?
Wed 19: Who Pays for "Free" Park-and-Ride Parking?
Tue 18: Parking Politics Take a Bite Out of Downtown Raleigh
Mon 17: New Rental Industry Frontier: Single-Family Suburban Houses
Fri 14: You Can't Attract Walkable Retail Without Walkable Housing
Thu 13: The Destructive Allure of "Free Money" for Highways
Wed 12: Embracing Transit, Resisting Transit-Oriented Neighborhoods
Tue 11: Portland's CRC Highway Project Is Dead -- And Buried
Mon 10: What's the Path to Equity for Women in Cycling?
Fri 7: What Maps of Philly Pedestrian Deaths Tell Us About Street Design
Thu 6: Why Do "Best Places to Work" Rankings Overlook Commuting?
Wed 5: In the Midst of Seattle's Transit Crisis, a Money Grab for Roads
Tue 4: Can We Spend Our Way Out of Sprawl?
Mon 3: Anti-Smart Growth Tirade Sounds a Lot Like Urbanism
Fri 28: How Dangerous Streets Limit People's Experience of Their Neighborhood
Thu 27: The Problem With Speed Cameras That Don't Catch Most Speeders
Wed 26: This Awesome Protected Bikeway Isn't Good Enough for the Dutch
Tue 25: Pittsburgh Turns a Traffic Shortcut Into a Scenic, Car-Free Park Road
Mon 24: "Moneyball" for Cities
Fri 21: Salad Days Are Over for Walmart. Now What?
Thu 20: The Next Breakthrough for American Bike Lanes: Protected Intersections
Wed 19: Why Clearing Sidewalks Isn't a Priority Like Plowing Streets
Tue 18: MARTA Expansion Could Help Reverse Atlanta's Legacy of Segregation
Fri 14: What Seattle Could Do Instead of Throwing Money Down a Hole
Thu 13: The Sprawl Machine Started Winding Down 20 Years Ago
Wed 12: Hawaii's "Aloha" Crosswalk and the Tyranny of Standard Street Designs
Tue 11: Will America's Surging Number of Seniors Have Safe Streets to Be Active?
Mon 10: Fix Parking Craters With a Parking Tax
Fri 7: Freak Snow Can't Stop Cycling in Portland
Thu 6: What Happens When Jobs Are Out of the Reach of Transit
Wed 5: Where Traffic Signals Automatically Give Cyclists Priority
Tue 4: Missouri Doubles Down on Highway Spending Despite Diminishing Returns
Mon 3: The $600 Protected Bike Lane
Fri 31: The Millennials Take St. Louis
Thu 30: Defying Evidence, Baltimore PD Wrongly Fault Bicyclist in Collision
Wed 29: The Antidote to Atlanta's Cold Weather Traffic Insanity
Tue 28: From Strip Mall to Neighborhood
Mon 27: Which Came First, Children or Cars?
Fri 24: Less Affluent Americans More Likely to Bike for Transportation
Thu 23: Suburban Maryland Calls Wider Roads "Pedestrian Improvements"
Wed 22: America's Sprawl Capitals "Have Reached Their Inflection Point"
Tue 21: How Would You Drive If Your Child Was Crossing the Street in Front of You?
Fri 17: Notoriously Hostile St. Louis County Poised to Adopt Complete Streets
Thu 16: Austin Demonstrates How to Do Safe Passing Laws Right
Wed 15: Tall Buildings Don't Cause Congestion, Parking Garages Do
Tue 14: Will Wisconsin Change Its Permissive Drunk Driving Laws?
Mon 13: Is Ohio Trying to Sneak a Highway Through Cincinnati?
Fri 10: Tracking the Streetcar Comeback in American Cities
Thu 9: Why Pedestrians Sometimes Do "Stupid" Things
Wed 8: Houston-Dallas High-Speed Rail + Tearing Down I-345 = A Big Win
Tue 7: Change a Traffic Signal, Save a Life
Mon 6: A Look at the Year Ahead for Transit Expansion
Fri 3: What If We Rated Schools by Walkability?
Thu 2: 2013 in City Transportation -- Two Steps Forward...
Fri 20: Milwaukee's Job Sprawl Mess: a Cautionary Tale
Thu 19: Seattle's Uber Crackdown Would Protect Taxi Industry, Hurt Riders
Wed 18: Are Regional Transit Agencies Too Beholden to the Suburbs?
Tue 17: How to Ruin Your Street Grid With Highways, Parking, and Superblocks
Mon 16: Making Private Donors Pay for Cincy Streetcar: A Classic Double-Standard
Fri 13: Study: Parking Minimums Cost Seattle Renters $246 a Month
Thu 12: Oregonians Less Interested in Bigger Highways, More Excited for Bike/Ped
Wed 11: Why Cyclists Love Green Bike Lanes
Tue 10: Feds to Cincinnati: Resume Streetcar or Forfeit $40 Million
Mon 9: More Transit Service or Lower Fares?
Fri 6: Attorney: Town Goes Too Far With Penalties for Parents of Helmetless Kids
Thu 5: John Cranley's Cincinnati Streetcar Circus
Wed 4: Most New DC Walmarts Get Failing Grade as Urban Buildings
Tue 3: New Mayor Moves to "Pause" Construction of Cincinnati Streetcar
Mon 2: Scenes of Half-Empty Parking Lots on the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year
Wed 27: A Bus Rider's Frustration With Transit Planners
Tue 26: Pennsylvania Transportation Bill a "Dramatic Win" for Biking and Walking
Mon 25: Toll Roads Increasingly Put Taxpayers at Risk
Fri 22: The "Gentrification Paradox"
Thu 21: Why Free Black Friday Parking Is a Bad Idea
Wed 20: Who Would Benefit From Eliminating the Federal Gas Tax?
Tue 19: Professional Rail Critics Hired to Weigh In on North Carolina Project
Mon 18: Good Urban Design Isn't a Matter of "Us" vs. "Them"
Fri 15: Is Charlotte the Least Walkable City in America?
Thu 14: Blumenauer Introduces a Tax Break for Bike-Share Commuters
Wed 13: Leaked: Washington State's $12 Billion Highway Spending Plan
Tue 12: The Remarkable Success of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail
Mon 11: Sesame Street and Children's Perception of City Life
Fri 8: The Inherent Trickiness of Predicting the Future of Travel Behavior
Thu 7: Do Your City's Streets Make Room for People Too? A Handy Visual Test
Wed 6: No Charges for Driver Who Was "Too Short" to See the Pedestrian He Killed
Tue 5: How TSA Regulations Undermine Amtrak in California
Mon 4: Delaware Drops "Share the Road"
Fri 1: Denver Tech Companies' Number 1 Demand: Bike Lanes
Thu 31: The Data Changes, But the State DOT's Traffic Projections Stay the Same
Wed 30: El Paso Congressman Holds Town Hall Meetings on the Bus
Tue 29: Do Regional Plans Matter If They Have No Teeth?
Mon 28: How Does Communications Technology Reshape Cities?
Fri 25: Seattle's Scandalous Plan to "Replace" Parking With Parking
Thu 24: Indiana Just Building Highways for Highway Building's Sake
Wed 23: When the State DOT Thinks Your Local Street Is a Highway
Tue 22: Yes, Baby Boomers Are Moving Back to Cities. No, Not All of Them.
Mon 21: Oregon Justifies $3 Billion Highway Boondoggle With Made-Up Numbers
Fri 18: Indiana Amtrak Service Saved. Now, How Can It Be Improved?
Thu 17: Designing Places for Cars Isolates Older Americans
Wed 16: Memphis Turns to Crowdsourcing for Final Chunk of Bikeway Funds
Tue 15: The New Wave of Bike-Friendly Suburbs
Fri 11: The Simple Joy of Walking and Biking to School
Thu 10: "Mythbusters" Finds Roundabouts More Efficient for Motorists
Wed 9: Is a Bolivian City Considering a Law Requiring Residents to Bike?
Tue 8: Chicago Business Owner: No Protected Bike Lanes Is a Dealbreaker
Mon 7: Pittsburgh's Controversial Plan to Make Downtown "Bus Free"
Fri 4: Located Next to the Train, Survey Monkey HQ Minimizes Car Commuting
Thu 3: A New Kind of Grocer Wants a Walkable, Bikeable Location
Wed 2: Florida Finally Bans Texting and Driving, Sort of
Tue 1: Repurposing Streets for All Users in Portland -- Maine
Mon 30: Bakersfield Residents Vow to Fight Retrograde Highway Plan
Fri 27: On Portland's Hawthorne Bridge, 20 Percent of Traffic Is Bikes
Thu 26: Why Don't Mortgage Lenders Account for Transportation Costs?
Wed 25: The Squandered Potential of Train Station Parking Lots
Tue 24: In Hong Kong, Making a Mint With Transit-Oriented Malls
Mon 23: Businesses in Groningen, the Netherlands: More Bike Traffic, Please
Fri 20: Happy Park(ing) Day: Go Create a Better Street
Thu 19: Seattle Reconsiders School Design to Get Kids Walking Again
Wed 18: Detroit to Add 50 Miles of Bike Lanes This Year
Tue 17: St. Louis Aims to Get More Walkable Development Out of Its Rail System
Mon 16: Four Ways Protected Bike Lanes Benefit Businesses
Fri 13: Roundup: How Bus Rapid Transit Spurs Development
Thu 12: The Vision That Sparked Modern Portland: Where Is It Today?
Wed 11: How TIGER Grants Can Transform Smaller American Cities for the Better
Tue 10: In Seattle, Neighbors Compel CVS to Build a More Urban Drug Store
Mon 9: Suburbs Aren't the Problem -- It's Bad 20th Century Design
Fri 6: Stand Clear of the Doors -- It's Time for a Big Mac!
Thu 5: Tour the Globe With the Streetsblog Network
Wed 4: Crowd-Funding a New Public Space in Portland
Tue 3: What Do We Do When a Reckless Motorist Refuses to Stop Driving?
Fri 30: Highway Fallout: Images of Cincinnati Before and After the Road Bomb
Thu 29: When Does It Make Sense for Transit Planners to Change Existing Routes?
Wed 28: How Do the World's Cities Stack Up on Walkability?
Tue 27: Zoning Boards Shouldn't Make Decisions By Judging People's Lifestyles
Mon 26: Cincinnati Will Reform Its Parking Mandates
Fri 23: Major Road Builder Argues for Road-Pricing, Against More Asphalt
Thu 22: A Road Block for Texas DOT's Highway Robbery Plan?
Wed 21: How Fire Departments Both Perpetuate and Get Victimized By Sprawl
Tue 20: Why Was Madison Left Out of the Midwest Rail Boom?
Mon 19: Message to Cities: Don't Try to Be the New York Yankees
Fri 16: Network Roundup: Building Trains Is Hard, Building Parking Is Easy
Thu 15: Should Cyclists Be Treated Like Pedestrians, Motorists -- or Cyclists?
Wed 14: "Hyperloop": Not Quite Shovel-Ready
Tue 13: Further Evidence That Road Diets Don't Hurt Businesses
Mon 12: Automated Traffic Enforcement Paying Off for Chicago
Fri 9: Will Montgomery County Fall Into the Zombie Highway Trap?
Thu 8: Finally! Protected Bike Lanes May Get Key Federal Endorsement
Wed 7: Securing Traffic Crash Data Isn't a Violation of Privacy
Tue 6: A More Down-to-Earth Plan to Span the Columbia River
Mon 5: Deadly Year for European Rail Still Safer Than the American Average
Fri 2: Why Spend on Highways When Local Streets Are Empty?
Thu 1: Wisconsin GOP Discovers New Threat: Roundabouts
Wed 31: Can Free Transit Work in a Real City?
Tue 30: Turning Asphalt Alleys Into "Livable Laneways"
Mon 29: Stop Rand Paul's Senseless Attack on Biking and Walking
Fri 26: Senate Transpo Budget Gets Serious About Repairing Rail Bridges
Thu 25: While Officials Ignore Street Safety, "Cone Fairy" Calms Miami Traffic
Wed 24: Feeling Lonely in a Midwestern Downtown
Tue 23: Turning Gas Pumps and Asphalt Into Soil and Shade Trees
Mon 22: The Seattle NIMBY Nightmare: A Five-Minute Walk From House to Car
Fri 19: Two Schools of Thought on Bike Infrastructure: Egalitarian vs. Elite
Thu 18: DC Road Lobbyist: Since Most People Drive, We Shouldn't Invest in Transit
Wed 17: How "Buy America" Restrictions Can Cost America Jobs
Tue 16: Seattle Makes Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent
Mon 15: When Hostile Streets Mar What Should Be a Walkable Trip
Fri 12: Montgomery County's Ambitious Bus Rapid Transit Plan Becoming Less So
Thu 11: Wider Highways Mean More Congested Local Streets
Wed 10: "Soviet-Style" Rail Is Actually a Model of Productivity
Tue 9: Lincoln, Nebraska -- That's Right -- Is Planning a Protected Bike Lane
Mon 8: What If Someone Made a Car Ad That Reflected Reality?
Fri 5: In Copenhagen, Motoring on Cyclists' Terms
Wed 3: Florida Invites Motorists to Bully Pedestrians
Tue 2: After 50 Years of Sprawl, a Profound Sense of Loss
Mon 1: Ding Dong, Portland's CRC Mega-Highway Is Dead!
Fri 28: DC Police Wrongly Presume Injured Cyclist Guilty: "C'mon, You Are a Biker"
Thu 27: Walking With Your Baby on Some of the Most Dangerous Streets in America
Wed 26: The Problem With Park-and-Rides
Tue 25: Survey: People Hate a Gas Tax Hike, Unless It Pays for Something
Mon 24: Fossil Fuel-Funded Foundation Not Very Good at Predicting Rail Ridership
Fri 21: In Bogotá, "Mejor en Bici" Shows the City Is Better on a Bicycle
Thu 20: Why Isn't There a Massive Civil Response to Traffic Violence?
Wed 19: "We're a Highway Department, Not a Bicycle Department"
Tue 18: Remembering All That Was Lost to an Interchange in Miami
Mon 17: Parking Crater Prevention: Which Cities Are Doing It Right?
Fri 14: Raquel Nelson Finally Cleared of Homicide Charges, Pleads to Jaywalking
Thu 13: A New Perspective on Crossing the Street at Your Own Pace
Wed 12: When Urban Agriculture Is at Odds with Sustainability
Tue 11: Our Streets Fail to Work for Children
Mon 10: Study: FRA Regulations Make Us Less Safe
Fri 7: Boston Bike Report Wrongly Blamed Cyclists for Most Collisions
Thu 6: Using the "Transportation Revolution" to Sell Real Estate in Miami
Wed 5: Pedestrian Overpasses: Hamster Tunnels for Walking and Biking
Tue 4: UPDATED: Federal Judge Weighs Injunction Against $1.7B Wisconsin Highway Project
Mon 3: Study: Walkability Linked to Much Lower Risk of Default on Housing Loans
Fri 31: Cycling Kids: The True Indicator of a Bike-Friendly City
Thu 30: In Washington State, Speeding Projects to Slow Motorists
Wed 29: Report Finds Emerging Cycling Population That Looks Like America
Tue 28: The Old "We Don't Need Bike Lanes Because Nobody Bikes Here" Nonsense
Fri 24: Bike-Share Leads People to Ride Their Own Bikes More
Thu 23: Memphis to Add 15 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes
Wed 22: The Granddaddy of Sprawl Subsidies, Illustrated
Tue 21: Seven Conservative Reasons to Love Bicycling
Mon 20: Connecticut Train Collision Exposes Cracks in the Northeast Corridor
Fri 17: The Bike Boom Is Happening in Cities Making a Push to Improve Cycling
Thu 16: Next Boondoggle From Wisconsin DOT: Double-Decking Milwaukee Freeway
Wed 15: Big Breakthrough for Active Transportation Within Reach for Missouri
Tue 14: Cyclists Are Special, and They Should Have Their Own Rules
Mon 13: The Wisconsin GOP's Special Flair for Anti-Urban State Politics
Fri 10: Maryland Cops Show How Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Should Be Done
Thu 9: Has Scott Walker Finally Found a Way to Kill the Milwaukee Streetcar?
Wed 8: The Debate About Bike Infrastructure Has Been Settled
Tue 7: Do American Transit Projects Suffer From a Democracy Deficit?
Mon 6: Boston to NYC: Bike-Share Will Be Worth It
Fri 3: The Incompatibility of Resilience and Sprawl
Thu 2: The Epidemic of Pedestrian Deaths in America, and Why It Barely Registers
Wed 1: If Americans Don't Like Walkable Cities, Why Aren't They Cheaper?
Tue 30: The Big Leap From Car-Lite to Car-Free
Mon 29: What Kind of Transpo Secretary Will Anthony Foxx Be?
Fri 26: Teaching Police How to Use Laws That Protect Pedestrians and Cyclists
Thu 25: Miami Attempts to Wall Off Crime, Screws Up City in the Process
Wed 24: The Faulty Logic Behind Pro-Car Populism
Tue 23: The Opportunity Costs of Highway Expansion
Mon 22: Will the FRA Force Amtrak to Build Pricier High-Speed Trains?
Fri 19: AAA Spokesman: Leading DC Urbanist "Retarded" and "Like the Klan"
Thu 18: Orlando Cop Who Struck Pedestrian and Fled Scene Is Caught on Tape
Wed 17: Toronto's Walkability, Analyzed and Illustrated
Tue 16: Real Affordable Housing Begins With Creating More Housing
Mon 15: The Final Act for Portland's $3 Billion CRC Highway Boondoggle?
Fri 12: Walk Score Introduces "ChoiceMaps" to Measure Neighborhood Amenities
Thu 11: Can Richmond Transition to a Multi-Modal City?
Wed 10: In Wisconsin: Driving Stagnates, Highway Spending Accelerates
Tue 9: After Punting on Transit, Indiana Senate Mulls New Highway to Nowhere
Mon 8: How Walkable Is Your State DOT's Headquarters?
Fri 5: The Value of "Good Enough Urbanism"
Thu 4: Why Are State Senators Holding Up Indianapolis's Transit Plans?
Wed 3: Why Were Saudi Women Denied the Right to Bike Until This Week?
Tue 2: Study: Loosening Parking Mandates Leads to More Affordable Housing
Mon 1: U.S. DOT, HHS Announce Public Health Campaign to Reduce Driving
Fri 29: Kansas City Residents to Missouri DOT: Enough With the Highways Already
Thu 28: Maryland on the Verge of a Fix for Transportation Funding Woes
Wed 27: When the State DOT Stands in the Way of Local Progress
Tue 26: Introducing the Parking Reform Mayoral Candidate
Mon 25: A Hippocratic Oath for People Who Take Care of Cities
Fri 22: In Many Markets, Rail Beats or Competes With Air Travel
Thu 21: On North American Streets, Space for Bikes Is Right There If You Want It
Wed 20: Indianapolis Parking Minimums Force Walmart to Ask for Less Parking
Tue 19: How the U.S. Tax Code Favors Driving Over Other Modes
Mon 18: What's Killing the Enclosed Mall?
Fri 15: Change Culture, Change Streets: An Anthropological View of Bike Advocacy
Thu 14: The Problem With Entertainment Districts
Wed 13: "Urbanism Should Be Second Nature"
Tue 12: One Reason Federal Funding Is So Important to Transit
Mon 11: Memphis Marching Forward on Safe Streets
Fri 8: SimCity 5 Review: "Simulating 1950's America" in 2013
Thu 7: The Lifeless Reality of Urban Casinos
Wed 6: How to Turn a Public Parking Space Into a Private Storage Locker, Legally
Tue 5: Nevada, Miami, and St. Louis Take Steps Backward on Pedestrian Policy
Mon 4: Washington State Lawmaker: Cyclists Cause Pollution By Exhaling
Fri 1: Has the NTSB Made a Single Recommendation on Bike Safety Since 1972?
Thu 28: In Seattle, Transit Supporters Get Ready to Flex Political Muscle
Wed 27: What We Can Learn From the New Wave of Municipal Bankruptcies
Tue 26: Wooing Suburban Drivers With Cheap Parking: A Losing Strategy for Cities
Mon 25: Today's Sign That America Is Falling Behind on Transport Policy
Fri 22: Despite "Fix-It-First" Rhetoric, Obama Still Promoting Highway Expansions
Thu 21: Washington State Considering a "Symbolic" Tax on Bicycles
Wed 20: The Origins of Holland's "Stop Murdering Children" Street Safety Movement
Tue 19: Portland, Mainers Don't Miss Torn Down Road Infrastructure
Fri 15: Litmus Test for Transport Spending: Will It Benefit Our Kids?
Thu 14: Fix-It-First Policy Must Tackle Road Expansions on Track for Federal Loans
Wed 13: Why Obama's "Fix It First" Approach to Infrastructure Matters
Tue 12: How to Create an Unloved Public Space: Surround It With Parking
Mon 11: Could You Give Up Your Car for Lent?
Fri 8: Explaining Public Transit to the Public
Thu 7: Aspen, Colorado, to Vote on "Idaho Stop"
Wed 6: Why Is Charlotte's Former Mayor Challenging Charlotte's Transit Plans?
Tue 5: Lowering Parking Minimums Is Nowhere Close to a "War on Cars"
Mon 4: Why Transpo Bureaucrats Need to Take More Risks
Fri 1: If Pols Won't Raise the Gas Tax, How Else Will They Fund Transportation?
Thu 31: Study: People Who Bike or Walk to Work Enjoy Their Commutes the Most
Wed 30: The Case for a Highway Teardown in Dallas
Tue 29: 28 Lanes, 8.5 Minutes to Cross -- Is This America's Worst Intersection?
Mon 28: Actually, Naysayers, Change Is Inevitable
Fri 25: Portland Mega-Highway Backers Resort to "Rebranding"
Thu 24: PA Gov Tom Corbett's Transpo Funding Fix: A Tax on Fossil Fuel
Wed 23: Can Transit Reverse Indianapolis' Center-City Slide?
Tue 22: Repairing the Neighborhood Scars Created By a Freeway
Fri 18: The Safety-in-Numbers Effect Surfaces in Minneapolis Bike Crash Data
Thu 17: Massachusetts' Anticipated Transpo Funding Plan Is a Big Ol' Let Down
Wed 16: VA Gov Bob McDonnell Boots Bypass Opponent From State Transpo Board
Tue 15: Why Do Cities Matter to Michigan?
Mon 14: Will Chicago's Fare Hike Stall Transit Ridership Growth?
Fri 11: Miami Mom Describes the Traumatic Experience That Is Crossing Her Street
Thu 10: The Diminishing Returns of Highway Building
Wed 9: The Practical Genius of Old American Main Streets
Tue 8: What Is the Anti-Density Crowd Really Afraid Of?
Mon 7: Business Leaders Help Win Protected Bike Lanes in Portland
Fri 4: Streets Filled With Driverless Cars: A Perpetual Fantasy?
Thu 3: Getting Bus Rapid Transit Right -- Indianapolis Looks for Examples
Wed 2: Sneak Preview: 2013 in Transit
Thu 20: LeBron James, Bike Commuter
Wed 19: Breaking: Sprawl Just as Reliant on "Big Government" as Smart Growth
Tue 18: City Streets for Sale in Providence
Mon 17: Protecting NYC Transit From the Next Storm: Searching for Specifics
Fri 14: DC Residents: Parking Reforms Don't Go Far Enough
Thu 13: How a Group of Young Bike Advocates Are Reshaping Reno
Wed 12: Number of Protected Bike Lanes in America Nearly Doubled in 2012
Tue 11: What's Behind the Rise in Cyclist and Pedestrian Deaths?
Mon 10: Want to End the Scourge of Surface Parking? Tax Land, Not Buildings
Fri 7: Support Streetsblog This Month and You Could Win a Bike!
Fri 7: Sidewalk Bandits Make Off With the Pedestrian Right-of-Way
Thu 6: Why California's Two-Thirds Local Ballot Threshold May Be Worth Keeping
Wed 5: Chicago Bike Lane Envy Sweeps the Nation
Tue 4: DNC Head: Transit "Essential to Our Economic Success"
Mon 3: Two-Way Protected Bike Lane Coming to the Heart of Downtown Chicago
Fri 30: Seven Ways to Make Bike-share More Accessible
Thu 29: Without Bypassing Chokepoints, BRT Risks Becoming "Symbolic Transit"
Wed 28: Wisconsin Highway Bonanza: Scott Walker Unfazed by Lack of Funds
Tue 27: Can Chicago Build a Bike-Share System That Works for Everyone?
Mon 26: St. Louis Boy Killed by Drunk Driver, Put in Harm's Way by Design
Wed 21: Bike-Powered Disaster Response Gets National Spotlight
Tue 20: Funding Uncertainty Plagues Highways, But They Still Get Built
Mon 19: School District Threatens Rockville Mom for Putting Her Child on City Bus
Fri 16: One for the Dustbin: The 85th Percentile Rule in Traffic Engineering
Thu 15: Will Philadelphia's City Council Screw the Pooch on Parking Reform?
Wed 14: New Balance to Build Train Station as Part of Its Boston Headquarters
Tue 13: Photos: Toronto Protesters Meet Bike Lane Removal Crew Head On
Mon 12: Enticing Car-Lite Households to Take the Next Step
Fri 9: A New Governor for Washington, a New Day for Transit in Seattle?
Thu 8: Let's Agree: Treating Cities as a Wedge Issue Is Senseless
Wed 7: Why Do Sidewalks Predict Whom We'll Vote For?
Tue 6: How Ohio's Early Voting Rules Discriminate Against City Dwellers
Mon 5: A Changing Marin County Is Still Building Yesterday's Housing
Fri 2: How to Win a Local Campaign: Anchorage Shows the Way
Thu 1: Transit in the NYC Region, After the Storm: Rebuild It Better
Wed 31: Is This the Beginning of the End of Climate Silence?
Mon 29: As Another Major Storm Looms, Will Candidates Keep Ignoring Climate?
Thu 25: AAA Revives Offensive Against Safer D.C. Streets
Wed 24: Remembering When Our Streets Belonged to Everyone
Tue 23: Amtrak Hits a Train Speed Milestone in the Midwest
Mon 22: Atlanta Picking Up the Tab for New Stadium as Transit Funding Stagnates
Fri 19: Virginia DOT Using Flawed Data to Justify Charlottesville Bypass
Thu 18: Will This Boost Transit? Maryland Promotes Driving on $2.5 Billion Tollway
Wed 17: A Major Expansion for Charlotte Light Rail
Tue 16: When Did Cities Become Politically Unmentionable?
Mon 15: Boston's Over-the-Top "Bike Safety" Campaign
Fri 12: When Will We See a Department of Transportation and Land Use?
Thu 11: The Washington Nationals: Winning at Sustainable Transportation?
Wed 10: How to Expand Your Transit Network Without Expanding Its Budget
Tue 9: Kansas and Florida Reverse Course on Spurned Trails Funding
Fri 5: Turning Around the Transportation Culture at a School
Thu 4: Car-Oriented Drug Stores: Scourge of the Urban Corner
Wed 3: Private Bus Routes and Silicon Valley's Outmoded Office Model
Tue 2: Is Your Region a "Complete Community"?
Mon 1: How Streets Designed for Speed Led to the Death of a Seventh Grade Girl
Fri 28: The Tricky Politics of Introducing a Streetcar to a City
Thu 27: An Ohio Sprawl Leader Begins to Recognize Its Mistakes
Wed 26: Connecticut Towns Nix Highway for Greenway
Tue 25: Slate Examines the Irrational Biases That Underlie Cyclist Hatred
Mon 24: Is It Time for Interbike to Dump Las Vegas?
Fri 21: Police Bias in Car-Bike Collisions? Los Altos, CA May Take the Cake
Thu 20: League of American Bicyclists Introduces "Diamond" Bike-Friendly Status
Wed 19: Planning a Streetcar? Better Get Your Zoning Right
Tue 18: Orlando Looks to Halve Pedestrian Deaths
Mon 17: Fighting (Imaginary) Traffic in Downtown Kansas City
Fri 14: Wisconsin DOT "Flagrantly Ignored" Federal Civil Rights Requirements
Thu 13: Making Neighborhood Streets "Skinny" and Safe
Wed 12: China Racing Past Competitors to Expand City Subways
Tue 11: Almost Every State Chooses to Retain Recreational Trails Funding
Mon 10: Bike-Share and Bike Lanes: The Chicken and Egg Debate
Fri 7: Mexico City Bike-Share Goes Big
Thu 6: One Man's Push to Require Bike Licenses in Oregon
Wed 5: What If We Supplied Hamburgers the Same Way We Supply Roads?
Tue 4: UPDATED: In Miami, Cloaking an Anti-Cycling Proposal in Bike-Friendly Language
Fri 31: The Big Deception in Mitt Romney's Global Warming Brush-Off
Thu 30: No More Suburban Office Parks for Downtown Cincinnati
Wed 29: Why Are American Infrastructure Projects So Expensive?
Tue 28: Visualizing the Enormous Squandered Potential in a Parking Lot
Mon 27: The Hidden Benefits of Schlepping Groceries
Fri 24: A View of the Suburban Ghost Towns Surrounding Charlotte
Thu 23: How Grid Systems Promote Urbanism and Winding Streets Undermine It
Wed 22: From "Devil Wagons" to Domination in Two Generations
Tue 21: Cleveland: Progressing on Bike Policy, Still Falling Behind?
Mon 20: As State DOTs Receive Surprise $, Risk and Opportunity for Safe Streets
Fri 17: Walking Rates in America Improve, Still Pitiful
Thu 16: What's It Like to Bike to Work on Separated Lanes? "Awesome."
Wed 15: Syncing Traffic Lights No Sure-Fire Way to Reduce Emissions
Tue 14: WaPo Blames "Distracted Walking" for Unexplained Rise in Deaths
Mon 13: On Transport, Romney-Ryan Ticket Presents Extreme Contrast to Obama
Fri 10: Study: Taxpayer-Backed NBA Arenas Don't Help Local Economies
Thu 9: Greeks Turn to Bikes to Weather Economic Storm
Wed 8: Bikes, Bikes, and... Bikes!
Tue 7: Got an Urban Infrastructure Issue? Make the Bureaucrat Work!
Mon 6: When the Streets Belonged to All, and All Belonged on the Streets
Fri 3: High Economic Stakes for Pittsburgh as Transit Doomsday Looms
Thu 2: Metro Atlanta's Sales Tax "Savings" Will Come at a High Price
Wed 1: Montgomery County Legalizes Two-Family Houses (But Not Really)
Tue 31: Portland to Rewrite Car-Centric Street Engineering Standard
Mon 30: The Politics of the I-35 Bridge Catastrophe: Not Just Minnesota's Problem
Fri 27: Matching National Trend, Portland, Maine Sees Decline in Car Ownership
Thu 26: Coming to a Walkable Place Near You: More Efficient Housing
Wed 25: Maybe What We Need Is Ghost Cars
Tue 24: A Big Week for Bicycling in Fort Worth
Mon 23: The Inherent Shallowness of the Rail vs. Bus Debate
Fri 20: Developer of NJ Mega-Mall-Amusement-Park Should Pay for Transit Service
Thu 19: Sprawl and America's Awful, Awful Drought
Wed 18: When "Vulnerable User" Laws Go Unenforced
Tue 17: Holding Out for a More Cost-Effective Plan to Speed Northeast Rail
Mon 16: Skinny Storefronts, a Must for Walkability
Fri 13: In Virginia, Imagining a Less Disruptive Alternative to a Highway
Thu 12: Bullet Train Bombshell: CAHSR Spurned Cost-Cutting Offer From the French
Wed 11: Does Transit Really Have a White People Problem?
Tue 10: A Victory for CA High-Speed Rail, But Still a Long Fight Ahead
Mon 9: DC Metro's Hyper-Vigilance Following Crash Overlooks One Major Threat
Fri 6: Yesterday's Car Subsidies Are Still Shaping Today's Landscape
Thu 5: On Individualism, Being American and Striving for Sustainability
Tue 3: How Much Will New Federal Safety Mandates Cost Transit Agencies?
Mon 2: The Tea Party's Selective Disdain for Transportation Subsidies
Fri 29: Which States Do the Most (and the Least) to Support Biking and Walking?
Thu 28: Rails-to-Trails: Final Transpo Bill "Bad News for America" [Updated]
Wed 27: Bike Delivery Businesses Excluded From Clean Air Freight Grant in Portland
Tue 26: Greetings From Walkable, Bikeable, Transit-Oriented Asbury Park, N.J.
Mon 25: Engineer: "Award-Winning" PA Highway Ramps Nothing to Be Proud Of
Fri 22: On Portland's East Side, a Sea of Empty Parking and a Plan to Change It
Thu 21: In Metro Portland, Car Collisions More Costly Than Congestion
Wed 20: Capital Bikeshare Subscribers Save $891 a Year
Tue 19: Is Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Pulling a Scott Walker?
Mon 18: What a Difference 60 Years Makes: Dragnet's Hunt for a Hit-and-Run Killer
Fri 15: Will Dallas Climb Out of the Bike-Friendly Cellar?
Thu 14: California APA Pooh Poohs Statewide Parking Reform Efforts
Wed 13: Ta-da! Money for Highways Appears Out of Nowhere in Texas
Tue 12: Want to Increase Cycling? Sharrows Won't Cut It
Mon 11: Even Most Republicans Don't Want to Slash Spending on Transpo
Fri 8: The Fort Worth Chamber's Hilariously Terrible Vision for the Future
Thu 7: Meet the Bike Entrepreneurs Helping to Rebuild Detroit's Economy
Wed 6: Have Toronto's Bike Lane Butchers Found Another Target?
Tue 5: 10 Years Later: How Cincinnati Healed Its City Core -- and Its Reputation
Mon 4: Cleveland: Building Public Support With Pop-up Cycling Infrastructure
Fri 1: Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory: Completely Absurd, Frighteningly Effective
Thu 31: In American Courts, Drivers Still Innocent After Proven Guilty
Wed 30: Seattle Pol Falls Into the "Sustainability Gap"
Tue 29: Wisconsin's Scott Walker and the New Wave of Anti-Urban Politics
Fri 25: As Tuition Prices Rise, Fresno State Spends $4 Million on Parking
Thu 24: Dallas Mayor Reconsiders Support for Downtown Highway Proposal
Wed 23: Bike Registration Laws: A License to Profile?
Tue 22: When Outdated Environmental Laws Prevent Sustainable Development
Mon 21: How Much Will $6 Billion Improve Access to Jobs in Metro Atlanta?
Fri 18: The Urban Premium: Walk Score Linked to Housing Prices
Thu 17: Ladyblogs' Bully-Free Zone Doesn't Apply to Cyclists
Wed 16: How Baton Rouge Brought Its Transit System Back From the Brink
Tue 15: DC: Getting Urban Sports Arena Development Right
Mon 14: Smart Growth Opponents Run Against Portland's Pro-Urbanism Policies
Fri 11: How Chicago's Humboldt Park Neighborhood Embraced Bike Lanes
Thu 10: Will Dallas Buckle Under the Weight of So Much Asphalt?
Wed 9: Pittsburgh Faces a Transit Doomsday
Tue 8: Buy America's Shocking Pricetag
Mon 7: The Reason Foundation's Comically Flawed Research on LA Rail
Fri 4: Will DC's New Parking Czar Take Parking Reform to the Next Level?
Thu 3: A Freeway Revolt Is Brewing in Dallas
Wed 2: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right: Media Portrayals of the Car-Free
Tue 1: So You Have a Complete Streets Policy. Now What?
Mon 30: Detroit Gets Back to Its Pre-Motor City Roots With Bike Manufacturing
Fri 27: San Diego Police: Unless the Cyclist Is Killed, Top Penalty Is a Ticket
Thu 26: The Suburbanization of St. Louis Isn't Helping St. Louis
Wed 25: Debunking NIMBY Math on California HSR
Tue 24: New York City to Rein in Megabus, Other Inter-City Bus Services
Mon 23: Hit-and-Run Crashes the Norm in Chicago Pedestrian Deaths
Fri 20: Cities With the Most Highway Miles: a "Who's Who" of Decay
Thu 19: Support Livable Streets Advocacy This Spring!
Thu 19: Citing Budget Constraints, Portland to Invest More in Biking, Not Driving
Wed 18: Dallas City Council Member: Adding Highway Lanes Is Pointless
Tue 17: A TOD Impostor in Fresno
Mon 16: Two Ways to Sustain Wisconsin's Highway Racket: Tolls or Crushing Debt
Fri 13: Study: In Baltimore, One in Six Drivers Pass Cyclists Illegally
Thu 12: What's Wrong With a Car-Centric System? New Video Explains It All
Wed 11: Study Finds Car-Centric Neighborhoods Strongly Tied to Childhood Obesity
Tue 10: The Seattle Times: For Free Markets, Unless They Mean Less Parking
Mon 9: The Great Sprawlback: Census Data Shows A Very Good Year For Cities
Fri 6: Oregon DOT Nixes "Highways Division" for "Multi-Modal" System
Thu 5: Pennsylvania Enacts 4-Foot Passing Law, Nabs Violator on First Day
Wed 4: More Cycling: Good for Everyone -- Not Just Cyclists
Tue 3: Occupy Wall Street's Poorly Targeted Transit Action
Mon 2: Is Rahm Emanuel's $7 Billion Infrastructure Plan Replicable?
Fri 30: Providence Station Renovation Plans Fail to Keep Up With the Times
Thu 29: Seattleites Predict A-Park-alypse If Parking Minimums Are Lifted
Wed 28: Wisconsin Highway Binge Continues Under "$mall Government" Walker
Tue 27: Chicago's Parking Requirements Are an Out-of-Date Relic
Mon 26: Capital Bikeshare Both Replaces and Promotes Transit Trips
Fri 23: The Hunt for the Worst Bike Lane in the Midwest
Thu 22: Why Is Seattle's Sound Transit Building a 500-Space Parking Garage?
Wed 21: Raise Fees for Parking, Not Riding
Tue 20: Race to the Bottom: The Sad State of Public Discourse on Gas Prices
Mon 19: What the Rest of the Country Can Learn from Houston's Damn-Low Rents
Fri 16: Feeding the Beast: The Backdoor Ways Transit Subsidizes Roads
Thu 15: The Other Guilty Party in a Traffic Crash: Road Designers
Wed 14: HR 7 Insanity: Air Pollution Funds Would Pay for Highway Expansion
Tue 13: Apple to Build Sprawl-Tastic Corporate Headquarters in Cupertino
Mon 12: All Aboard for a Second-Rate Passenger Rail Experience
Fri 9: Women in Transit: Still Swimming Upstream
Thu 8: The Bicycle in Art: A Universal Symbol of Progress
Wed 7: Driving's Long Decline in Oregon
Tue 6: The Trouble With RoboCars: "You Can't Optimize People So Easily"
Mon 5: From Manhattan to Texas, How Many People Can Live in Cities?
Fri 2: St. Louis Takes the First Step Toward Highway-cide
Thu 1: Hawaiians Know: Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Randal O'Toole
Wed 29: Rental Helmets, Coming Soon to a Bike-Share Station Near You
Tue 28: There's Nothing Free About a Freeway Extension
Mon 27: Cincinnati Neighborhood Group: Bring on the Market-Rate Parking
Fri 24: Pop-Up Urbanism: The Origins of a Movement
Thu 23: Chicago Building a More Bus-Friendly Central City
Wed 22: Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the House Transpo Bill
Tue 21: Seattle Cyclists Find Safety in Numbers
Fri 17: Reminder: States Already Control Transpo $, and They Waste Billions
Thu 16: H.R. 7: Is John Boehner Serious?
Wed 15: In NYC & Florida, Asking Police to Step Up for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety
Tue 14: House Transpo Bill Turns Communities Into Collateral Damage
Mon 13: Rural Lawmakers Try to Stall a Higher Gas Tax in Maryland
Fri 10: Detroit Transit Woes a Preview of American Transit Under House GOP
Thu 9: A Day of Action to Stop the Attack on Transit, Biking, and Walking
Wed 8: Speeding Enforcement Cameras Work, and They're Coming to Chicago
Tue 7: The Mile-High City Gets Back to Its Rail Roots
Mon 6: Ready to Fight? The House GOP Bill Leaves Little Choice
Fri 3: Study Links Quality Urbanism to Happiness :)
Thu 2: Even More Reasons to Abhor the House Transportation Bill
Wed 1: Austin's Urban Success Threatens Its Iconic Music Venues
Tue 31: Even Some Republicans Don't Like the House GOP's Oil Drilling Plan
Mon 30: Kickstarting a "Narrow Streets" Community in Rural Maine
Fri 27: Partisan Labor Fight Threatens Indianapolis's Game-Changing Transit Vision
Thu 26: College Presidents Kill Baltimore Bike Lane
Wed 25: SOTU: Is Obama Retreating on Infrastructure?
Tue 24: Today in Bad Ideas: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Subway to Suburbia
Mon 23: How the "Right" to Cheap Parking Makes Streets Less Equitable
Fri 20: People Who Live Near Shopping Streets Three Times More Likely to Walk
Thu 19: SC DOT Responds to Cyclist Death By Considering Bike Ban
Wed 18: Getting Around Near and Far -- The Supercharged Bike-Sharing Card
Tue 17: A Safety Fail From the Federal Railroad Administration
Fri 13: In Maryland, Marginalizing Pedestrians Under the Guise of Safety
Thu 12: Fracking to Take a Heavy Toll on Roads
Wed 11: Celebu-Economist: Drunk Driving Safer Than "Drunk Walking"
Tue 10: The Design Tragedies That Pass for Road "Improvements"
Mon 9: Will a Shorter Light Rail Line Work for Detroit?
Fri 6: Seattle Bridge Toll Eases Traffic. Will It Boost Transit, Too?
Thu 5: One Anti-Rail Congress Is No Reason to Delay California HSR
Wed 4: Study: The Key to a Healthy Region Is a Strong Central City
Tue 3: Coming to a City Near You in 2012 -- New Transit Projects Underway
Thu 22: Seattle Police Mock "Dumb F***" Jogger Hit by Semi Truck
Wed 21: Health Benefits of Ciclovia Events Outweigh Costs
Tue 20: The Amazing Disappearing State Gas Tax
Mon 19: Will Urban Revitalization Leave Some Cities Behind?
Fri 16: The Silent YIMBY Majority, and Why They Lose
Thu 15: Early Data From SFPark: Drivers Still Flock to Blocks With Pricey Parking
Wed 14: The Cincinnati Streetcar: Triumphing Over an Anti-Transit Governor
Tue 13: Bike Lane-Starved Dallas Moves Forward With First Bike Boulevard
Mon 12: The Secret to a Healthy Life: A Daily, Half-Hour Walk
Fri 9: A Tappan Zee Bridge Without Transit Is a Lousy Jobs Program
Thu 8: Are Cyclists "Elite Snobs"? It Depends on If They're in Your Way
Wed 7: Support a Strong Network of Livable Streets Advocates: Give to Streetsblog
Wed 7: The Federal Government Wants to Bribe You to Drive to Work
Tue 6: Housing Bust Poster-Child Miami Invites More Sprawl
Mon 5: Arkansas Officials Surround State Capitol With Even More Parking
Fri 2: The Great Recession's "Green Lining"
Thu 1: Oakland Cops Can't Be Bothered With OWS Vehicular Assault
Wed 30: Epic Job Creation Fail: Paying Developers to Build Parking
Tue 29: Light Rail Expansion Signals an Urbanizing Houston
Mon 28: Can America Afford Not to Bike More?
Wed 23: St. Louis County: We Don't Build Bike Lanes Because No One Bikes
Tue 22: Bye Bye Curbs: Safer Streets in the UK Mix Cars and People
Mon 21: Good Transit Cities Pack Jobs Tightly Together
Thu 17: Greater Cleveland in Denial About Its Downfall: Sprawl
Wed 16: The High Cost of Cheap Roads
Tue 15: More Evidence That Bike Facilities Are Good for Local Businesses
Mon 14: In Massachusetts, Driving Drunk, Getting Caught, Walking Away Scot Free
Fri 11: Mexico City Activists Draw the Line With DIY Bike Lanes
Thu 10: Want to Sell Voters on Transit? Keep It Simple
Wed 9: Raleigh-Durham Voters Give Go-Ahead to Light Rail Plans
Tue 8: Saving the Farm: The Fight to Keep Sprawl From Engulfing Rural America
Mon 7: FRA Safety Regs Add Costs, Not Safety, to American Rail
Fri 4: Report: "Cash for Clunkers" Was a Lemon
Thu 3: Putting the Price of California HSR in Perspective
Wed 2: Fifteen Is Serene: DC Considers 15 MPH Speed Limits
Tue 1: Is City Living the Secret to Happiness?
Mon 31: AP: GOP Attacks on Transportation Enhancements Are "Tall Tales"
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